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The products works as expected. The box it came in looked great but the unit was dented fairly severely. Doesn’t seem to affect performance. Too much trouble to return for exchange. It heats and dispenses water.

Good deal and works well so far.

This is my second of the homeimage electric water heater. The previous one was lost due to electrical power surge in my home. I would recommend this unit to anyone. Here are the specifications for the HOMEIMAGE 3.2 Liter / 3.38 Quarts Electric Thermo Hot Pot – HI-EKA32L:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Three preset temperature settings (98/85/60C)
  • Safety power off when water is low
  • stainless steel outer and inner housing with 360 degree swivel base
  • Quick reboil with transparent water level indicator
  • Three ways to dispense water: Manual pump, button, cup sensor

. Be prepared to spend a couple of hours getting the sticky label off the front of the pot. Not an easy task so that you don’t scratch your new pot .I know they make easy remove labels but this is not one of them. Now that i finally got the entire label off, the pot seems to work fine and looks very nice on my counter. Hope it last, because i would not order another with a label stuck to the front.

Keeps water hot all day and i have not had a problem with leaking. Also did not find the outside to be that hot considering my last one would burn me. Only tiny bone to pick as others have mentioned is that to turn it off you have to unplug it-no on/off switch. But again for the price and how well it works, i’m happy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Useful Device if you plan to program it
  • Pump quit working
  • Works great! Great product.

Having this has doubled by tea consumption.

Works as it say, but the insulation is poor. The heat transfer out and it is pretty hot to touch and uses more electricity than the old one.

We were going through electric tea kettles almost every 9 months. This has solved all our problems.

This product defiantly surpassed my expectations. Great product worth the money i spent. Since buying my first one i am about to purchase another.

We leave the hot pot on day and night and love having hot water always, with no waiting. The electronic buttons are intuitive and easy to use.

Boiler fails after two years.

Has been used for five years, still very good, absolutely recommended.

Great product not too big and has good looks.

In feb 2014 the pump quit working. Tried to return it to amazon and it only had a return window of about 30 days. I previously had a tatung hot water pot. I used it for a couple of years then it started leaking. I ordered another tatung and that pump quit working. Why cant they make one that lasts. I am back to my electric kettle which i have had for years and still works.

Not much you can do but would recommend using more then 3.

This product is great if you want a device you can program to make hot water for you when you get up in the morning. If you are looking for a product that will make hot water for you quickly on demand, this is not the product for you. It takes a long time to get the water boiling, thus this product is only useful if you have a set time in the day when you want hot water and you want a device you can program to provide hot water at that specific time.

The homeimage hot pot works very well. It keeps the water warm at 3 different temperatures and has 3 different ways to dispense the water. My daughter took it on a picnic after heating the water and it kept the water hot a long time. The only complaint i have is the water level gauge is not lined up properly. It quits dispensing water just a little below 1/4 full. Once you get used to it, it is not a problem.

Every thing is good or alright to me, except the big blue sticker. I used a towel with some olive oil to rub it off, it took some time and effort, but the result was good – shining and no scratch.

Used every day for 3 months, still working well.

I bought this for my mother and she is in love with it. Prior to this one, she had one from tiger, a japanese brand. The tiger one wasn’t stainless steel, despite the high price. This one is very reasonable, is stainless steel inside as well as the outside. She says it can make enough water for a family of 4, and the temperature settings are really accurate. She hasn’t had any issues with taste or anything out of the ordinary. Make sure every time you refill this to heat up, wash the inside thoroughly to prevent any kind of hard water residue. Of course, use filtered water.

The thermo hot pot works okay the only thing that i don’t like about it, is that it does not have an on/off switch and you must make sure the cord is all the way in. Other than that the water heats up really hot.

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HOMEIMAGE 3.2 Liter / 3.38 Quarts Electric Thermo Hot Pot - HI-EKA32L
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