iCoffee Single Serve Express Steam Brew Coffee Maker – RSS100EXP : Just Get It, You Will Love It Right Off The Bat For Sure!!

Easy to use and takes all k-cups. Also bought the cups to fill with my own coffee- an espresso 100% arabica. Makes a perfect cup of coffee for me and tastes as good as or better than the coffee shops. Any problem was the plastic chrome color piece by the opening button keeps falling off- and we replace it each time.

This is the best “little icoffee single serve, steam brew maker” in the market place and best price ever on amazon. I have the mozart model in my home and this little guy in my 40 ft alfa seeya motorhome. I have been purchasing this smaller icoffee maker for gifts and everyone really loves them.Oh yes, “it does make a great cup of coffee too”. I use san francisco bay single serve coffees and they work very well with this model all the way up to my icoffee mozart model.

6 month’s in, it’s working fine using my own coffee in the reusable pod that came with the unit. If you like strong coffee you may find the pod too small to make more than about a 4 oz serving. I live in an area with a high calcium content and the water-heating process seems to be getting noisy lately which makes me suspect it will need more frequent descaling than a drip machine. It makes a very good cup of coffee but requires some clean-up if you use your own loose coffee in the reusable pod. I will probably go back to a french press when this machine dies. Update after 18 months: it is still working but after my morning coffee today the top would not open. I turned it on and off again a couple times and got it working. As i mentioned last year, frequent descaling appears to be a must if you want this machine to last as long as possible.

The pump didn’t work when i received my icoffee express. I have tried several times to contact the manufacturer, but i have gotten no response. Update: i received a call from icoffee. They are shipping a new machine, today(plus 2 stars). I really hope to add two more stars in a couple of days.

  • Love this coffee maker
  • Very Good but not Great
  • Just Get It, You Will Love It Right Off The Bat For Sure!!

Single Serve Express Steam Brew Coffee Maker – RSS100EXP

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  • SPIN BREW TECHNOLOGY – Made by our expert engineers, the spin brew technology lets you steam and stirs inside the cup while brewing in under a minute.
  • SAFETY LOCK – Single Serve Express Steam Brew Coffee features its exclusive iCoffee Safety Lock for you to enjoy your coffee without spilling.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & COMPACT – BPA Free unit and has a removable tray for easy cleaning. Compact design that will fit easily in your kitchen or office.
  • CAPACITY – Can fill up to 12 ounce of beverage or coffee. So, you can enjoy coffee with your family, friends, and office mates.
  • INCLUDES REUSABLE CUP – This includes reusable cup for brewing if ever you forgot to bring your favorite cup.