Kalorik Stainless Steel Rotisserie : I want to buy replacement for the lid

I purchased this as a gift for a family member but may end up keeping it for myself. I took it out of the box to look it over and it looks awesome.

I was hesitant at first but after my first chicken i was sold – the rotisserie is larger than i had expected but great looking. It cooked the meat quicker than my other one and left the meat juicy. The clean up is a cinch – all parts come out and the interior stays clean. I would recommend this to anyone who like good juicy chicken or kabobs – i haven’t tried anything else yet.

This item was a gift and they have used it multiple items with great success. The chicken comes out juicy every time.

This product is a pretty good item, it does smoke some, but i guess that is to be expected with any of the rotisseries. It does make a very good rotisserie chicken.

  • Could be a better design. The center element burned the chicken and
  • Kalorik Rotisserie
  • so easy, fast and TASTY

Kalorik Stainless Steel Rotisserie

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  • Roasts from the inside out and outside in, for juicy and tender food.
  • Great for grilled ribs or Cornish hen in less than 30 minutes
  • Hold up to 10-pound chicken, poultry, turkey, roast beef, ham, lamb or pork roast
  • Electronic controlled cycles cook the food evenly inside and without over-browning
  • Unlike traditional rotisseries which rotate the food in front of the heating elements, this rotisserie rotates the heat around and through the food

Found the food cooked in the kalorik stainless steel rotisserie to be quite good and done in less time than on our older standard rotisserie. I do miss the crispiness of the skin of the chicken cooked on the old rotisserie.

This is my 4th type of rotisserie and i think i prefer it to the others that i have owned. You need to remember to reduce the heat when you’re fixing chicken. I forgot and it came out to dry, so i made soup. There is no rotation, therefore it is very quiet.

In reading many of the reviews of this product, i think that some of the users really didn’t either: (1) read the directions; (2) didn’t do the recommended initial burn-off (outdoors) before use; or (3)use poultry or meat that was over sized for the cooking chamber (if any meat surface is touching the coils, yes, of course it will burn and produce smoke), and (4) as far as having meat coming out discolored or looking and tasting weird, i wonder if perhaps it wasn’t just road kill quality. It’s only common sense that what one puts into the rotisserie is exactly what one will get out—–except that it’s cooked. We printed out and followed some of the really useful reviews regarding realistic cooking times and temps. , prepping the unit (the burn off produced a little smoke for only about 7-8 minutes, and that was it), and cleanup. Wow, how much more useful these tips were than what is in the manualour first “cook” was a chicken (slightly more than 5 lbs)and it went quite well: the bird was first prepped by rubbing some oil completely over the meat surface and then a spice mixture was applied over that—-this really helped to brown and crisp the skin very nicely and evenly; we started the cook with 30 mins. On “high” (with center coil “on”); then 30 mins. On “low” (center coil “on” for only about the first 10 mins. When we determined at this point the bird was done, the unit was turned the unit “off” and let the bird sit in the chamber (with lid on) for another good half hour to “finish”. Results: as good as or better than our traditional rotating rotisserie, only in much less time.

I see these used in europe and new zealand — and finally found a decent one i could afford. Did a 5 lb chicken in 45 minutes; brown on the outside, tender and moist on the inside. I even put cut up veggies and potato in the bottom pan and they roasted nicely. Pour off the excess fat and liquid (save – use in soups) and voila.

I ordered this product 2013. It arrived in time for the holidays and the chicken was succulent. This product is exactly as described and amazingly easy to clean.

However it works and produces a nicely done chicken — crispy skin and juicy interior.

I got this for my wife for christmas and it works great. Very evenly heats the meat, easy to clean, everything about it is great. My wife has owned a couple rotisseries and likes this on best.

The technology of this oven is excellent. The only thing i mention is the weight amazon registered for this product. Amazon says it weights 5 pound when actually is 16. For international shipping is a great amount of money.

Super awesome device, i love iti love this a lot, cooked bettar than any oven, microwave, rotisserie. I should have bought this thousands of years ago. If i could, i would have lol ha ha. But this really is the best investment i have ever made, or found. The only thing i will not do is boil water in it ha ha. Everyone should buy one, i did and i love it, my cat loves it.

I put a 5lb chicken in it for an hour and it came out sooo juicy. The skin could’ve came out a little more crisp but i just couldn’t wait. Next time i’ll probably leave it in for another 10 minutes. Doesn’t take up too much counter space.

We have had this rotisserie for a month. We have used it to cook several chickens and also love it for cooking vegetables skewers. This product has met our highest expectations. A must have for healthly choice meal planning.

Thanks to the kalorik rotisserie my husband now does the cooking. We like it even much better then the nu wave. Unlike the nu wave the meat is always cooked from inside out and the meat stays juicy while crispy outside. Just like the ones in the deli stores. While cooking the oils drip out onto the pan below making it much safer for our health. Its a little bit difficult keeping the inside of the rotisserie clean. The trade off is okay and we chicken almost every other day now.

During our first use we noticed that the platform does not rotate. Then we saw the elements rotating. The chicken cooked perfectly.

I read all the reviews i could find before purchasing this and was a little nervous. I had read from some reviewers that it needed special attention, smoked too much, and/or burnt food. When you receive your ‘rotisserie’, unpack it and place on high (without lid) for 15 mins. It will smoke and smell bad while it burns off the oils and such from the packing. After that, wash the parts and the inside of the main body and it’s ready to go. While cooking it will smoke slightly, but not enough to set off smoke alarms (our smoke alarms are extremely sensitive) or bother people. You can always turn on your kitchen vent if you have a problem. I sprayed the removable elements with cooking spray as instructed, so clean-up was super easy. The most important advice i can give is to ignore the recommended cooking times in the booklet.

Absolutely love this, i cook my chicken breast in this all the time for a rotissari style meat.

Found it easy to use and clean. No moving parts but still cooks rotiserrie style-awesome. Easy to purchase but expected an emailed receipt which i have not seen if there was one. Very versitile-we are pleased with the replacement for our much used sunbeam upright carossel rotiserrie. Need to unplug kaloric before cleaning-it bites a bit. Love the center cooking option.

The center element burned the chicken and smoked up the house. Other than that, the chicken was great.

This is a great product, the only ‘uni-tasker’ we own and make use of fairly regularly. Reviews that claim it doesn’t rotate are foolish. The whole concept is that the heat is what ‘rotates’, not the food. This allows for very even cooking. I agree that there is a burn off period which is true for most things. It didn’t take more than one use. It produces a very moist chicken with crispy skin (this is the only thing we cook in it). You have to play with the time to come up with what suits you. We let the food rest inside after cook time.