Hearthware Nu-wave Pro Digital Oven, Five Stars

The dome cracked after a few months. I paid for a replacement dome directly from the nuwave website. I did not find replacement parts on amazon. I did notice there was a better quality dome for about double the price of the original dome. I think the better quality dome should come standard. I have read many reviews on how the dome cracked and the poor customer service they received from nuwave.

This oven is convenient at time. The time suggested for the cooking is somewhat far off, still the food comes out pretty good when the spices and herbs are add to the recipes.

A year ago i bought a nuwave oven because my husband and i are both active duty air force and every night we are stretched for family time with our daughter. The nuwave allows us to whip up healthy nutritious meals in record time. I love this product so much i have bought one for my mother and brother. Buy one, you will not regret it.Oh and this year during thanksgiving, the nuwave saved our holiday. We tried to deep-fry a turkey and undercooked it. After the turkey was cut into, we couldn’t put it back in the fryer so, i put it in the nuwave and it came out perfect.

Key specs for Nu-wave Pro Digital Black Oven:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Black digital power head and base, clear polycarbonate plastic dome lid, Lid rest, lining pan, 10 inch cooking pan, 3 inch extender ring, 4 inch reversible cooking rack, 2 inch rack, owners manual and instructional DVD and recipe book and guide
  • Variable temperature control
  • Uses conduction, convection, and infrared cooking technology
  • Multi-function allows you to barbecue, roast, grill, bake, broil, dehydrate, steam and air fry
  • No need for use of additional cooking fats or oils

Comments from buyers

“Love the oven, beware of the dome.
, up to where it cost even more money to cool it back down
, Well worth your money

Not as fast as it claims or as hot. Not the easiest to clean but i am okay with it.

Cooks quickly and efficiently. Does not heat up the kitchen. Most of all i like that the nuwave oven uses less energy. Make sure you follow the times to cook because otherwise you can over or under cook meat. To be real sure of doneness and not under or over cooking your meat, use a meat thermometer like you do when you use your oven. I have not used the pizza cooking assessory yet so can not write a review for it.

I purchased the nuwave oven after seeing the infomercial on tv. Then i wondered why in the world i had gotten yet another appliance, but it has proved to be one of the handiest appliances i have owned. Now i use it mostly for broiling, but it is quite versatile and can be utilized for many other types of cooking. Food cooks faster and healthier in this oven. It saves using the big oven and cooks meat so it is very tender and juicy. It’s easy to clean, too, as all the parts except the cooking coils are washable. I liked the nuwave oven so much that i gave one to a friend as a wedding gift and she loves hers too.

Living in warm, tropical weather here in hawaii, big island, i wanted to hurry and replace my dead-after-8-years flavorwave oven but got mixed up with the competing ratings and bought this nuwave. They both are rated the same so i am pleased so far. Cooks from frozen and all the other things it’s supposed to do and above all,. I hated for linda to turn on that double doored hot oven for her baking and now,. She discovered this oven can do it the same way with a cooler house at that. She now is convinced i made a great investment with convection cooking when i discovered this instrument while being a real happy single guy with only his dog and an occasional,. . To savor all the good stuff together.

My mom is an ‘as seen on tv’ junkie and loves to purchase these gadgets if they really can sell it to her. I’m usually a skeptic, but this one also interested me. After convincing her to buy here than with the phone number or website from the infomercial (it is much cheaper here), we finally ordered one. As a family that is full of people on the go, we rarely make family meals. Instead of turning on a big oven to cook a meal for one, this oven really saves time and cleanup. We still have yet to explore all the different uses for this oven, but the different accessories and booklet this oven comes with really remind us of its potential. Despite note using it in many different ways, we definitely have been using it a lot. It is now the preferred oven and the go-to appliance when cooking meals.

I am sooooooo happy with this product. We are to the point of cooking every meal in it. I plan on having 2 to cook multiple meals and the cook top instead of using our stove. The one negative is the dome cracks and it you don’t buy it from the nu wave company ie amazon, the warranty is not covered. Oh well another dome is about 60 bucks. My favorite is the burgers and fries. Biscuits are also good the frozen to cooked with pre heating an oven is great. We don’t us our microwave which puts radiation into your food to cause negative affects.

I received my oven about 2 weeks ago and i have used it for a roast beef, a 5lb chicken, a pork shoulder, chicken cordon bleu, and air fried chicken. I followed the recommended cooking time and found that everything needed to be cooked just a few minutes longer. With experimentation and a thermometer i will nail that down. Now, with that out of the way, let me just tell you, everything was delicious. That 5 lb chicken was cooked to perfection. Crispy skin on the outside, juicy chicken on the inside. That pork shoulder that i cooked also came out excellent, and it was a six dollar and fifty cent piece of meat. I made slits in it and stuffed slivers of garlic in it, rubbed olive oil, adobo and oregano all over it and put in the nu wave. It tasted just as good as something you would get in a spanish restaurant. I didn’t even need to put it in the fridge over night.

I have only had the nuwave oven for a short time and so far i think it is great, i live alone and i can fix a whole meal for myself at once and not have to dirty a whole bunch of pot’s and pan’s, also it does it very fast, leave’s in the moisture and everything i have cooked taste’s great, some things i haven’t cooked in it but i am on my way to loving it.

Love this thing ,globes are junk i have replaced 3 ,bought the heavy duty one , it’s hard to order regular replacement globe never in stock , cook in this thing 3-4 times a week.

It takes a little longer to cook than chart says and noticed that the food does not stay hot as long as when it is cooked in regular oven.

We all see all sorts of fantastic devises that are advertised to make our life easier. The nuwave actually does make life so simple that it should be illegal. If you are a meat eater you gotta have this thing. I but steaks when they are on sale in a ‘family pack’. I season them and then freeze them. Any time you want a steak- take it out of the freezer bag and toss it on the nuwave. Frozen to perfect in less than 1/2 hour.

Easy to follow instructions, and easy to use. I made our thanksgiving turkey in the nuwave and i turned out perfectly cooked and moist.

Buy one get one free on nuwave site.

This was the most wonderful gift i bought myself.

They work well and gets used constantly.

My wife has been wanting one of these for 2 years. Finally i bought her one for her birthday and she loves it. Works as described and clean up is easy.

The food tastes so much better and my kids loved everything i cook with the nuwave. I tell to everyone i know about how great it is. Then one day, it just stopped working. I called the manufacture and got an exchange (thank god, it was still under warranty — 1 year).

Love the oven, hate the fact that the dome started to crack after a few uses. Based on what i have read in other reviews this appears to be quite typical. It does a great job of cooking. I’m resigned to the fact that i will need to be replacing the dome which from what i read is not covered by the warranty.

Number one: doesn’t heat up your kitchen like a typical oven-and that is very important in these 90 degree days. I have cooked numerous things in this and have really enjoyed the ease of use and cleanup. Love making waterless boiled eggs-now i don’t dread dealing with hot water and steam.

This is the best machine i own. I often forget to take meat out of the freezer and being able to cook straight from frozen is a huge plus. The food comes out so moist.

It is important to try it out and get a feel for how it cooks, don’t expect to master it the first time you use it. There is a lot of room for user error with this. Using the different racks and placement of food in the oven will greatly impact how well something is done. For example, i find that a frozen chicken breast will cook best on a rack near the bottom of the oven, as opposed to near the top on a secondary rack. I find that the cooking time of the oven is about half of what a conventional oven would be. There are some things in this that do take as long as a conventional oven or cooktop. I really like using this for frozen food and snacks. I’ve also used it a few times as a secondary oven, which is nice for making dinners- i don’t have a ‘double oven’ built in, so it’s nice to use the nuwave alongside my regular oven so i can, for example, bake bread in my regular oven and cook my chicken breasts in the nuwave at the same time. Clean up is easy if you use round pans, like the one they include, or if you line the very bottom with foil.