Homeleader 70 oz Professional Countertop Blender : large size is great, solid motor and speed control

I love this blender yes the top is plastic which i love because i cannot handle the weight of real glass blenders with arthritis, and carpul tunnel. It’s pretty modern looking and very easy to use. Very forceful and easy to clean.

Overall a good blender, however the lcd display’s integrity will fade due to the vibrations from the motor.

Good blender – own it about a year now, so far no issues with that.

I bought this blender to make green smoothies after borrowing a friend’s ninja. The ninja, although powerful, did not blend things completely smooth. My 9 year old refused to drink them and she had loved them in the past. This blender is easy to use and clean, and the “smoothie” setting makes perfect smoothies. I use chunks of frozen fruit and this blender gets through it easily. The “smoothie” setting is alarming at first. It starts and stops repeatedly and i thought it was broken.

  • Excellent product. Durable
  • large size is great, solid motor and speed control

Homeleader 70 oz Professional Countertop Blender, LCD Screen, 1500W 9 Speed Commercial Multifunctional Power Blender, Black, K12-017

Only had it for about a month, but so far it’s exactly what i wanted. Plenty of power, good pre-sets (especially the smoothie one).

Chopped up ice and everything we put into it so far without any issues.

Works much better than my bullet. It’s worth the price and i absolutely love love love this product.

High quality blender overall, large size is great, solid motor and speed control. Jenky user experience (way too much button pushing). Also i somehow broke off a small piece of plastic from the cap which used to lock it into place. I guess i turned it the wrong direction but i feel like it broke a little too easily.

My neighbors and i get together often for drinks and we alternate who is making the drinks. In the summer we prefer to blend up frozen drinks and smoothies to combat the hot weather. This blender is great for making frozen drinks, the consistency is exactly as desired. The blender has multiple pre-set settings that just require you to select by turning the knob and hitting start. There is a smoothie setting which is what i used to makes the drinks. There is also a manual option that allows you to set the blend time and speed. You can start and stop the blender at any time using start/stop button. Overall the blender is pretty self-explanatory to get set up and to use. I have another well-known name brand blender and this homeleader blenders performs just as well as that blender. I have tested out the various settings with different foods, and the performance has consistently out-performed my expectations.

 i am super impressed by how powerful this blender is. We had a big gathering at our house yesterday and the blender was in constant use because i used to be a mixologist (aka, bartender) so everyone always expects awesome, over-the-top drinks whenever i host an event. I was too busy to take time to shoot any video of drinks being made yesterday, plus the fact that i had a house full of people so that would’ve been weird. Instead, i decided to make myself and my husband some frozen cherry lime margaritas tonight and i filmed the process. I didn’t show how i layered the ingredients because doing that while holding the camera would have been difficult, so i’ll just tell you what i did. I added a bunch of ice, i topped the ice with a bag of frozen pitted cherries, i added a can of frozen limeade, then i added a half can of tequila (i “measured” the half can by filling the empty limeade can). I set the blender to the “smoothie” setting and let it do its thing. You can see how powerful the blender is and the end result is a perfectly smooth frozen drink. It absolutely produces professional, restaurant quality results. In comparison to my ninja blender, this one takes the cake when it comes to speed and performance.

I have been using a vitamix blender for years until it broke recently. I’ve been looking for a new one and found this brand and it seemed very nice. The blender arrived promptly as promised and came well packaged to prevent damage of any kind. As soon as the blender arrived, i checked it out to see if there were any imperfections or damage and am happy that it came in perfect condition. It was also very easy to put together and all the parts were accounted for. The included parts are the steam cup, lid, sealing ring, jug, drive socket in the unit and it comes with a spare, the tamper, and the unit base itself. I made sure to clean this before using by putting it on the top shelf of my dishwasher. I wasn’t sure if it was dishwasher safe but it did well and no pieces were damaged in the dishwasher. I put it all back together and got set to use it. The large knob on the front allows you to choose from many different programs such as; fruit & vegetable, soy milk, sauce, nuts, bisque, and smoothie.

In our married life, we’ve probably gone through 15 blenders. It’s usually the margaritas with the ice that kills them. It got to where we no longer made smoothies or used a blender at all because the glass always cracked or the plastic screw that holds the glass would crack. Consider an oster or hamilton beach blender a paper airplane. In comparison, this would be a stealth jet. This is high tech, commercial looking and there’s no little cutesy elements to it. The blending glass is huge (70 ounce) and holds alot. Yet you start mixing ice with some simple sugar and a little gin and it blends beautifully into heaven.

It really works well, but a bit bulk blender.

We had owned many blenders before this one, but there has never been a match for this homeleader 70 oz professional countertop blender, lcd screen, 1500w 9 speed commercial multifunctional power blender, black, k12-017, including ninja professional blender we had to return for another brand. This is quieter than other blender we have ever had. The name “lanre sule” will be displayed with your feedback.

My husband ordered this blender for me for christmas in lieu of the more expensive blender i really wanted. First i want to say this blender has a serious motor. I think it could blend a piece of wood. Fruit smoothies were super creamy (no chunks). I really disliked the control panel. It was such a pain to switch to smoothie setting. The knob seems to turn without it switching settings and you have scroll through all the settings to get to one. It was more difficult to switch to manual settings to blend/chop something. We returned it because it is not as user friendly as we would like.

Revised review 5/5/2017:after a couple of months of testing and using this blender, i’m ready to write a better-informed review. Positives:+ large pitcher; light weight (plastic)+ powerful motor; processes everything smooth+ many handy preset ‘programs’+ manual options for simple jobsnegatives:- plastic pitcher (i would prefer glass; many others prefer plastic for lighter weight)- clunky knob operation; lcd difficult to read- lid parts flimsy; thin plastic fragile- lid does not stay on when processing a full pitcher; it must be held down. (tip: inserting the feeder-hole cover after the lid is already in place seems to relieve the pressure and keep the lid better in place. )once i figured out the quirks and the program options, this blender seems to do a good job on my two main tasks: breakfast smoothies and chia puddings. However, the dial and the lcd screen have already started behaving differently from when i started using it. I will be using it only six months of the first year, so i expect it to last at least until the end of the 1-year warranty. I am somewhat leery of the fact that the blades don’t come off for cleaning. However, as suggested by another user, running it a few seconds with warm water and dish detergent seems to do the trick. – comment: all the 5-star reviews seem to be written by hospitality-service professionals who received free samples of the blender for review. I can understand giving this blender 5 stars if it’s free, but i do expect more from an investment of over $150 of my hard-earned money.

Durable, doesn’t bounce around – the grandkids love the smoothie feature 🙂 and so do i.

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Homeleader 70 oz Professional Countertop Blender, LCD Screen, 1500W 9 Speed Commercial Multifunctional Power Blender, Black, K12-017
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