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Makes froth better than some espresso machines, and fast.

Not quite as powerful as i thought. Also sometimes has a vibration issue when spinning – if i squeeze the unit tightly it seems to straighten out. Was able to froth milk so it does work. I wanted something with more power – to be fair it was my mistake not the products so am looking elsewhere maybe one of those cup units that heat and froth. Would have liked to use this as a light mixer/whisk – for eggs, simple dressings etc but the torque is not there.

Bru Joy Milk Frother Stainless Steel – Best Hand Held Milk Foamer Wand With User Manual – 2 AAA Batteries Not Included

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  • QUIETLY GET RICH & DELICATE CREAMY MILK IN SECONDS: The Bru Joy milk frother is built with a
  • CREATE GOURMET ESPRESSO COFFEE DRINKS AT HOME – EASY TO USE: Smart one-touch-button design means
  • EASY TO CLEAN: ALL STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTURE makes Bru Joy’s milk frother extremely easy to
  • EASY TO STORE WITH THE FREE BONUS MOUNTING BRACKET: Once insert it onto the bracket, you can either
  • A VERSATILE KITCHEN TOOL & A PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASSION: In addition to its most popular use,

My husband wants to buy a cappuccino coffee maker with milk frother but i convinced him to get this bru joy frother because of the reviews that i have read and i was impressed with it. So i got this and at first it didn’t do what i expected to do so my husband was ready to return it but i read the instruction and it worked beautifully. We are very happy with it and i showed to my friends and they were impressed also. I will buy products again from bru joy and i highly recommend to buy this milk frother.

I love, love, love my new bru joy milk frother. What a fantastic froth and so easy. I’ve used it everyday since i got it. I just wish it came with a hard case so i could stick it in my briefcase and take it with me and know it wouldn’t get bent or broken. You say to keep it protected in its box. But the box is bigger than needs to be and just paper and will wear out in no time. It needs a slim plastic or metal case. If you make one let me know.

This is my third frother and this stainless steel wand and mechanism is solid built to last. I keep mine in the box it was shipped in to keep it safe. I used it last night and it works great.

Bru Joy Milk Frother Stainless Steel – Best Hand Held Milk Foamer Wand With User Manual – 2 AAA Batteries Not Included : I have tried three other frothers and this one, by far, is the best. The speed is so fast that it begins foaming within seconds. I also purchased a second one for my office as i use powdered real milk combined with a bit of hot water in my coffee. Super fast way to have a barista experience right at my desk.

I purchased the bru joy milk frother based on the positive amazon reviews. It is very well made and a sleek elegant design. It whips up excellent froth and is very quiet. I especially like the included plastic wall mount which is the smart way to store the device. Like any battery powered device, be sure to buy lots of aaa batteries.

The product did everything it claimed, and i use it at least once every day.

We received the milk frother couple of days after ordered, it works perfectly, does a fine job in frothing milk, appears to be well made, recommend if a frother is what you are looking for.

So easy to use an does a great job. I have received follow up emails and information on how to use. For the price this is so worth it. I’m saving tons of money by making my own coffee drinks.

Just received the frother and have been using it a couple of days. It does exactly as advertised and is a high quality item. Works best when the milk is warmed in microwave first.

Really straightforward and easy to use. Creates the frothy foam i was looking for. I would advise to pay attention to the directions, especially the part about using a large enough container as the frothed milk will expand. My first attempt was a little messy, but now all froths smoothly. Also, i really like the little plastic ‘rack’ included. I can hang this up inside the cupboard neatly and safely and it won’t get banged around in a drawer.

I ordered this to mix drinks such as meal replacement shakes, energy drinks, etc. As part of a diet plan i am on. In just a few seconds everything gets mixed nicely so there aren’t any powder granules. I can’t say how it works as a milk frother but it works well for other mixing. I wish it came with a hardy travel case so i could easily take it to work as based on the various warnings, it sounds like it may be a bit fragile. A great frother for the price.

The bru joy milk frother arrived by the stated date. I have used it several times and love the ease and convenience of the product. I use the frother on cold milk and in less than 15 seconds i get plenty of foam. I add steaming hot coffee to the foam for a delicious cup of coffee. This is a nifty device that is easy and quick to use and will be a staple in my kitchen.

It even arrived with batteries (which are not included in new purchases). After a quick rinse, i was able to use it without checking to see if i had the right size batteries. Price was right; delivery was prompt.

The first time i used this product it was awesome. The frothed milk was better than a barista’s. However, after just a few uses, i kept having to turn the top to loosen it in hopes it would turn on. I changed the batteries multiple times in case that was the problem which it didn’t seem to be. Where the batteries sit in sometimes doesn’t line up so i kept soon with it and got it to go on once.

An acquaintance showed me an electric frother that she just bought. It was working great but was taking counter space and wasn’t easy to clean. After searching online i decided to buy the bru joy milk frother. I received it on december 31 and have been using it three to four times daily for almost a month now. I didn’t have to change the batteries yet. I’m so happy with this purchase that i like to show it off. This product is designed well: light, easy to use and clean, very efficient and has a contemporary look. It doesn’t take any counter space and almost no space in the drawer. My only surprise with this product was when the wand separated itself from the body of the unit the first time i used it. I reinserted the wand and haven’t had a problem since.

The bru joy milk frother works. Read on:what it is:a very well built / sturdy milk frother that you use to froth warm or cold milk to add into your espresso. Pros:- feels very solid in the hand- comes with batteries- creates a nice froth in 10-15 seconds- portablecons- you have to heat up your milk whereas if you had the mug / canister milk frother and heater you wouldn’t. However, the pro of it being portable and easily stored outweighs this con.

The fastest spinning foamer i’ve found, excellent quality construction, and you don’t have to hold the button down to keep it running. Just heat a quarter cup of low fat milk in the microwave, dip the wand into the cup, click on the wand for 30 seconds or less and, voila, a lovely foamy steamed milk for latte or cappucino. Also works great for whipping hot chocolate or even a couple of egg whites for a cake. I use it mostly to go with verismo pod coffee since i don’t like using the pod milk mixture.

This is a fantastic little frother. So quiet and in seconds make hot nonfat milk so creamy and smooth.

Love, love that little frother. Had my doubts when i opened it but it truly works. My heated almond milk whips up creamy and frothy like any professional steamer attachment would. A quick rinse and whirl to dry. Would recommend to anyonethank you.

I needed something to stir my highly ‘souped up’ coffee with. I add coconut oil, heavy whipping cream, great lakes gelatin, sweetener, and pink himalayan salt (just a pinch) to my coffee each morning. Just stirring doesn’t get the ingredients mixed up well enough to drink. I ordered this product, and it does the job quite well. The only reason i gave it a three is that it comes apart, and i have to go fishing in my 16 oz. Insulated mug full of hot coffee to find it. Otherwise, it does the job i wanted it to do. If i remember to give the frother a little push up into handle, it’s okay.

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