Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver, Great buy

Edit:purchased april 2012 – ice shaver 1 came out of the box defective. Ice shaver 2 arrived a week later (amazon sent a replacement)june 30th, 2012 9:55pm – a loud crunch and the death of machine 2. —– some of the parts are not very strong. It’s a machine that crushes ice. It needs some reinforcements added. ——true story: i am now a statistic of the truly ‘not smart’ people. Obviously when it comes to handling products that have big warnings listed on them regarding a sharp blade *shiver* 5 small stitches later i decided it was so stupid and yet to amusing not to share. Moral of the story: if there is a large piece of ice stuck toward the bottom that won’t shave down, don’t use your finger to try to get it out. :)i purchased this because my target bought hamilton beach ice shaver kicked the bucket. Since we are a few weeks from ice shaver season i headed to my old faithful amazon.

We had a snow cone party with grandchildren and used this, a snow cone machine and a blender. To be honest, the blender worked just as well, but this is easier clean. I love the two options for smoothie/snow cone. Quite loud, but so is blender.

I got this little gadget the 3rd of july and it worked great until half an hour ago. I’m a slushie ice junkie and had made my flavored slushie ice with everything from pink lemonade to almond milk. I used this machine about 4-5 times a day on average. I was making an almond milk slushie and all of a sudden the machine seized up. I turned the lid to turn it off and tried to remove the mixing bowl. The machine wouldn’t release the stirring arm so the bowl could be removed. The stirring arm broke, the mixing bowl broke leaving a hole in the bottom where the arm attached and a piece (probably part of the rotating section) fell out. Of course the warranty is out so neither hamilton beach nor amazon will replace it. It was great while it lasted.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Make your favorite icy drinks in minutes – enjoy icy drinks, snow cones and slushies with your favorite soda,juice or fruit
  • Use the included mixing bowl or shave ice into your own dish for snow cones
  • Easy to clean – all removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Recipes included

Comments from buyers

“Solid Ice Shaver, Well Built, Worth the Money
, Bought Two, Broke Two
, Easy Bake Oven Of Ice Shavers

Spring is here, and summer is coming. Perfect time to buy an ice shaver. This thing is darn easy to use. I took it out of the box, rinsed the parts and had it working right away without checking any manual. The ice compartment is a bit small, but not really a big deal since this is, after all, a compact machine. You can adjust how fine you want the shaved ice, from slushie-size to snow cone-size, very convenient. The only real problem i had with this machine is that the slushie mixer blades are quite high above the bottom of the holder so you have to put in quite a lot of liquid for it to start mixing.

At first i was skeptical about purchasing this ice shaver. Unlike many others available, this one didn’t have a ton of reviews. Usually, i like to let others test a product out before i buy one. What changed my mind for this product was the high review the ‘hamilton beach tasty treats ice shaver’ received. I did some research and found that this one is the updated model. A bit more research and i found that the updated model hadn’t changed too much from the previous. From that, i deduced that this machine would perform at least as well as the previous model. While still skeptical, i decided to treat myself and purchase it. As soon as i received it, i opened it and tested it. I’ve come up with a list of pros and cons:pros:>easy to take apart>exceptionally easy to clean>drive mechanism is seperated from parts that need to be cleaned>pretty quick>stir arm mixes whatever is in the receiving container>simple, attractive design>not terribly loud.

Really happy with this item. You just throw in regular ice and let it go. For the larger batches you have to separate the ice it won’t all fit in the feeder at once. But i love it, no fuss with cakes or specialty stuff. Just use ice, bagged, machine, tray, crushed, cubed, whatever. My kids do complain that it’s loud but hey, it’s crushing ice. They don’t complain when i am giving them slushies and snow cones after the noise. Great purchase, left money going to sonic for slushies. Makes great grown up slushies too, even has a few new recipes to try in the recipe booklet.

Used it regularly for plain or flavored slushies for a few years of hot weather but it did not last long enough.

Purchased my first machine back in 2010, and it finally gave out after many years of heavy use (during the summer). My kids love being able to make slushes (to be honest, it’s doesn’t work well for snow cones, but is awesome to make slushes). Either way, having something cold to eat/drink on a hot summer day makes them really happy, and i just buy the syrups at a local store. I just ordered another to replace the one that gave us many years of faithful service. The only thing i dislike about it is the noise it makes – but it is shaving ice and is mechanical. Noise is just gonna be there when a machine like this is running.

Sometimes the ice cubes get stuck but you just open it and move them a little and it’s back on track. I’m a big ice eater so this was a must have- especially during pregnancy.

I got this for my son birthday. I got it fast and love that it can do snow cones and icee both in one machine. I like the cup/bowl that catches the ice. Its easy to use and clean up which i love. But the terrible noise it makes i put it two rooms away and still hear it like it was right beside me. That why i give it three stars and not 5 i have had other ice shavers over the year and this is two or three times the noise.

Monday we were out doing chores and it was really hot. So we stopped and had mocha slushies- wonderful. On the way home we decided we both really liked them. So much that i went on line to amazon and ordered the hamilton beach icy treats maker. It arrived july 3rd, just in time for the holiday weekend. It is so simple, i just get ice out of the icemaker, throw it into the icy treats maker and in just a minute i have enough shaved ice for our afternoon iced mocha. Now we are looking for more ways to use it, i think next i am going to freeze some fruit and make fruit slushies.

After the first time i used a commercial portable shaved ice machine, i’ve always thought about getting one for the family. I did quite a bit of research into the different home models around and decided to give this one a try. I’ve had it for just under a month and used it about 2-3 times for my 2 daughters. I’ve got to say for what i spent on it, it does the job, and am very satisfied with it. Considering the commercial versions costs in the hundreds of dollars, for. In about 2-3 minutes i was able to make slushed ice for 2 kids and a little left over for me. Only two concerns, one is the plastic parts around the gears, those will probably wear over time or constant use, and i may have to adjust the blade as my kids didn’t think the shaved ice was really thin enough, but i think i should be able to unscrew the blade so that i can make it slice smaller pieces. Btw, i used refrigerator ice that is somewhat half-moon shaped, and they worked well. I even tried crushing the ice first but that didn’t seem to work as well, as the way the ice helps to push down on the other ice, having crushed ice inside just makes it more messy, leaving the ice as it comes out of the freezer seems to work a lot better.

At first i was very undecided whether to go with this or the snowman, then i read some good reviews about the rival ice shaver too so it was very confusing. I decided this looked more versatile than the snowman and it had better reviews than the rival. I’m glad i went with this one. As another reviewer said, it looks like a proper kitchen appliance, not a toy like some of the others. I got some ice cubes out of my fridge and gave it a go and it worked liked a treat. It was fast, efficient and we made two huge smoothies in no time at all. I was expecting it to jam and take a while but it didn’t. It has two settings, snocone and slushie. Another thing i like about this machine is that you can use regular ice, you don’t have to use any containers that come specially with it, so you don’t have to run out of ice to use, or lose the containers and have to replace them. I used ice from my ice trays, they’re relatively small, haven’t tried using the larger cubes.

I ordered this product thinking it would shave the ice finely and make wonderful snow cones. It ultimately just crushes the ice against the blade inside it which makes ice chips, the equivalent of blending the ice. If you are using ice cubes, expect to invest half an hour in making enough ice to use for a good snow cone. Well then you’re getting something else to do what this machine is meant to do anyways. I would suggest either investing in a far nicer ice shaver, or just buy a blender as either will do what this one does better. It gets 3 stars because it does actually in fact at some point do what it says it will. Give you ice for snow cones, but it just takes way to long, and is way to big of a hassle.

Hamilton beach customer service was fantastic. They had me cut the power cord off and send them a photo. Once they received it the confirmation photo, then sent us a new one which does function properly so i have revised my original one star to a 4 star rating. Excellent customer serviceworst purchase i ever made from amazon. You can add ice and it functions as it should but it does not shave the ice. The ice remains solid in cubes. I would definitely not recommend this product to anyone.

You get what you pay for here. It works better if you smash up the ice a bit before putting it in the top, but then it takes a long time, and you have to keep filling it with ice often to get enough to meet the markers on here container. I use the long ice cubes, so results may vary depending on the source of your ice. The ice is consistent and it does work. It is as loud as you would expect something shaving ice to be. I might try putting freeze pops in it next but i don’t expect it to come out like a slushy. The biggest issue i think is that it is way too slow, by the time you get enough to use, a good bit has already melted. It was fun for the kids to help me with though, especially since we had to physically beat it to get it to continue shaving sometimes, lol. (the ice was wedged in a way that didn’t hit the blades).

I had a craving for sno cones so decided to buy my own machine. I couldnt decide which one to purchase off amazon the white hawiian sno cone or the hamilton beach. The hawiian sno cone machine had many reviews the hamilton sno cone machine none. The hamilton is the best hands down. It does everything automatically. I turn to it over and over again. I pour the ice in at the top turn the lid closed and ice automatically starts being shredded into the cup under the lid. The ice is perfect for me but not what i would call the fine fine ice, it does have chips.

I bought this as a way to make frozen margaritas with a consistent ice/slush mix that we could not get with a blender. I am very happy with that goal; it is just very slow and noisy. From start to finish, it takes about 5 minutes to make one frozen drink. Fortunately, i can walk away while it shaves the ice and mixes it in with the liquor. It has trouble with large ice cubes. If you want a good frozen drink maker and don’t mind the noise and time, this is a deal. Several friends have sampled the results and was surprised how affordable it was. We actually may give some away for christmas.

Not as loud as i had expected, at least for in ice shaver. Works well and quickly, no jams so far. I use the ‘snow cone’ setting and the results are very close to the type advertised by the hound dog (not use if you can mention brand names). The ‘slushie’ setting is very fine, it reminds me or scraping frost of the car windows, the stirring paddle in the bowl works well to keep it from filling and jamming. The large is definitely big enough for two drinks, or one massive one. Homemade syrups seem to be easy enough to make, and certainly make own this cost effective.

I love this machine, use it all the time now for low calorie treats. I bought a frozen yogurt maker at the same time and will never use it because this is so much faster and easier and there’s nothing to clean up. Plus the treats can be zero-calorie by using sugar-free coffee syrup or sugar-free sodastream flavoring or those water enhancer drops. My favorite is a bowl of the shaved ice (i use it on the slushie setting) with root beer flavored davinci coffee syrup on one side and one of the berry flavors on the other. Delicious and zero calories.

Beating the texas heat is serious business, and having a yummy slushie any time you want is a wonderful thing. We make our own syrups (boil 3/4 cup each water and sugar, remove from heat, stir in a packet of your favorite flavor of kool-aid, et viola), so there’s no end to the happiness. It’s a very well made machine with two settings for what type of shavings you want, slushie or snow cone. We’ve only used the slushie setting thus far. It’s not too noisy, and gives you enough shaved ice for about two drinks at a time. If every kitchen had one, the world would be a happier place. You can’t be unhappy with a slushie in your hand.

I have a liver disease and often have challenges in keeping things down and things actually tasting good and ‘feeling’ good in my tummy. I had ordered a different type of ice shaver and was disappointed in it’s output. This hamilton beach ice shaver is fantastic. Now i can have a slushie any time of the day or night. Made from any fruit or juice i am craving at the moment. What a great snack maker addition to our kitchen.

I bought my first one in early november. I bought the seconmd one in january, it broke the first of march. Both units broke in the same place. The reliability of the entire unit comes down to a tiny little plastic spindle in the middle of the bowl that is about 1/4 inch in diameter. This is all that holds the whole grinder unit together. It’s only a matter of time until his little shaft just snaps off. I’m a product design engineer myself. If this spindle were twice the diameter and properly cored out and ribbed, the unit could last far longer. It almost looks like it was designed to fail intentionallyup until the unit breaks it functions okay, though it is rather slow and noisy.

I had been looking around for a machine that could make a beverage like an 7-eleven icee, or slushie. Somehow i found the hamilton beach ice shaver, it wasn’t a huge dollar amount considering that the professional machines that do this in 7-eleven cost at last a thousand dollars, so what the heck, i was willing to take the risk for $29 dollars. The price was less than any i found on ebay. Unboxed it, was suprised on how simple the design is, and how few loose items are part of the machine, which are the clear lid, the stirring device, and the removable clear mixing bowl. Loaded it up with some ice, poured in coca-cola into the mixing bowl, and put the lid in place, which turns on the machine and let it do it’s work. Varying the amount of liquid you use will get you different results, either thick or thinner consistency of drinks. I make about 1 slushie drink per week, and every time i’ve used it the end result has been great.