Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster : pretty good deal

My husband and i are very pleased with our new toaster. It toasts evenly and fits bread and bagels. Also, it’s stylish looking with its stainless steel exterior.

We had the 2 slices version. Worked so well that we upgraded to a 4 slices and donate my previous version (still working very well).

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster

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  • Smudgeproof, brushed finish
  • Bagel, defrost and cancel functions
  • Slide-out crumb tray for easy cleanup
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Extra-wide slots

Very durable and worth the money. I have had this product in the kitch for 1 year and works like a champ.

Some of the slots burn on one side but it’s only one on each side. You have to make sure to flip them if you like your toast well done. It looks nice on my counter, though.

This is a great product – toasts evenly, looks great, doesn’t show fingerprints, and at a very good price. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster : I’ve had this a while now, and its worked ok. I ordered it for the 4 slice and bagel capability, but its had a couple problems. After about 3 months, the handles wouldn’t lock down anymore. I was able to repair it by taking it apart and cleaning the connections for the magnets that control the pop up. After about a year, the bread is not evenly toasted on both sides. In one slot it only toasts on one side.

This stylish and cute toaster worked right out of the box, looks great on the kitchen countertop, and gets my toast to the perfect shade without any issues. I recommend this toaster to anyone who needs a four-slot toaster that also does bagels and has an extra-wide slot to fit texas toast or waffles. I recommend this toaster, so you should get one today.

This toaster looks super cool; kind of futuristic retro. You know, like what we thought all appliances would look like in the future, back in 1969. It makes toast tender yet crisp. What i love is the bagel option where only the inside of your bread/bagel gets toasted. Works excellent with buns too.

I really wanted a stainless steel double toaster for under $50, and thought this would be the perfect product. Only 4 stars because one side doesn’t pop up all the way when the toast is done. Also, i have limited counterspace and this thing is about a foot wide, so be forwarned. Other than that, it does the job like any other toaster and it looks really nice.

I bought this toaster because the price was right and consumer reports gave it a good review. It also looks nice on the counter. It toasts well for bread but only toasts on one side for bagels. The picture shows that the bagels are toasted and sit high in the toaster for easy removal when finished toasting. The toaster shuts off when it’s done toasting but it does not hold the bread product high enough for easy removal. You must hold onto the small lever high with one hand while you’re removing the bread or bagel with the other hand. It’s a nuisance to have to do this but you have no choice. I talked to my husband about returning it, but he didn’t feel the problem was big enough to make a change. I, however, disagree, but am willing to live with it.

Great toaster, exactly what i wanted. Extra large slots, adjustable dials, smooth finish matches my other appliances.

Toast comes out evenly toasted. Heats up reletively quickly. Looks nice, feels like a solid made appliance. Tough to find a reliable toaster now days. I just can’t see spending $100 plus for a toaster, when half the cuisinarts and so called ‘upper end’ toasters get just as bad or even worse reviews. I have been looking for a replacement for our not so old sunbeam toaster which was becoming dangerous to use as it sometimes would continue toasting after the toast popped up. After very extensive research and sifting through all the overwhelming bad reviews on almost every toaster out there i decided on the hamilton beach 4 slice. Less than $36 and free shipping through amazon. Has blue light to show it is toasting, nice light to dark adjustment knobs, defrost mode, and a bagel setting which toasts just the face of the bagel.

This product came well repacked with no manual or oem packing, but it works just fine and had a reasonable price. So we gave it a shot and have had no issues to report, we are very happy with our choice.

We bought this when our sunbeam toaster (white plastic, ugly) bit the dust, so to speak. Purchased it based on consumers reports ratings, and of course, the great reviews here on amazon. It is great-looking, and easy to use. It works well, and yes, it can leave some streaks on the bread, depending on the darkness you choose. But it doesn’t make a difference to us. . I guess we’re not toast connoisseurs. It has some nice features for bagels and defrosting, which we don’t use that often. The slots are wide and we can fit some large slices of bread easily into the toaster horizontally, not placing the bread upright. So the whole slice gets toasted.

Large, stainless, each side works independently, slots large enough for bagels and hand-sliced pieces of bread. Light-dark controls work well.

This is a very high quality toaster at a very reasonable price. It toasts bread uniformly on both sides and consistently maintains the desired level of toasting where ever it is set.

My daughter-in- law loves this toaster, it is her four slice toaster and it had to be able to do bagels.

We’ve had it for almost 6 months, and it works great. Toasts evenly and it looks good in the kitchen.

This toaster is exactly what we needed. Toasts bread and bagels very nicely.

Best toaster i’ve ever owned.

Solid toaster, looks good with the rest of my countertop stainless steel appliances.

This toaster was a very good buy for the money and it fits bagels perfectly and you can pop it up with a button.