Jewelstick Jewelstik PP123 12-Inch Kitchen Diamond Knife Sharpener : Best in its class.

Puts a razor edge on a knife in seconds. Easiest to use and will make you an expert knife sharpener.

Diamond quality still good but the handle is brittle.

Jewelstik PP123 12-Inch Kitchen Diamond Knife Sharpener

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  • Jewelstik provides the most superior diamond coating on the market
  • Our diamond sharpeners are lightweight, well balanced and easy to use
  • The lens shaped steel shaft permits more efficient sharpening than ordinary cylindrical-shaped tools by allowing more surface to be sharpened in less time
  • Clean with soap and water and a lint free cloth
  • Made in the USA

I have had one of these for more than 20 years and it is far and away the best tool in the drawer for routine knife care. It is capable of putting a new edge on a really abused and dull knife but that isn’t its strong point. Knives should never be allowed to get that dull and that is the strong point of this tool. Regular use will keep all your blades in the best possible condition. Highly recommended at any price.

This is a great tool, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. You’ll never have a dull knife if you own one of these, and use it.

I purchased a diamond knife file with only medium and fine grit several years ago and loved it, but finally wore it out. This file has coarse medium and fine all in one,this is fantastic, and will extend the life of the file. You can remove any doubts that you may have, weather you are a beginner or a pro. This file will out do any steel any day of the week.

Jewelstik PP123 12-Inch Kitchen Diamond Knife Sharpener : Multiple passes every time you take a knife out.

This product worked out very well for the dad who has everything and needs nothing. Service in getting it was great, too. Can’t ask for more than that.

This is my second one,the first one got ‘borrowed ‘ works well especially on ‘better ‘ knives.

Thinking about getting a 2nd one for my mother.

My husband uses this constantly when in the kitchen. He loves how it handles and has only good things to say about it. He is a stickler about having sharp knives when preparing food.

Makes my kitchen knives extremely sharp. You must know how to sharpen knives at the correct angle by hand. If you do you’ll be extremely satisfied.

Good diamond knife sharpener. It has 2 progressive levels of sharpening for your dull knives and a 3rd level for finishing and polishing your knife.

Not quite sure why they felt super-sizing this thing was necessary, but imho it was not. I purchased this to put an edge on my already dull knives and unfortunately it just didn’t do the trick. In my opinion the jewel stick is more for honing and maintenance than sharpening. And since i already had a honing stick this went back. Ended up purchasing the chef’s choice 130 electric sharpener and within 20 minutes of opening the box every knife in my house had a razor sharp edge. If you don’t have a honing stick, this would be a nice addition to your kitchen. But if you’re wanting to put an edge on a dull knife look into an electric sharpener.