Hario Woodneck Drip Pot : Makes excellent coffee

I know – not supposed to use soap – but i do. I use a mild soap about once a week to clean the cloth and rinse thoroughly. After brewing, i clean and store the cloth in the fridge in a sealed glass container with some water in it. I change the container once a week. The cloth has not molded, tasted funny, or worn out, and i have now had the cloth and pot for 6 () months. I like that it is environmentally friendly – paper is still the largest portion of our waste stream. It is clean, crisp, and so responsive to time that i can brew a thick, chocolately cup in 2 minutes and a bright, fruity cup in 3 minutes, per my choosing. I usually can have the grinder clean by the time the water boils, and everything else clean about 2 minutes after brewing – so no, this is not a time intensive method of brewing. When i am feeling lazy i use filtropa filters but i’ve really only done this twice. Com/filtropa-white-paper-coffee-filters/dp/b0001ixa9o.

It’s smaller than i thought.

Hario Woodneck Drip Pot, 240ml, Dark Wood

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This is exactly what i was looking for. It’s exactly a single serving size so there’s no guesswork about how much to fill it up. The filter has lasted quite a while, and it’s very low maintenance. Most importantly, the coffee tastes excellent.

I love the way this coffee pot works, it’s very eco-friendly and the coffee tastes great. It does drip a little fast, so running it through the coffee grounds twice can be helpful, but once is okay too. I was not much of a black coffee drinker, but black coffee from this pot is very flavorful and never burns.

With my original hario, i was surprised that within a year i had to replace the filters. Didn’t think i would have to, but then the coffee wouldn’t filter through. I wish someone had mentioned needing replacements at the store where i bought this the first time. The replacements are just like the original. The directions ask that you keep them wet and in the fridge when not using. Really don’t know why you would have to do that. Been using my first replacement for about two months now and it’s fine. Starting to show some discoloration and some wear, but still works well. I think three of these should last you a year if you’re a regular coffee drinker.

Hario Woodneck Drip Pot, 240ml, Dark Wood : I really like this drip pot. The cloth filter, while it requires a little extra attention (need to store it in the fridge), does make a great cup of coffee.

Best coffee-related purchase i’ve ever made. Makes excellent pour-overs, love the fabric filter, glass carafe goes right into the dishwasher, wooden holder is easy to remove and put back on. I have been diligently keeping the filter in the fridge, so i don’t know how it might do otherwise, but no problems with it so far.

I’ve not run into a smell or odor with the reusable filter, but i have noticed my coffee has a strange aftertaste. It’s weird because the filter itself doesn’t smell at all- i’m thinking it’s just the way the coffee ends up being filtered?. I’m still using it and i think it’s a great way to brew coffee, i just need to figure out this aftertaste business.

Leave it to the japanese to come up with such a simple yet high quality device to brew coffee at home. (although as another reviewer noted, this method has been widely used in costa rica for years). If you are tired of buying coffee machines that promise great coffee but fail to deliver, get this. It will be the last coffee brewing device you will ever get. And the simplest and most energy efficient. The 4-cup model is probably the best option because it will make enough brewed coffee for 2 ‘american’ cups or mugs of coffee. The process could not be simpler, and although the instructions are in japanese, there are translations into english on the box and the insert. One thing you will probably want to get is a hario gooseneck pour over teakettle or similar because it allows for directional pouring of the boiled water over the grounds. As the instructions suggest, you should pour a little of the water into the center of the grounds and then work your way to the outside and then wait about 30 seconds for the coffee to ‘bloom’ and release its treasured flavor. Then pour the remaining water into the cloth filter and allow it to drip through the bloomed coffee into the bottom of the carafe.

This is an identical filter and holder as the original one that comes with the hario drip pot 480ml. I bought it to include with the pot i am giving as a gift. It is just as tiny and the cloth filter is the same. I just thought it might be nice to have on hand for brewing a second cup or in case something happens to the first piece.

So only had it for one day with two brews out of it and i’ve tasted a whole new side of the beans i currently have. French press or mocha pot give completely differing flavor profiles. If you want the delicate notes retained this is a great method if you follow the correct brew method. The pot is good, its glass so will have to mind it but the leather wrap is grand and shouldn’t burn yourselves if you take a moment of caution. The cotton filter bag is a good solid thick mesh so its a sturdy bag and can see it having a long life span. Only 4 stars as its only survived one day with me.

Exactly what i have been searching for.

Perfect to get you away from paper filters, had these fr a long time without a single tear or issue.

Makes the best cup of coffee i’d ever made. However, getting the filter onto the wood handle is a deal breaker. After several months the wood handle and metal holder required daily bending to get back into shape. An aggravation i did not want to face every morning, so i switched to a chemex w/ a cloth filter. Maybe not quite as delicious, luxurious a cup, but totally worth it.

The pot w/ the filter made a big difference in terms of aroma and taste. While the process and the maintenance might take longer than the usual paper filter on a plastic dripper or kcup, but it’s really worth the extra time. Obviously, i don’t recommend this product for an impatient individual, who needs it immediately. One must have patience to control the flow of the water to produce the optimum result of the coffee. With proper technique, this pot can give you a really good cup of coffee. I highly recommended this for the true coffee drinker.

The hario flannel filters filter coffee quickly. Bear in mind the need to store in the refrigerator in water in a closed container to prevent bad smells on the fabric.

When i drink coffee i want to enjoy every drop. But being somewhat thrifty, while i like to experiment with what will affect the outcome, i typically don’t want to invest a lot. This drip pot is the perfect size for me (drink a cup or two per day) and the coffee brewed with the cloth filter is amazingi had read some articles previously on cloth filters making the coffee taste like socks, or having other issues, but i really would have a hard time going back to a paper filter. The coffee brewed with this filter is so silky and flavorful. The grounds are filtered out, but the oils are able to pass through enough to give the coffee a smooth and flavorful drop. For comparison, i brewed some target brand coffee my wife was drinking in a more traditional pour over with paper filter. This tasted ok, but when i brewed with this filter, wow she could not believe it was the same coffee. I may have controlled the temperature a bit better than when she had brewed, but still the results were strikingly different.

I enjoy making coffee with different methods: chemex, clever, aeropress, kone, impress. I have been getting the best results from this hario drip pot. It lets the oils come through without the sediment. The flavor that i get with this method is the best of the different methods that i have tried. I think the difference is in the cloth filter.

In my humble opinion this is the best manual brew method. I love the complexity of the flavors and the richness. Glass is very durable, i have bumped it fairly hard on the metal sink and the counter and there isn’t a single scratch or chip. A fantastic gift as well for any coffee lovers.

The cloth filter is a great, environmentally friendly way to have a fresh cup of drip coffee every morning. Maintenance isn’t too difficult: just keep the cloth filter soaked in water in the fridge when not in use. The taste of the coffee comes through smooth as long as the coffee grind is ‘fine,’ not too coarse. The product itself is produced in japan, and shipping took less than three weeks from tokyo. If you love drip coffee, this is a much better product than the ceramic and acrylic coffee drippers from clever or hario.

Really great-tasting coffee, with no paper filter taste, and good for the environment. I highly recommend this product.

My dad loves this thing and only uses this whenever making his pourover.

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