ICoffee® Opus Single Serve Brewer ICoffee ® Opus Single Serve Brewer 2 : Fantastic

I purchased this at a local bb&b since they’re the only retailer carrying this. After doing research, reading customer reviews on bb&b and youtube, i decided to take the gamble and buy this despite having a keurig1. The first one was defective and had to exchange. Keep in mind any product from any brand can be defective. I love the bigger reservoir, not having to refill it on a daily basis. I love the dial a brew feature, more brewing options than a keurig, and in my opinion, better tasting coffee. Also, you can brew any k-cup from any brand. Only time will tell if this product holds up. I hope the makers of this machine will aggressively market and promote this product and make it more widely available, as keurig is need of some serious competition, considering the unnecessary restrictions they put on the k-cups for the 2.

I agree word-for-word the review posted by m. I, too, took back my keurig 2. 0 as soon as i tried this one. For all the reasons given in mr.

We’ve had this brewer since christmastime of 2014 and love it. The coffee tastes great, and we love that we can adjust the amount of the coffee brewed (and accurately, too). Like some others, we have had some problems with grounds in the coffee at times. I think this brewer uses more pressure than the keurig. That, and the spinning needle, seems to blow out the top cover of the k-cup and creates a hole that is too large, thus allowing the grounds to ooze out and end up in your coffee cup. I contacted the company via their website, and a few hours later i got a personal call on my mobile phone from bruce burrows, the inventor and president of icoffee. He was travelling at the time, but wanted to help take care of our issue. He said that many of the companies that are making k-cups cut corners in the production quality of the cup itself. He promised to send us some coffee from vendors who make quality cups. The next morning we had a fedex delivery from icoffee with boxes from starbucks, peet’s, and tim horton’s.

We have never owned a single serve coffee brewer. After finding out that with keurig 2. 0 and other brands, you can only use their k-cups, i had almost come to the conclusion that i would have to stick with the old fashioned pot style. We decided to try the icoffee because you are not stuck with any one brand of k-cup and you can use your own coffee in their reusable coffee filter. Pros: quick to heat up; can use any k-cup you want; can use the reusable filter if you want to use your own coffee; the coffee tastes great; love the fact you can choose anywhere from 6 oz. ; great design and i love the blue lights. Con: if you decide you want a second reusable filter, it’s impossible to find one without having to order it straight from the manufacture ($13 each) and pay shipping fees. I realize it is a special spin design and just any reusable coffee filter will not work.

  • Five Stars
  • Replaced Keurig 2.0 with iCoffee Opus
  • and was in perfect working order

ICoffee ® Opus Single Serve Brewer 2.0

I received this as a christmas gift. I never thought i’d be a fan of a single-serve coffee maker, but i adore it. I can either use a pod, or my own coffee (or tea). Heats up quickly, and i have a cup of coffee whenever i want one. I love that you can remove the base and put a travel mug under there, for coffee on the go. Basically, there’s nothing i don’t love about this coffee maker.

I just purchased this to replace my 3. 5 year old keurig that died. I like the idea of this technology. Time will tell if i agree with thecoffeedetective. Right out of the box before the machine was even out i discovered the only reusable cup for their machine is the one they so graciously provide you. No, all my eco cups i have won’t work. I butchered them to try and make them work but the lid won’t close on the machine. Their reusable is also a rounded square with lips that fit in place. This made me mad that they would deliberately make their reusable totally different so no others work. I hope someone figures a hack soon like they did for keurig because they sell opus reusable cups for $13 each on their website. You can buy 4 of the eco cups for keurig for $10 and 20% off that with a bbb coupon.I know it’s because of the spin brew needle but even cutting off the and making a smooth hole wasn’t enough to make an eco cup work because it’s slightly different on top so it doesn’t sit right and prevents the machine lid from closing.

I have not owned this brewer for very long (only about two days) but i have to say i am impressed by it. The set up of the brewer is so easy. You don’t have all the bells and whistles like the keurig. I like the fact that with the icoffee that you can use any k-cups and are not limited to what you can use like with the keurig. I also like the fact that you can dial in the amount of ounces that you want (4 to 12) without being set to only 4, 6, 8 or 10. 0 and with the k-cups keurig is now limiting you to only up to 10 ounces. Ascetically, the icoffee is a very attractive looking unit. 0, i had one unit where the touch screen display decided not to work properly.

I purchased this maker after christmas this year when someone i knew who does reviews posted it on her instagram. After he post, i did a little research on the machine itself because i had never seen or heard of one. After my purchase, i am still impressed. I have been looking for a maker that did not restrict me to 8 or 10 oz or just one setting for that matter. The dial lets me select 4-12 oz for brewing. I was also looking for something that would allow me to use either my 16 or 24 oz tervis cup and this one does and one more thing. I love the spin brew technology. It it spins the grounds inside the k-cup to give it a better blended taste. It was everything i was looking for in one and the bonus is the drip cup with magnet. As explained in the other review i read, it does not move out of place unless you move it.

I have had this coffee maker for 2 months now and we all love it. We use all kinds of k-cups in it and ground coffee and have no problem with any coffee grains getting into our cups so if anyone has that problem they should call the company or return it. That should not happen, maybe you are filling it too full. I found that you can also use melitta’s java jig reusable cup ( availableat most food stores ) besides the.

I purchased this yesterday so i cannot vouch for it’s reliability. But i can say that it is elegant, quality made, and makes the best cup of coffee i’ve had in a very long time. I wanted a pod machine but didn’t want the new keurig because i did not want to be held captive to using their proprietary pods. This icoffe opus is a significantly better machine on all fronts. I would not hesitate to purchase this.

I went through 3 keurigs in 3 months and now i cannot see why anyone would ever buy one. The coffee in the keurig was just ok. I bought it for the ease of use. The coffee in the icoffee smells and tastes like coffee. I can’t believe everyone does not switch. I cannot believe no one told me about this one. I finally did a search on the internet and found the reviews on this one are spot on.

This lives up to all it claims to be. It is fast, efficient, nice and hot. You can use any coffee cup from any company, and also put your own coffee into the holder. It is easy to clean and very quiet. I am saving lots of money not buying from the coffee cart. My co-workers brew tea in it and all types of coffees – worth the extra price.

So, our other k-cup machine died, i will not say which kind, however, in a mad dash to fulfill my coffee addiction, we searched quickly , high and low, and a gentleman at a store we shop at, i won’t mention, but the store manager recommended the “icoffee opus,” by “remington,” he had mentioned that he had no returns of this item and that it sold very well. I read the reviews on amazon and it had no 1 star reviews, but 2 star and higher, now in my book of reviews, anything that does not have a 1 star review has to be good. So we purchased this item, and i am now having my first cup of coffee and as the bible states, “it was good. ” the only downside, is, and i use that word loosley, it does not have all the bells and whistles of the other k-cup machine we owned, however, it is simplified down and the difference is negligible. So, to finish my review, if you want a good machine for k-cup, iced tea and coffee ground usage, then this is the one your looking for, simple, not as costly, simple and yes, it makes a good cup of anything.

I returned my other single serve for this and boy am i glad. Coffee is hotter and tastes less bitter. I can make 12 ounces again and brew what i want. Thank you remington for a wonderful maker, keep up the good work.

I love this single-serve brewer. I do wish i could use the 12 ekobrew refillable kcups i have, but that’s another discussion. This brewer creates a wonderfully smooth cup of coffee. I’ve only used it for about two weeks and i did not purchase through amazon (which has no bearing on the brewer itself). I previously had a keurig (approx. Two years) which was a wonderful unit except that the pump would give me trouble from time to time until it finally decided to just stop completely. I have no input on the durability of the icoffee yet. Hopefully i will remember to come back and update this in a few months. It did not take long for the keurig to start needing to be reset after i purchased it. There have been some complaints about the brew basket that comes with it allowing sludge in the cup after a brew cycle.

Brews a great hot cup of coffee.

I purchased this for my wife for her birthday. We previously used a mid-model keurig, first gen. Overall, we are pleased with this unit, but there are a few things to know. Pros:-brews good tasting coffee-great, large reservoir-compatible with all k-cups-comes with coffee ground reusable k-cup-lights are great. The reservoir light is bright and clear. The little blue led that shines in the cup is awesome, as you can see it brewing very clearly. -fits well in our space-drip tray is easy to remove, though maybe too easycons:-it takes a while to fire up. Our keurig was ready the moment we popped the k-cup in. With the opus, you have to wait about a minute for it to heat the water, then another minute for it to brew. -once it’s complete brewing, it continues to drip.

This is the best single serve coffee maker to ever hit the market,periodno bitter taste, not locked in to any brand of k cup, you can use your own ground coffee, and the coffee can be dispensed into any size cup, with any amount from 4 ounces to 12 ounces. Does hot water toocheck out bbb who has been selling this for awhile, its rate 4. 9999 stars out of 5, and, as a lifetime coffee addict/aficionado, i promise you will never taste a better cup of coffee. And, no , i dont work for the company, just thrilled to actually find a great machine that makes what i want, in the amount i want, any brand or flavor that i wantthrow that keurig machine in the garbage, and say hello to coffee nirvana.

We’ve had our machine for many years, and only paid $129. 00 for it at bed bath and beyond. I’m s seeing this on amazon for $589. People are complaining about the cups exploding. Pre made cups are never a problem. We had an issue once with the refillable because it was packed too full, otherwise it’s great. I dread the thought of ever having to replace it. I also clean it with vinegar inside and out to keep it running properly.

We recently began having problems with our keurig platinum edition brewer – incomplete, erratic dispensing. After cleaning and nurturing this brewer for several weeks, we decided to replace it. 0 models offered some promise, except for three faults – inconsistent manufacturing/reliability, something which has persisted (though our third keurig lasted into its third year); prices are getting to be quite high, despite the new carafe feature; and, the greedy move to limit brewing to keurig-approved k-cups. This led us to explore the icoffee opus brewer about a month ago. We purchased ours at bed, bath & beyond, with the ever-present 20% off coupon. We gave our old keurig a decent burial, and the new icoffee unit has performed quite well as its replacement. Pros – this unit takes up no more counter space than its predecessor, and it brews every kind of k-cup we have bought and tried. The cup size selection feature is nice (and you quickly find out how much your favorite mug really does hold); however, i do not find it a major improvement over the standardized cup sizes on the keurig. The operation of the brewer is quite speedy if it already is heated and ‘ready.

0 which was a piece of junk. I found this one and decided to try it after doing much research. It lives up to its reputation and it is much better than the keurig ever was. I would definitely buy another one.

I’m so impressed with this system that i had to write a review. I purchased and have owned the kuerig for more then a few years. So when my last model broke down (which i only owned for a year) i headed back into bed bath and beyond to buy the latests model kuerig. Unfortunately i didn’t like any of the new models. So i grabbed the icoffee and decided to return it if i didn’t like it. I don’t know if the coffee tastes better. It’s about equivalent to the keureg. But i still am very happy with my purchase.