Hamilton Beach 40898 Cool-Touch 8-Cup Cordless Electric Kettle : The Lesser of Many Evils

Metal liner, cool outside, good balance – best combo of features. Most importantly, my wife loves it, and she is a gadget-phobe. I just bought a second one for my mother. We have been using it for two months now, and no problems so far. After my usual exhaustive search, i selected this tea kettle because it had the best combination of features. Pro:- all metal: stainless steel liner and no exposed heating element to accumulate scale buildup. The lid is plastic but it doesn’t come into contact with the water. I really didn’t like the idea of boiling water in contact with plastic. – cool touch exterior for safety and also it insulates the water inside, keeping it hotter after the kettle shuts off upon boiling. – nice balance for the handle – i find the electric kettles with the handle on the top to be much more difficult to lift and pour.

This kettle heats water well, but it pours terribly, takes way too long to shut itself off, and sacrifices space efficiency for looks. It’s ok, but i had hoped for better. I have some experience with this. I bought this kettle in 8/2012. My wife and i use it every time we need to heat water, whether for tea, for pasta (before putting the water in the pasta pot), for pre-heating a thermos, or for cleaning something particularly unpleasant. In short, we use it every day. We used another electric kettle before this, and i don’t know how i got by in my distant past without one. Pros: i have no problem with the speed with which this kettle heats water. I haven’t noticed it to be much different from other electric kettles that i’ve used, though.

I’ve had this product for several months now, so it’s about time i write this review. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, heat up water. It can’t get simpler than that. I like how you can detach the container from the base, so there are no worries about yanking the cord from the wall or tripping over it. Anyways, it heats the water for my morning oatmeal in around 45 seconds. It has a nice chrome finish around the outside that is never hot to the touch, it is noticeably warmer though. I would have liked this product better if they didn’t slap a sticker on the chrome exterior. There’s a fairly obvious discolored circle where the sticker was. I have burned myself pouring water out of this, and i had to wear a bandage on the pointer finger of my dominant hand for a few weeks.

No plastic – but is it safe?. I’m suspicious that this kettle is not “stainless steel” in the fullest sense that consumers expect: not just a “stainless finish” but that it is safe. I say this because i have used true stainless cookware, including copper clad cookware, all my life and i have never seen stainless heat to boiling as quickly as this kettle does – literally within seconds. Stainless is a fairly poor heat conductor. The kettle is also very lightweight and somehow the metal doesn’t feel like stainless to my hand. However, the manufacturer’s website lists it as “double walled stainless steel” (and even an anodized aluminum is preferable to plastics for cooking). The entire pot is completely seamless (thanks to another reviewer for posting images of the interior) and with this i am very pleased. We are not using the lid at all. It was awkward and had plastic components. Fortunately the kettle is very simple and streamlined and doesn’t seem to be “missing” anything without the lid.

  • Metal liner, cool outside, good balance – best combo of features
  • Plastic-lid work-around, Super-fast heat-up, Misleading capacity
  • Stainless Steel Interior

Hamilton Beach 40898 Cool-Touch 8-Cup Cordless Electric Kettle

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  • Double wall stainless steel is cool to the touch
  • Cordless pouring with 360° base
  • Automatic shutoff when water boils
  • Lockable lid. On/off switch
  • Please refer Page number 5 of User manual under Product details for Use and care Guide.(Set up issues)
  • 40-ounce electric kettle with concealed heating element
  • Cordless design for easy serving; 360-degree power base
  • Automatic shut-off; locking lid; drip-free pouring spout
  • Stay-cool stainless-steel housing; mineral-deposit filter
  • Measures 8-1/2 by 6 by 10 inches; 1-year limited warranty

I haven’t used an electric kettle before because i’ve previously never been able to find one without plastic in the interior. I decided to try this electric kettle after much searching for one that fits this most important criteria. Positives:stainless steel interior-this kettle does in fact have a completely stainless steel interior without seams and without an interior heating element. There are two plastic stubs above the steam vent channel access that are intended to hold the lid in place, but they don’t protrude enough to drip water back into the kettle. Heats water fast-it heats a cup of cold water to a rolling boil in around 1 minute. With the kettle filled to full capacity, which is 4_3/4 cups (38 ounces or ~1. 12 liters), it took about 3. 5 minutes to heat cold water to a rolling boil. Removable + unrequired lid-fortunately the lid, which is essentially plastic with a thin sheet of stainless steel on top, can easily be removed and isn’t required for the kettle to heat water.

Almost perfectjust two flaws for my usageotherwise 5 stars. I’ve been using this electric kettle at least 4 times a day for about 3 years now. I’m actually on my second one. I replaced the first one after about a year because of discoloration that formed inside on the bottom of the unit. I blame myself for not cleaning it on a regular basis or any basis at all really. I clean the second one every few months and after two years i have no discoloration or build-up. I should note here that the discoloration did not affect the performance of the unit at all, i just didn’t like looking at it every time i refilled it. I love almost everything about this kettle: the slim design, the cool to the touch outside, it’s quick to heat, fairly quiet and has an automatic shut-off when it reaches the boiling point. The two things i don’t like are: the unit does not automatically shut off when i lift it from the base to pour my water before it’s actually reached the boiling point and shut itself off.

Plastic-lid work-around, super-fast heat-up, misleading capacity. I was searching for an electric kettle that had absolutely no plastic. After reading descriptions and reviews of numerous kettles and finding that my ideal kettle just doesn’t exist (i was even willing to pay a couple hundred dollars if i found one), this one came the closest. While there is plastic with this kettle, it is limited to the lid and two very tiny prongs at the top of the kettle (i’ll post pictures). But what clinched it for me was when another reviewer posted that the plastic lid easily detached and the kettle still heated water rather quickly. What also appealed to me, posted by another reviewer, was hamilton beach’s excellent customer service and commitment to environmental considerations. I decided to purchase this kettle if i could still get a quick boil without the use of the plastic lid. I purchased it several weeks ago and i use it upwards of 8 times throughout a day. This kettle gets to a roiling boil in less than 3-minutes (with the lid) and gets the water hot enough for tea or a french press in about 1-1/2 to 2-minutes; add about another 1-1/2 minutes without the lid, which is completely acceptable to me. The problem is with the auto shut-off.

Satisfied compared to others. I did a lot of looking around for an electric kettle. Since my two previous visits to china, i had grown very accustomed to using an electric kettle to boil water before drinking. Thankfully now home, that isn’t why i use it. This has an odd filling method, the lid flips vertical within the cylindrical inside of this kettle, and at the bottom of the now vertical lid written on the inside kettle wall is the max fill line. So i stopped paying attention to this barbaric method of trying to look in the kettle while i filled it up and instead just fill it till the water touches the vertical lid, which is by far easier and faster. There is plastic only on the lid itself, so as the water accumulates on the lid inside, it has to drip back into your boiling water. I haven’t found a kettle on amazon as of when i purchased this(perhaps out of stock if they do exist?) that doesn’t have a plastic lid inside. I ripped out the odd plastic mesh which is intended to lightly filter your water?.

Only boils enough for two mugs, dribbles, and has sharp feet; otherwise great. I bought this for the simple reason that there wasn’t any plastic touching the water. It is great–it wouldn’t burn you to touch it after boiling, it’s quite attractive, it boils quickly, and is easy to clean. But the lid is a solid circle and it is hinged in the middle so when you open it, the lid is half above the kettle and half inside the kettle. This means that unless you fill the water up past the lid (which results in surpassing the ‘max’ line and water seeping out of the kettle when it comes to a boil), you can only fill it enough for two normal mugs (or maybe three small teacups). That’s great for us but would not be in a household with more than two people. There is no way to fill it with the lid closed. Also, a major flaw is the spout. It is *almost* like trying to pour water out of a bowl. The spout isn’t distinct enough so water dribbles down the front of the kettle and drips all over your counter/floor.

After boiling water in an open pan for the last few years (i dislike whistling teapots), i finally did some research and found this one. I almost had chosen another kettle when i realized the pot, itself, was not insulated. But this one is insulated, has a comfortable handle and you can wrap excess cord into the base. Yes, it does have a plastic lined top, but i can live with that. It’s fast, efficient and i rarely let it get to a full rolling boil since i use it for tea. But if i do forget about it, i am secure in knowing that it will automatically shut off. One person commented on it being dificult to see the ‘max’ line for filling, inside. But as someone else remarked, i just bring the water level to the bottom of the tipped lid – it’s perfect for 2 or 3 cups of tea before refilling. It’s not overly large, looks nice and is my new favorite ‘toy’ in the kitchen. Hopefully it will last a very long time.

I would like to address a couple of complaints i’ve seen in. I’ve been using this a little over a month now, and it works well. When full, it takes about five minutes to come to a boil and then auto turn off. The narrower footprint, and sleek design of this kettle makes it not look out of place left on my countertop. The outside of the kettle certainly gets warm, but not hot enough to burn yourself. I would like to address a couple of complaints i’ve seen in the reviews:* filling: some of the reviews said this was hard to fill because the lid does not remove. However, i don’t find that necessary because as long as your water isn’t on full blast it’s easy enough to fill. * pouring: this kettle is a bit tricky to pour since it doesn’t have a long spout. That being said, it is possible to pour without splashing everywhere.

Note: don’t know if lid is bpa free. Plastic does touch water due to steam. I replaced my capresso kettle. .I bought a capresso glass water kettle in 2006. It looks very stylish and boils water very quickly. I noticed but ignored the strong chemical smell that emitted from the lid all of these years. Then i started reading about bpa. The unit still works and looks great but that smell can no longer be ignored. So i was motivated to replace the kettle that i loved with a different model.

After 3-1/2 years, still good looking and reliable. Hope this doesn’t jinx it, but we’ve had this kettle for 3-1/2 years, use it more than three times a day, and it still works great and looks new. Every couple of months i clean the inside with a citric acid or vinegar and water solution to remove mineral buildup. I chose this kettle because of its sleek, cordless pitcher design and stainless steel interior. I don’t like the idea of contact between boiling water and plastic, and stainless steel is easy to clean. The exterior of the kettle doesn’t get hot, either, which is especially good when you have young children and older adults in the kitchen. One small failure has been with the lid. The mesh filter by the spout tore. I failed to find a replacement for just the piece that snaps onto the lid and holds the mesh — the manufacturer sells replacement lids only for $10 plus tax and shipping, so i haven’t bothered fixing it. Also, after a while the kettle takes longer to turn itself off after the water boils.

So far, about two months this pot has worked well, delivers boiling water even an almost full pot, in a matter of minutes. Exterior surface is only slightly warm to the touch, because it is insulated. The plastic parts, are fairly minimal but look somewhat flimsy, but so far are working fine. The lid is not a tight fit, but works. Take care when carrying the pot as boiling water can seep out from the area of the spout. The pot puts reasonably well. My last pot was a european brand with american circuitry and was much better quality, and lasted for 10 years. But that brand doesn’t seem to manufacture the same for the american market anymore. If you want a high quality pot you know will last be prepared to pay $100 plus.

No water to plastic contact. I purchased this because i wanted an electric kettle that does not put the water in contact with any plastic. This is one of the few models that fit the bill. The one caveat to that is that if you want the water to absolutely never come in contact with plastic, you need to open the lid when pouring, instead of leaving it down and pouring through the screen. The thing that made this stand out for me is that there is no viewing window to look in and see the water level (which is usually made of plastic). That can be a downside for many people, as well. The other negative is that there is not a lot of space – the double-walled construction results in a much smaller reservoir than similarly sized kettles. Performance is fine, though, with boiling speed being about as expected.

Great but needs a design change – deeper pour spout. Things i like about it:large capacitylarge opening (the top swings up and can actually be removed if you want to do so)fast boilingeasily cleaned (i use white vinegar – just put it into the kettle, let it sit a few hours, and all the calcium buildup disappears. Rinse, and you are good to go. )the negative:if you try to pour too quickly, it will spill out the sides and drip all over the place. The pour spout is very slightly curved, and if you pour slowly and carefully there is no problem. But try to pour faster and you have it running out the sides of the lid all over the floor.

I had been making use of low-cost h2o pots for several years and literally hated them. Following burning up 3 i made the decision to dump the sunbeam manufacturer for my incredibly hot h2o needs and i seemed about for possibilities. I narrowed the reviews down to almost certainly 10 distinctive incredibly hot pots/kettles and finally settled on this one. I literally cannot think of a solitary adverse or problem i have had with this merchandise. So some of the positives:stainless steel: no weird tastes, effortless to thoroughly clean, and it is great to the touch on the outside even although it is boiling water on the inside. On-off change: certainly, it seems foolish, but other models do not have them and you have to plug/unplug the hot pot. You can/will dress in out the contacts in a wall receptacle above time. Particularly if you have 1 pot a working day (which is more than three hundred instances of plugging and unplugging a 12 months)removable foundation: it workslid: the lid is awesome.

Open the lid to pour, it assists minimize dribble. It heats up speedily and has labored nicely for over a calendar year and a half, frequently 5 periods a day. That mentioned, the pour spout, or absence thereof, is shameful, abysmal, and horrendous. I really don’t know what they were being considering. Nonetheless, if you open the lid to pour (make certain your hand is a little bit down on the deal with or the steam will burn you), it is somewhat much better and will not dribble as significantly. Previous issue–i haven’t had a dilemma with it boiling overlong, but then i form of assumed it was reaching a sure temperature and not just boiling–you know how elevation impacts boiling place?.At my elevation, drinking water boils at 207 levels f, so i just imagined it was boiling and then when it arrived at 212 degrees the kettle immediately shut off.

I can not converse about durability at this issue, but i can notify you this gadget is practically plastic cost-free. This is a cool electric kettle. It is a dual walled stainless steel container with a plastic lid with a strainer. How a great deal plastic does your h2o occur into contact with?you can quickly make this so that your ingesting drinking water touches no plastic what so at any time. The inside of of the kettle is 1 steady stainless metal container, the only plastic within the heating chamber is the underside of the lid, and the scale strainer. So that as you inadequate the liquid it rushes past the scale strainer and into your cup. However, if you desire to have no plastic touching your drinking water, you can merely force the button on the handle right before pouring the sizzling water, and it will raise the plastic strainer out of the way. You have to be cautious not to bad way too speedy, or you will spill sizzling liquid all in excess of the place without the lid. This way though, no plastic will touch your consuming h2o, which is what i preferis this genuinely cool to the touch?much more like incredibly slighly above home temperature mildly warm. Nevertheless for all intents and reasons i will say, sure, it is amazing to the contact.

Straightforward to clean up, heats up the drinking water speedy. Great for tea, cup o’ soup, warm chocolate. I even use it as a speedy start off when boiling drinking water for pasta. My brother gave his to me when he moved out of the country. I passed it together to a buddy (she enjoys it, as effectively) when i moved throughout the state and had to consolidate, but missed it so significantly i purchased one more one particular.

I purchased this kettle mainly because i preferred a little something stainless with out plastics touching the boiling water. I made use of this kettle daily for the past 12 months and ultimately replaced it. Pros:- double-wall design. The outer wall won’t get so hot i have to fear about myself or the kids burning themselves on it. – no plastic or rubber components exactly where the drinking water boils- low-cost, in particular as opposed with other stainless double-wall kettles- lid mechanics purpose well, irrespective of showing up fragile. Disadvantages:- high volume of electric power leakage. I originally had this kettle on a three-prong to two-prong adapter and i could sense the leakage with my bare hand when i touched the kettle. Tests it with a meter i found it leaking 80ma 6vac. That’s a lot more electrical power leaked than most usb products eat.

Much better than the plastic types. 5 many years before it sprung a leak in the (you guessed it) plastic component at the base of the manage. It experienced a small bit of surface rust on the inside bottom, but it transpired in the very first yr and did not get worse. I applied it each individual day at minimum the moment. For the value, i predicted to get a couple of much more several years out of it, but even though it lasted, it was fairly great. When it pours, it spreads the h2o into a number of streams, which could generate you mad if you are seeking to fill anything with a slim neck. It really is wonderful for french press espresso while. The ability is about two/three of the volume.