Heavenly cake pops HCP Cake Pop Easy Roller – How did I survive without this all these years??????

Looks just like picture can’t wait to use it my only thing is the paper directions is an old copy that’s been copied over and over again. It’s not that big of a deal but i feel like if i spent over $100 i deserve at least a new print out at the directions.

I liked how many cake balls it made at one time. I did not like how thick you need to make your cake before you can actually use the roller. The cake feels like play dough and it’s heavy, tastes more like a brownie then cake. But if you like brownies then this is for you. It will take time getting used too, lots of trial and error. The cake does get stuck on the sides of the white tray which is a pain to clean.

I love mine, but i bought it at a store and paid around $20. Is that a typo because that is just crazy.

Got a late start making my pops for tomorrow because my oven wouldn’t light. Had to stop and go buy a new stove. Thankfully the roller came earlier in the week. This was my first time using it and what a game changer. I was able to get three cakes rolled in about 35-45 minutes. Not bad for my first time using it.

I purchased this product to help save me time on a party i was making 150+ cake pops for. I have kids so time is an issue, did i say kids?. I needed all the help i could get, while it took a while to get this down. You need to get your cake to the right constancy and i recommend using a food processor. Trying to kneed the cake into a dough can be very time consuming. I watched some videos and i was very determined. Once i got a good consistent dough that was chilled it worked perfectly.

This is constructed rather well. I bought this for my wife and she loves it. She says it is a little bit of a learning curve getting used to using it, but for the most part it does what it says.

  • At first I failed. Then I succeeded.
  • Best purchase ever!
  • expected more

This products works exactly as advertised, but when you put your cooked cake into a food processor to make it to the recommended consistency, it looses the sought after flavor of a traditional cake pop. Proper cake pops should be baked cake, mixed with some sort of icing to give it a decadent flavor. When you put cooked cake in a food processor, it tastes like dough. And the creator does not recommend mixing with icing. I was disappointed in the taste, but it definitely did make a lot of cake pops fast.

I bought this easy cake pop roller because i love to bake. It is so easy to create cake pops now. I want to make them all the time. I would recommend to anyone.

The hcp roller gives me the ability to double my production and saves me so much time. It was hard getting used too but once you get the consistency right it’s the best.

For the price, make sure you know what you are getting into. No frosting needed, just a food processor to turn the baked cake into dough. I find that using the hcp roller changes the consistency of my pops as compared to rolling them by hand. Great for large orders but not so practical or small orders. I just checked the price for this roller and it’s $169 on amazon but if you purchase through their website it’s $100. You may have to pay additional for shipping/handling/tax. Just thought i would notify potential future owners.

It works but is expensive for what it is.

Features of HCP Cake Pop Easy Roller

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  • Cake Ball Roller
  • 21 Balls at a time
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Food Grade Plastic
  • Easy To Use Consistent Sizing

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Works like a charm, but still need to toll the cake balls after as it comes out with lines. It does produce multiple cake balls quickly.

Once you get the right mix it makes shaping and portioning a breeze. I also use mine to make meatballs in a flash.

When i heard about hpc cake pop easy roller i couldn’t wait to buy it and try it. The hpc roller helps me roll 100 cake pops in 30 minutes. I would highly reccomend this to anyone. Perfect cake pops every time.

I gave it 3 stars because it does portion the balls quite well. Unfortunately, there is no room for error. The consistency has to be just right. Plus no matter how i did it, my balls kept rolling out slightly square.

I expected more, for cake pop’s you have to get the dough so gooey that the pop’s taste slimy, and not like a cake pop at all, it does roll out the pop’s but i don’t like the gooey taste. If you like cookie dough then you would like this, but my taste bud’s like a little less sticky pop. And the price is way too high. The company that make’s it sell’s it for $99 and i paid $149 that’s a big difference. Sorry amazon but your price was too high.

It’s really not that easy to use atoraste not forme , i’d rather make them by hand. Instead of saving me time , it wastes my time and gets me frustrated.

Cake Ball Roller

I don’t have any idea how i did it before. Talk about being a full blown life saver. If you love making cakepops, even if you don’t have a business, you neeeeeeed this roller.Yes, consistency is key so be sure you manage the texture of your cake pops before rolling them out. Followed instructions and got great looking pops each time.

I’ve had this for several years and still can’t get the darn thing to work the way it’s supposed to, even though i’ve watched many tutorials. It works better when i form the cake into compacted balls by hand, and smooth out by rolling in the roller. Not the huge time saver i imagined it would be, but do i use it every time i make cake pops because it still saves me some time. Some seem to have good luck with it, i haven’t been able to figure it out.

I was so hesitant to buy this. My first try i failed and was so annoyed. My balls crumbled and it was a waste. Two months later i decided to try again. I read up on recipes and watched more videos. It’s all about consistency of the cake. Works best when cake is still cold. This batch is half a cake and took 5 minutes. If i hand rolled this many i would of taken 20 minutes.

I almost threw it away- but it was expensice. So, i put it in the closet for two years. Then a week ago, when i had 220 cake pops to make, i gave it a shot. This product is all about the right consistency for your cake pop dough and also the exact thickness of the dough to roll it properly. I still have to roll my cake pop to get them more perfect, but i’m getting there. You have to have patience and also, make a lot of cake pops to learn how to use it properly.

My wife has a cake business and she said that this was essential for her success. With this product, she has tripled her output of pops that she can make in 20 minutes.

Great buys and works like a charm.

21 Balls at a time

Finally got to try it (borrowed it from a friend) and made 32 cake pops in ten minutes. From cooked cake to rolled balls in ten stinkin minutes.Now, i did watch the youtube videos the maker has put up and they were very helpful. She has one for assembling the form, rolling the cake balls, mixing the cake, etc. The maker likes a ‘cake play dough’ consistency but does state that it can be dryer if you like, or you can even add as much icing as you like for taste or texture. This part you just have to play around with and see what you like best. Actually rolling the balls went as fast and easy as the video showed.You cut the strips, line them up and one two three – cake ballslet me just tell you that this little tool is so good that something like the maker not liking icing in the mix would not stop me from finding a way to make my ‘brand’ of cake balls with this baby.

Our little bakery has three of these, one in each size. Highly recommend for high volume amounts of cake bites, cake balls and cake pops.

Love this, cut my time in more then half.

Dishwasher Safe

Food Grade Plastic