Kenmore White 1.1 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave 73114 – Five Stars

Microwave works fine and heats food much faster than i thought it would. It’s a little noisy and the buttons are hard to read (at least for my wife and me). The button to open the door seems somewhat flimsy. But for heating up leftovers, making a baked potato, and heating up liquids, it works fine.

The panel began showing wear within 6 months of purchase: the plastic overlay began to bubble. This microwave does not allow cooking and the timing function to take place simultaneously. I am used to using a microwave to be able to time other cooking items and was not able to do that with this microwave. I would not buy this microwave again.

Runs well, but sounds like a truck.Here are the specifications for the Kenmore White 1.1 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave 73114:

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  • Oven comes with 12-inch revolving turntable
  • Microwave has 1.1-cu.-ft. capacity interior
  • Interior cooking space measures 8-7/8 x 14-1/16 x 14-7/8 inches
  • Exterior dimensions are 19.68 x 16.75 x 11/25 inches high

Best microwave i’ve ever purchased.

Great in every respect except one – i wish the control panel was illuminated.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Kenmore microwave
  • Fine oven; cheap keypad.
  • Unit works fine.

Smaller than our old model, which was exactly what i was hoping for. Easy one-touch for 1-min heating options (or 2- or 3 etc). Also offers a 30-second quick heat just by pressing start. There is an odd cardboard-looking cover inside the oven that just begs to be taken off but that temptation should be resisted as it protects the magnetron-thingy. The beeps are light and unobtrusive. Display is quite clear and controls are easy to understand. Good price makes this an easy purchase.

It even pleased her designer aesthetics.

After recently making the decision to replace our otr microwave/hood with a higher power range hood (see my review here http://www. Com/dp/b007w7ew0i/ref=pdp_new_dp_rev) we needed a new microwave. Enter this kenmore beauty, which has some of the best reviews (google it) of any microwave i’ve found. I’m not sure who this unit is made by (kenmore are all re-branded from other makers), but it seems to be very well made. It has simple, straightforward buttons that most people will feel right at home with. Buttons 1-6 are the usual one-touch automatic timer buttons, the start button doubles as the +30 seconds button. The turntable is solid and works well, without the jerkiness some ovens exhibit. It sits solidly on the counter and doesn’t get shoved around when opening and closing the door, as can happen with some lightweight units. It feels quite solidly built.

I bought this microwave because it was one of the few available in white of the correct size. I don’t require much of a microwave except simply heating food. And this seems (so far) to be a good at that. I don’t give it a ‘5’ because it feels pretty cheap. The door latch sounds like thin plastic when you close it. It makes a distinct plastic ‘snap’ when closing, instead of a satisfying ‘chunk’. The buttons work fine – but again, they feel flimsy when you push them, and the unit is so light that i often move the entire microwave when i push a button. Finally, it makes much more noise during operation than my previous microwave. This adds to the overall feeling of low quality.

This microwave arrived much earlier than expected. It is so awesome and i think it was reasonably priced too. It has six buttons that are one touch; 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 5 minutes. 6 minutes, which is very handy to have. It also has the 30 second add on button. It is white,so it goes well in my kitchen. I was thrilled to find a microwave with so many features that i wanted, at a good price, in a white color to blend in with my counter top and cabinets.

This is an updated version of our previous oven and we love it.

Affordable and durable microwave. Have been using it for about 2 years.

The microwave part works just fine, the food gets hot. The keypad is cheap, however: the buttons all work mechanically just fine, but the plastic covering the ‘start’ button was shredded within a week, and the most used keys – the ‘1’ and the ‘6’, were threadbare in a month. Very disappointed in that part.

Very pleased with this purchase. I have been using this for one month and there are no issues. I would have given it 5 stars,except that the numbers are a bit hard to read. They are light gray on a black background,and could be a little larger for better viewing. After reading a ‘ton’ of reviews on different models and prices,there was no outright winner. I took a chance on this kenmore and ‘so far so good’.

Small, surprisingly quiet, and mechanically sound. I can’t emphasize that quiet point enough – i’ve never heard a microwave that heats properly make this little noise. The only downsides are the occasionally cheap feeling you get from the door button and the somewhat odd layout of the buttons, but those are really just convenience concerns.

Great microwave for the price. Fits perfect between my refrigerator and stove. Suggest they add a feature that has the numbers light up when touched-hard to see at night. Would also suggest a one minute beep reminder that food is in there and has completed the suggested minute.

Easy to operate, good value for the money. Seems to cook better than my last kenmore microwave.

We moved to a new apartment and no longer had a microwave. Since we have a limited income, we did not want to pay for a high priced one. Fortunately we researched the kenmore and purchased it. This microwave is very, very good.The price was right and it performs perfectly.

Big with a beautiful modern look with intuitive easy to use controls. Only negative for me was chord placement, only 2 1/2 foot long and on the wrong side for me. Not a killer only had to scramble for an extention.

Not bad, it is a little on the noisy side but does work well.

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