Jura-Capresso Jura Impressa J9 One Touch TFT Coffee Machine – I love this machine!! Perfect everyday.

If you are reading this, you are likely both a gadget lover and a coffee enthusiast, or are considering the j9 as a gift for someone who fits that description. Having tested it for a month and a half, i am still finding surprisingly thoughtful aspects. For example, i found that holding down any button while coffee or milk is pouring prompts you to let it know when you have as much as you want. This is perfect for those odd size cups you can’t estimate the volume of, or adding milk foam to the top of a cup of hot tea. It is this attention to detail that really defines the experience with this coffee machine. Because others have given very good lengthy reviews, with even more available on youtube, i will give my brief thoughts:flavoras expected from the jura brand, the flavor is excellent. More accurately, the flavor is finely tuned to the user, as the way it is brewed, including strength and grind, is very customizable. Regardless of how you like your coffee, the j9 will likely make it just right and consistently. I have used both very high end and standard beans, and was pleased with both, in the sense that the best flavor and consistency was brought out of both. Of course, the better bean gave the better coffee.

Newest update on topas of december 31, 2015, this machine has made a total of 10,715 drinks. As of september 19th, 2014, this machine has made a total of 7. 594 drinks including 5754 cappuccinos and 1165 lattes. I couldn’t remember the last time i had good froth and ended up buying a separate frother: capresso frothpro. 2nd update:as of june 26th, 2013, roughly 20 months, this machine has perfectly made a total of 4,614 drinks; 3,360 of those were cappuccinos. This machine has performed beautifully except for that one small frothing issue. Updated: frother issuesafter a year of making 4 or 10 cappuccinos and 4 or 5 lattes a day, our frother was so dysfunctional, we were cleaning it between uses which seemed a little silly. I called customer service on the saturday after thanksgiving, left my phone number and was called back a few hours later. The tech we talked to said i should not be using organic milk for froth because of the pasteurization. He said the machine does not work as well with fat free milk either — so i had been givign the machine a double whammy.

The only downside is the temperature of the coffee. Here are the specifications for the Jura-Capresso Jura Impressa J9 One Touch TFT Coffee Machine:

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    by entering your model number.
  • TFT display with Rotary Selection for self-explanatory, intuitive operation. All you need to do is press the button once, and you’ll soon be drinking coffee that fulfills your wildest dreams.
  • Height adjustable cappuccino spout (4.33 inches to 6.02 inches) for latte macchiato and cappuccino at the touch of a button in your own cup.
  • Fine foam technology; Three bars in the frother spout slow down the foam as it exits the frother, so it is poured slowly and evenly into the cup.
  • The right grinder is crucial to the quality of a cup of coffee. This is guaranteed by a powerful six-level, conical grinder with grinding heads made of hardened steel.
  • Stainless steel vacuum milk container included.

 as a coffee and coffee machine addict, members of my vast collection of coffeemakers go in and out of rotation. From a $2 vietnamese phin to this $3,000 jura, i love them all because each one can tweak something different out of the bean. I can’t say that any one machine is ‘best’, each is unique. Unlike the others, however, the j9 never leaves it’s place on the coffee buffet station. First of all, when entertaining, as shown in the video, you can leave the optional jura 70878 cool control basic compact milk cooler for espresso machine, 34-ounce connected for up to a week, so that guests can easily make whatever beverage they like, whenever they like. If you aren’t interested in purchasing it, like similar juras, the j9 comes with a stainless milk carafe that will need to be changed out after a few hours, and cleaned daily. And speaking of milk, the bubble size can be regulated easily. As wonderful as the rancilio epoca s tank 1 espresso machine is, it’s impossible to get a dry froth with it. One twist and it’s no problem for this jura. This machine can take ground coffee as well as beans, and coffee/water ratio can be adjusted.

Quick response and coffee maker was just as described.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Makes Great Coffee
  • Jura J9.3 Super Automatic coffee machine. Hard to choose which model to buy, but we love this one
  • Replacement for my SAECO machine

This has amped up my coffee game to a ridiculous level.

I only have two small complaints about it. The outside casing seems somewhat cheap for the cost of the machine. It’s plastic which i am sure is necessary due to the weight of the machine but i just don’t like it. Also, this is a somewhat complicated creature. There really is a lot to learn about it before you ever plug it in. These complaints aren’t big enough to take away a star but i thought they were worth mentioning. Makes fabulous latte macchiato, and cappuccino once you get it all loaded and ready to go. Has a beautiful display, is quiet and efficient although it is a large machine. Overall, the drinks speak for themselves and once you know what you are doing with the machine it makes them so easily it can quickly spoil you.

This has been, for the past 1 1/2 years, the best coffee machine ever. It was a costly upgrade from a more modest jura capresso model and was worth every penny.You must clean and maintain this machine. But it’s not difficult and it’s certainly worth taking care of a quality appliance. Every specialized drink is easily tweaked to your preferences, ‘plain old coffee’ is exceptional and our daily starbucks treks have eliminated themselves (still use their beans), so the cost of this great appliance has been nullifiedno problems and great customer care ~ any questions and we’ve been ‘talked through it’ by the service personnel. Truly an asset to a gourmet kitchen.

I recently purchased a jura impressa j9 machine. In checking out the various features i found that the programmable temperature settings (normal & high) produced the same temperature at ~175 *f (per manual, temp should range from 176-205*f). After discussing with customer service personnel this unit was sent to the repair center which determined that it was working as designed. I don’t understand why they have two settings that are, by design, the same. Additionally, why are they both set at the lower limit?. Hard to understand and reconcile for a premium priced machine.

I also have a krupps super automatic as well and i prefer this one. One complaint though is that the spout height is slightly low and so i cannot fit certain mugs in there. Not a deal breaker but it is an inconvenience. The thing i like about the jura is the ability to bypass the whole bean grinder and use preground coffee. Since with any super automatic, you need to be very careful about the oiliness of the bean, this is a great feature when you still want flavored coffee. The interface isn’t very difficult to learn and it is quite the beauty sitting on the counter.

Never written a review before but feel compelled given my opposite experience with jura customer service. I’ve had my j9 for two years and loved it. It saves me at least $10 per day of take away cappuccinos, producing one that is superior to most (bar those from the exceptional coffee bar). After almost two years of hard use, mine stopped grinding. I sent it back through jura customer service. Voila it returned within a couple of days with a new grinder at no charge. Regrettably it needed another tweak as it stopped working within a couple of weeks. But again, it went off again in their box and at their expense, and returned two days later functioning like new. I’d give jura customer service 5 stars – and they are fully existant, quick, informative and polite on the phone. Of course mine was still under warranty.

What a fantastic machine, it’s shiny and beautiful, and it makes delicious coffee drinks where you barely have to lift a finger other than pushing a button. The build quality is excellent as it’s manufactured in switzerland (although there is more plastic used in this than there should be for the price). It’s like having my own personal coffee vending machine without having to insert money. And so high-end it deserves a granite counter to sit on, and looks out-of-place on my 1980’s-era faux butcher-block. It fits neatly underneath the overhead cabinets, but i have to pull it out to fill it with the coffee beans and water as the lids are on top of the machine. For the past year i’ve used a breville barista express breville barista express bes860xl machine with grinder, but sometimes i’m lazy and it’s too much trouble to pull my own espresso shot, and messy as well with grinding the beans, tamping the grounds with them falling all over the counter and floor, not to mention cleaning up the porta-filter, group head, and steaming wand each time i wanted a drink. There’s no mess with the jura. As this is the first automatic machine i’ve used, i spent an hour reading and re-reading the instructions. There are some excellent videos on youtube which i watched. Finally, i got the courage to set it up.

It makes tasty lattes, cappuccinos, espressos and coffee. If you are a coffee snob like i am, i would highly recommend this machine. The high cost may turn some people off, but if you find yourself at starbucks all the time like i did, this machine will pay for itself after about a year.

This is my first fully automated machine and i love the simplicity. I clean it regularly when milk is used and have had no problems. My only gripe would be the cheap plastic used.

I have had a capresso c3000 super automatic for many years that i was starting to have some minor problems with (small water leak, tray sensors corroding) and decided it was time to get a replacement. I work from home and tend to drink coffee most of the day so i’m looking for something that works reliably and for a very extend period of time. I started looking at the new super automatics from the jura capresso based on the longevity of the old c3000. I will admit, it’s the tft display that really caught my eye on this one. I started looking thinking that i’d end up with a z series, but the tft display was what veered me over to this one. It comes pre-loaded with default recipes for latte macchiato, cappuccino, an espresso shot, a ristretto shot, coffee, coffees, hot water, and steamed milk. All of the recipes can be customized via ‘expert mode’. You can adjust the strength (1 – 5 beans), volume in ounces or ml’s), steamed milk amount (based on time in seconds). You can also adjust all of the parameters while making the drink without saving, which is great for guests. Basic operation is very simple and straightforward.

Expensive, but a great machine. I love the hot milk, the coffee is great (esp when you can change strengths for different people). Easy to use, i had two others before this and hands down this is the best one on the market. I did not purchase it through amazon. The place i did gives great customer support if needed. Don’t go cheap it you want great coffee, expresso, etc.

Not as easy to operate as i thought it would be. Makes subpar specialty drinks, but good coffee. Have to buy extra attachments to make good lattes.

Add 2/13/17: my j9 is still working flawlessly, as good as when i first bought it. I highly recommend the j9———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————i have had a jura e75 for about 8 years or so. I had a few problems with it over the years (mainly, occasional leaks which required me to send it in for service), even having to send mine in another time (an electric recall and it was leaking again that time) and they sent out a refurbished one a few years ago. Still, despite reliability issues with that machine, it made awesome coffee and espresso, and on the two occasions we were without it for a week or so (jura does perform repairs and shipping promptly), we almost couldn’t live without it. I always chalked it up to an advanced machine will require occasional repairs. Last december, after i had looked at the z5/z6 for a couple of years and wanted to buy but couldn’t justify it, i saw the newer j9 and decided that it would eventually replace my e75. But i would wait until i could also buy the ‘cool control’ jura 70878 cool control basic compact milk cooler for espresso machine, 34-ounce to pair with it. Something about the ‘one touch’ spout for lattes and having the cold milk always ready to go into the cup seemed like the perfect luxury. But my ‘e’ was working so well, i put it off.

Love the coffee and espresso. Maintenance costs more than expected but it’s a good machine so far. Great for a quick espresso and kids use it make hot cocoa. Update 2018: still works great.

Machine is wonderful if it functions well.

After much research and agonizing indecesion, i finally purchased the jura j9 super automatic coffee machine. Our delonghi lasted several years, then died a noisy death. We had enjoyed it, but i felt like there were better machines to be had, so i focused on jura and saeco. I decided i wanted a jura because of the easier cleaning, as reported by some reviewers, as well as great flavor and crema in the coffee. Then picking the model became hard. Not a lot of info on the jura website as to how the different models work, but i finally decided that i liked the price range and capabilities of the j models. Costco had a j80 to sell, as well as a f7. I love the confidence i can have when buying from costco, and that would have been a big plus for me. The j80 had been on sale for $400 off a few days before our delonghi failed, so i missed the sale and i couldn’t bring myself to pay their full price of $2400 for a model that was not listed on the jura website and some people suggested was an older model. I even emailed costco, hoping they might honor the sale price, but no go.