Great Northern Popcorn Paducah 8 Ounce Bar Style Antique Popcorn Machine : wonderful

Great product for the price. Nice size for a small family. We’ve used it a few times a week trying different methods and all produced a nice product.

The paduah popcorn maker is a quality piece of equipment. It arrived very quickly and was packaged extremely well. The style, ease of use, and taste of the popcorn is fantastic. This is a must have for anyone with a home theater, rec room, or who loves great tasting popcorn. I had a few questions and they were answered directly by the owner. How is that for fantastic customer service.

Popcorn machine arrived in perfect condition. Set it up & it worked perfectly.

I would totally recommend this popper. It works awesome, and we love it at the campground.

Very good and working perfectly.

Great Northern Popcorn Black Paducah 8 Ounce Bar Style Antique Popcorn Machine : First, let me say that this machine performs magnificently. I tried their smaller version, the “little bambino”, which had problems, but this one is great. The owner’s manual states, “add a suitable amount of butter or oil (fig. While the amount is dependent upon your taste, please do not exceed 1/2 oz. ” (based on the fact that they give you a measuring scoop rather than a scale, they apparently mean 1/8 of a cup (1 fl. )the instructions on the door of the device states, “1 tbsp of oil for every 1/2 cup of popcorn”.

It was a beautiful thing to behold, but it turned out to be too big to fit through the door of my son’s room (old attic doorway), and there was no place else it would comfortably fit in the house. I had to send it back without even getting to use it.

Thought i was buying a 10 ounce but received the 8 ounce. Still a good machine and time will tell if it’s going to work for me.

We bought this for christmas last year (2011). Its been used quite a bit and works like a champ. There is a big difference in the popcorn you use the pre-made packets that have everything in one pouch simply do not taste as good as using coconut oil and flavocal. Do yourself a favor and learn how to make your popcorn that way and you will be much happier in the end.

This machine is awesome, and is prefect for what we wanted. We are using this for our local fire department when they have different events going on. I would recommend this machine to anyone.

I didn’t want to purchase a popcorn popper with a cart since i didn’t have room for the cart. I was unable to find reviews for this particular popper until i reviewed the paducah popper machine sold with the cart–see: http://www. Com/paducah-eight-antique-popcorn-machine/product-reviews/b000udxqo4/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=utf8&showviewpoints=1 –and boy am i glad i responded to the praises of this machine. It truly does its job incredibly well. A few years ago we’d purchased a smaller home popper that had something like a 2 oz kettle & found that we had to pop several batches to get the desired amount–and by the time we actually got to eat it, over 1/2 of the bowl had cold popcorn. The paducah popper pops crisp, tasty popcorn quickly. We’ve found that we don’t need to use butter to add flavor because the popcorn tastes great just popped in regular canola oil. My husband loves this christmas present & it makes a great addition to his man cave. Other poppers i considered had tacky decor that just didn’t fit our taste. I highly recommend this popper.

We bought the pre mixed packages which proved to make a perfect batch the first time we tried.

Had it for a couple years now.

Very sturdy and makes enough for all the trainees in my training classes. Started out with 2oz kettle not nearly big enough. Price was great and product better than expected.

Popcorn is a bit rubbery and not very hot. We are hoping this gets better over time. Overall very happy with our purchase.

Best popcorn we have ever had .

Discount tommy was fantastic, had a problem with shipping and they stepped up right away and took care of it. Popcorn machine works great it is nice having the glass doors.

This popcorn popper is amazing i use it to run a small concession stand at school and for special treat days for my students. Putting the kettle on can be a bit tricky. But the quality is top notch.

We love our new popcorn machine. It works great and pops perfect popcorn. No delivery or shipping issues. I didn’t order the cart and i’m so glad.I ordered this inexpensive table instead. Winsome wood end table/night stand with door and shelf, black. It is the perfect size and it has a storage cabinet so you have a place for all your supplies.

This machine is rather quiet and efficient, doing the job as anticipated. It has the feel of a commercial unit with heavier/thicker glass and components. I like this size as its just right for 4-5 people. My new teens are popcorn pros after just a couple of batches and we’re all pleased with the process. We’re still experimenting with the popping oil/seasoning mix to get it just right, but that’s our only complaint for now.