Hamilton Beach 76390 Chrome Lever OpenStation Can Opener : Great product

I bought this several months ago, and i found it to be easy to use and versatile. Works quickly, safely and efficiently.

Hey, this one works very well. Get extras built in like a jar opener and bottle opener.

Hamilton Beach 76390 Chrome Lever OpenStation Can Opener, Black

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  • 3 tools in one all store together
  • OpenMate multi-tool opens plastic packages, pop-top cans and removes bottle caps as well as twist-off caps
  • Jar opener has secure, nonslip grip and stores on top of the unit
  • Can opener has SureCut technology and opens cans of all sizes
  • Removable cutting unit is washable

I was a little surprised that the actuator lever is plastic. The magnet sits a little high unless you angulate it down but then it isn’t parallel to the spent lid and could cause a little slashing of can contents. Nonetheless my wife says she loves it.

I have always thought all can openers were the same,use it for a year or so and buy a new one. I think this one may surprise me,it seems to be built much better than the others i have owned,it has a much heftier feel to itand the quality of construction looks to be a notch above the last one i owned. One of the things that i like the best is how quiet it is in operation,it just hums along even with large heavier cans. It cost a bit more but i think it is definitely worth it.

We have had some lousy electric can openers. This one is high quality that does the job very well.

Hamilton Beach 76390 Chrome Lever OpenStation Can Opener, Black : This is not a quiet can opener. My last opener was a ge which never held the can well but it was quiet and quick. This can opener does the job.

Hamilton beach 76390 chrome lever openstation can opener, blackhave used this product often for going on two years now. When it cuts the can lid off it’s wavy and not real sharp. This is a great safety feature. I like the multi-tool and how it’s so convenient. When you detach the blade for cleaning, make sure you reattach it correctly or it will not cut right. Just read the instructions and you will not have a problem.

It is easy to use and i can snap the can on and walk away. It cuts in a wave pattern to reduce the sharp edges and has lasted me a long time.

This is a great can opener – much nicer than the black & decker that it replaced. That one started to make a horrible clunking noise for no apparent reason even though it still opened cans just fine. I don’t know what ‘sticker’ everybody is complaining about. I bought mine at walmart, and there is no sticker anywhere on it.

I already have one ,this is a gift. This is by far the best opener i have ever used, i love it.

I like the can opener, but the label is an issue. I still haven’t gotten all of it off. The functionality is good, i like the attachments especially the cutter for the clamshell packaging. Hamilton– why type of label are you using?.

It is unfair to give one or two stars to this item because the ‘label is too hard to remove. ‘ i just bought this can opener and yes, the label is not that easy to remove. But i’m looking for a can opener that works well and this one does. It is substantial enough that it should stand up to any size can and it is pretty quiet to use. I like it and would recommend it. To those who complain about the label. For heaven’s sake invest in a small bottle of goo gone. It costs a couple of bucks and will remove any sort of ‘sticky stuff’ throughout your house. I put a little goo gone on a paper towel and wiped it on the remnants of the label and it was clean in about 15 seconds.

It is very well made and sturdy. Opens with ease and fairly quietly.

This can opener does what it is supoosed to do. Open cans, unlike most other can openers we’ve had. All the included extras (cap lifter, lid twister, etc. ) work well, especially if you have a little arthritis in your hands.

. Funny thing is i use the package opening removeable cutting tool more than the can opener honestly, wife seems to use it more – speaking of, wife uses the stuck jar top opener assistance tool that sits on top of this station, and from time to time i go for it to when i get a really tight top (having gorilla hands and all, i usually just grip down and crank off the tops, but using this tool keeps from leaving the marks and impressions in my hand, especially if the wife’s persistence irritates you to the point of not using a towel and just getting the top off so she’ll leave you alone (16 years of marriage will do that), now i just point to the opening tool for her. Lol)pro’s- works well, we’ve never had a can that we couldn’t open. Some have been a little tricky, but honestly, it’s just as anyone should expect. We’ve had it since summer of 2010. Probably have used it a good hundred times now. (i wrote this review honestly as we were searching for a stainless finish in this opening station – so this is an honest time-tested review)- cable stowage area in back to shorten or lengthen the cord – really nice when you have it sitting on a counter top as we do.

I have to admit, this is a decent can opener when it works. I mean, it is a can opener after all so nothing earth shattering. The blade gets pretty nasty after a while if you don’t clean it regularly, just as with every other can opener. The magnet isn’t all that strong and weakens after a while. The most disappointing thing to me is that it just up and quite after about a year/ year and a half. I don’t know if this is normal life expectancy for a can opener these days but the one this replaced was a wedding gift we used heavily for about 13 years before it gave up, so this all i have for comparison purposes. It seems like more and more appliances last only about a 1 to 2 years and then need replacing. If that is your expectation, this can opener will work fine for you. As an aside, i didn’t use the extra attachments and wasn’t even sure what the package opener was until i saw the pictures on amazon. I’ll probably pull the smaller opener out and just keep it but have to toss the main can opener and am now shopping for a new one.

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Hamilton Beach 76390 Chrome Lever OpenStation Can Opener, Black
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