Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker, I highly recommend this basic, well-designed coffee maker.

Great coffee pot, it does exactly what i want it to do. There isn’t much else i could ask for it. I initially bummed when i got it that it uses cone filters but actually i like that it does. I feel it helps brew a bolder cup of coffee.

Very good pot for the money.

I had a merlita for 3 yrs which worked good, then died. It is no longer available so i chose this one due to the feedback. It fits nicely under my cabinets, takes a #4 cone coffee filter (which is important to us). It takes awhile to brew, but makes a nice hot pot of coffee. I noticed some reviews say it isn’t 12 cups but it is. It seems the pot is shorter, but is a little wider, so there’s the difference. I like it, fast shipping, good deal.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Programmable (49618):

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  • 3 Brew strength options – regular; bold; and 1-4 cups
  • Easy-pour carafe for no-mess pouring
  • Sleek stainless steel design
  • Cone-shaped brew basket
  • Programmable clock/timer

Comments from buyers

“Very good
, Simple, functional, easy to usecould just use ONE silly little thing.
, Very satisfied. Good coffee. Can make 1-4 cups if desired.

Great replacement for my old coffee maker. Looks great in the kitchen as well.

I had to get a new coffeemaker since a rubber band fell into the water chamber of my 25-year-old krups and melted. I’ve had this unit for a few days now, and it makes very good coffee. I’m drinking some now as i write this review. I haven’t tried the programmable start time yet. More compact compared to others. Pot has plastic ring around the rim which gives more protection if you bump the pot against a kitchen sink spout. Works fine for such small amounts. Note: don’t use the ‘1-4 cup’ setting when making small amount – was a little weak. So i just leave it on bold, even for 2-3 cups. Uses no 4 cone filters, which i prefer.

Nothing fancy but does the job.

Good coffee pot – everything works great and i like that you can change the strength of the coffee and as long as you remember to fix it before you go to bed 🙂 you have hot coffee when you wake up.

This is one of the best h/b coffee makers i have ever had when this one is gone i will be back for manother.

Coffee is ready to go when i am. Even more convenient than my keurig considering my effort level in the morning is literally 0. Didn’t realize it had cone filters, but oh well, my fault.

I bought this coffee maker when our last one finally bit the dust. Rather than spend a bundle for a new one, i thought i’d give this inexpensive model a try. I found that this basic coffee maker does its job as well as the fancier, more expensive coffee makers i’ve owned in the past. No bells and whistles, literally: there is no beeping. Thank you for that, hamilton beach. The lid on the pot is well designed. It stays firmly in place as you pour, doesn’t cause splashing as you pour, doesn’t drip when you set it back on the warmer. The control buttons on the front are intuitive, no need for fiddling around to get your coffee ‘just right. ‘we grind our own beans and find that the coffee from this machine is just as good as, if not better than, what we’ve poured from more complicated and expensive coffee makers. Note that this model takes cone-shaped filters, by the way.

I went round in circles reading coffee maker reviews – looking for a new one after my third cuisinart stopped working. I finally decided “ it is just water over ground beans” and from the reviews about 25% of all brands break in the first year: conclusion – don’t spend too much. Summary of this one:- works fine. – looks attractive on counter ( sorry, yes that is important to me)- i was worried mostly that i could get a very strong brew. In fact am using less beans in this than my previous. – filter is cone but weird oval shape. #4 papers or you can take your cone gold filter and sort of bend it to fit. – plastic taste issue – apparently common. There was a strong plastic smell “ outgassing” aggravated by heating so i understand. I did a vinegar and water brew and then about 5 water brews; thought i still smelled it, so did a lemon juice and water brew followed by 5 water only, the repeated the vinegar brew and 5 waters. I am not smelling or tasting plastic. I am leaving the lid to the back open for a while i think just in case / to help. – carafe doesn’t dribble like cuisinart did. – water reservoir a little small to fill, but no more than old one. I considered a $50 with removable resevoir – that seemed nice but this is okay – especially as the darn carafe is not dribbling. I will update if things change.

I didn’t know whether to give this 2 stars or 3 stars. Like other people have said after a couple uses the lid will not close. Unlike other cone filters coffee makers my filters in this one collapse and yes i do know about folding the seam. I would be willing to pay much for for coffee pot that does the job and will last. Manufacturers take notei have found a little trick to keep the filter from collapsing. I had a gold filter basket from a previous one and i installed the basket and still used a filter because it’s easier cleaning. Don’t ask me why but this solve the problem of the filter collapsing.

Wow, very nice machine, especially for the $$. Makes an excellent cup of brew as outlined in great detail by other reviewers. Very nice quality machine, nice carafe, etc. My suggestions:-use the cheap brown filters from the grocery store. The ‘permanent’ mesh filter does let the water out too fast and weakens the brew. This seems to extract max flavoronly thing to be aware of:-fill the water tank first. It’s easy to splash cold water on your grounds.

I had one before i bought this one and loved it; i just wanted a new one. This one makes great coffee but there is a problem with the top, it won’t close all the way. Since that doesn’t affect the way the coffee is made i’m ok with that. I don’t like mr coffee products and this is the best one out there for the price.

Only thing i don’t like is the cone filters.

High quality machine, regular or bold brew, keeps coffee hot, oval shaped filter basket-no permanent filter, good looking.

Really nice and great price. Works well and looks good on the counter.

I hate this coffee maker more than hate itself. I’m giving 3 stars because it does indeed make coffee, the timer works, the auto shutoff after 2 hours is nice, but it leaksevery time i pour coffee, whether fast or slow, with the lid closed or holding it open, it drips coffee all over the counter. I don’t mean just a few little drips. It leaves a lake of coffee so bad that we’ve had to start holding it over the sink to pour it. If i knew then what i know now, i would definitely not buy this coffee maker.

I purchased this after i broke the coffeepot on my cuisnart coffee maker. I’m very pleased with this coffee maker. I actually like it better than my old cuisinart. The brew options make for a great cup of coffee. This offers the options of a 1-4 cup, bold brew, regular brew. I also have a keurig and it is not getting much use now. Excellent product and great price.

Very nice pot for the price – new kind of filters, though, so you have to purchase those, too.

The front metal plate had rust spots, a slight dent, and was surprisingly greased up for a new product. After inspecting the inside it appears the innards are new but maybe the product got that way during the final packaging step. We decided to keep it since the blemish doesn’t affect the coffee machine functions, but i wondered about the quality control. The coffee maker can be easily disassembled for cleaning, which is great for the family member who occasionally forget to take out the coffee ground until it starts molding. The three drip options also brings subtle flavor changes, which was appreciated.

Terrific, perfect product, great price. Hard to find cone filter pots, so glad to find this one.

If you like coffee, buy coffee maker.