Hamilton Beach 22502 Digital 2-Slice Toaster – Toasty Toast

Excellent toaster that i am very happy with.

Have only had this toaster for a couple of weeks, but so far, so good. It toasts nicely, and the price was a real incentive. This is the first pop-up toaster we’ve owned after several years of malfunctioning toaster ovens (5 or 6) that die totally or partially after a few months. Hope this simple toaster lasts .

This is a great toaster for our needs, going from 4 slice to two slice. Find the the toasting is accurate and fairly fast. The unit itself is sleek and stylish. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach 22502 Digital 2-Slice Toaster:

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  • Smudgeproof brushed finish
  • Digital display shows toast shade setting at a glance
  • Bagel, defrost & cancel functions
  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Smudge proof brushed finish
  • Digital display shows toast shade setting at a glance
  • Bagel, defrost and cancel functions
  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • Automatic shutoff

I like the features like the wide slots and the ease in changing the toasting time.

I love the controls on the front instead of on the side where they are hardly visible. The toaster very accurately toasts the items and i’ve had no problem with over or under toasting. It is a solid, well-made product with easy to read controls.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Hamilton beach
  • love design & look of toaster – this is the second one i have purchased
  • Great toaster for the price

I just received it and i’m in love. It’s compact and is perfect for a small space. I have their waffle maker and i’m pleased. Will give update when i start using it.

Consumer’s report was checked before hand. It looks great and it toasts beautifully 🙂 easy to set the level of toasting and good quality for a great price.

We purchased it as a replacement for the same model we had for several years. I had thrown out the original toaster before the new one arrived but it appears that the new one is a little bit smaller than the original one.

The toaster works ok, but it doesn’t toast english muffins well at all even on the bagel setting. It arrived looking fine, but when i opened the box, the toaster was dented across the front. Didn’t return it only because our old toaster had died a week ago, and i didn’t want to be without a toaster.

I got this toaster for christmas 4 years ago, never have had a problem with it, light still works, i did notice it didn’t toast enough on one setting, so i just upped the number & it toasted perfect. Minor thing, i don’t like how the logo on the front, if you clean it with say windex,it comes off pretty quick, so only part of the logo ‘ hamilton beach is missing’ other then that, i love this toaster, clean look, like the light up blue numbers, and settings for bagels and for defrost. I even will toast those texas toast garlic bread, instead of heating up the oven, i just pop 2 in set on defrost, then switch totoast. I went to toast and nothing, no lights on it worked, i had to hold the handle down in order for it to toast. It did last at least 4 years. I’m not sure how long toasters are suppose to last, but i’ve been married for almost 18 years and this was our 3rd toaster.

This toaster corrects the faults that previous reviews had mentioned – that the blue light is always on and therefore becomes warm, or burns out, or uses energy. Now, the light goes off when the toast is finished. The shell does not heat up to burn you, like other metal toasters often do. I only give this toaster three stars because it does not toast evenly. Most times, one side of the bread is toasted more than the other, so i have to turn the bread around & re-toast, monitoring it so it won’t burn.

This is the best toaster we’ve had in a very long time. It toasts exactly right and the choice for light or dark can be made digitally. Very easy to use, and easy to clean. The crumb tray slides in and out easily and the stainless steel body is wipe clean with no streaks.

Once again it was chosen by consumer reports write up on it. The outside doesn’t get hot, you can see the toaster setting and will heat a bagle or muffin without toasting it. Doesn’t dry out the bread or bagle when toasting.

I like the fact the you can turn it facing you rater than sideways.

I owned the exact same toaster for approx 10 years with no issues with evenness of toasting or buttons resetting themselves. When that old toaster wore out, i specifically went looking for similar model. I love the sleek compact look & location of the buttons. I found the 2nd one at amazon. This second one is not as good as the older model, in that the temp control resets itself every time to 5 and each side of bread is toasted unevenly/differently (burns at 6). Still glad i purchased it, but don’t expect the 2nd toaster to last as long as the older model did at approx 8-10 years.

This toaster is attractive and easy to use. One drawback is that it tends to toast one side a little more that the other. Once i figured that out, i just set it for half the time that i want and flip it for another cycle. It does have a bagel setting that works well.

It fails to completely toast around the edges of each slice for about a quarter inch to 1/8th inch top and bottom of the slices. One complete side of each slice comes out darker or lighter than the opposing side, with the darker and lighter sides being uneven in their coloring appearance. I attempt to correct these problems by manipulating the slices and changing the timing numbers. This uneven toasting problem was the reason i got rid of my last toaster. However, i don’t think toasters have improved much, aside from wider slots, since the very first automatics from my earliest experience and i’m 86 years old.

My husband wanted this toaster because he was tired of uneven toasting from our previous toaster. Now we just set the desired number for english muffins or toast & we always get consistent browning to our expectations . We have been using our digital toaster for about 1 month now.

After reading consumer reports, this toaster lives up to the report. It does everything well, including the bagel function which justs toasts one side of the bagel.

We tried several toasters (from average price to more expensive) and they only toasted one side. This toaster was recommended to us and we are quite pleased with it. It was a good price and toasts both sides better than any other toaster we triedl. We have used this toaster for about 3 months. It doesn’t do as god’s of a job on muffins.

Works very well and i love the custom darkness buttons and the fact you can use a button to pop up the toast at any time without forcing the handle up. Only problem i see: i like my toast on the darker side, but even and not black so i set it to 7 or 8. The unit tends to burn the very outside ‘hills’ of the bread surface while the bread surface flats and valleys are still white. T’s like the elements are too hot in an effort to toast real fast.