Great Northern Popcorn Company Great Northern Popcorn Paducah 8 Ounce Antique Popcorn Machine and Cart, Great popper

This is a high quality item; creates great popcorn and looks great in the living room. I am glad we chose a popper with a larger size (8 oz) kettle; creates enough popcorn for 2-3 people to enjoy a few popcorn bags full.

This popcorn machine was the perfect addition to our home theater. It makes popcorn that tastes so much better than the microwave kind.

Purchased this same item two years ago and it the 24 months something in the kettle design has changed. Doesn’t pop all kernels and handle is not as ergonomically friendly as previous model. Don’t know that i would repurchase again once this one runs it’s life span. Which btw is about 24 months when used daily. Bummer that good things have to change.

Key specs for Great Northern Popcorn Black Paducah 8 Ounce Antique Popcorn Machine and Cart:

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  • ►Popcorn machine can be removed from cart at anytime for convenience.
  • ►Built-in warmer light; popcorn scoop is included; reject kernel tray kernel and oil scoop included
  • ►Deluxe 860 watt 6035 with warming deck and built in warmer light keep your popcorn fresh for hours.
  • ►Popcorn supply storage in base. Comes with 50 free bags, 3 hard plastic popcorn cups and popcorn scoop.
  • ►Makes 3 gallons of popcorn per batch! enough for family movie night.

Comments from buyers

“The Paducah.The good/The bad/The delicious
, WOW! Buy this model.
, just finished our first box of all in one popcorn by Great Northern. The popcorn is great

Great northern has made my year. It felt like christmas opening this popper and after spending about 10 minutes putting it together we couldn’t believe how solid and beautiful it is. People, this is a true movie popcorn maker. This is heavy duty steel and glass with real rubber tires.The two front legs are self leveling and very helpful to make a solid stand. I have found similar poppers that cost 3 times the amount. Plus, look at the incredible sleek black and gray and silver design of this model. It’s perfect for our new movie theatre snack bar. And yes, it makes wonderful movie theatre popcorn.And the warmer inside kept it warm for hours.

This was easy to assemble, looks perfect in my movie room and makes great popcorn. My husband likes the kernel drawer at the bottom because he likes to eat the kernels and they are all separated out for him.

It’s a great popcorn machine. It big, easy to clean and move around. It’s a must buy, if your looking for a machine.

Love love love, this popcorn maker is fantastic easy to use popcorn taste great and it looks great on our lanai.

Not as pleased as i’d hoped. Unit gets dirty very quickly and is not easy to clean, popcorn pot will likely have to be replaced frequently. Not so happy about made in china either. And am suspicious now about the warranty offered by the import company associated with these items. I’ve had it for a month and it does make pretty good popcorn but not as good as you can make on the stove top. And it doesn’t taste anything like theater popcorn without a lot of doctoring.

Saw this popcorn machine and just had to have it. Arrived ahead of schedule and all the pieces were there and in great condition. Took about 30 minutes to assemble. Cleaned everything and then made a batch of popcorn. Just like you get at the theatre.

Bought our machine 7 months ago, just finished our first box of all in one popcorn by great northern. The popcorn is great, even my dog likes it. I have a couple complaints, i get 40-50 unpopped kernals our of every pack. I preheat according to directions then pour in pack. I can see the un-popped kernels coming out of the kettle with the popped kernels. I contacted customer service who responded in a timely manner telling me the heating element was going bad on kettle. My luck warranty is only for 30 days. So they tell me they will repair my kettle for $24. I went back and looked at thier warranty and thier sales pitch is up to 5 years warranty. Then read the warranty and all consumables including kettle glass etc.

Absolutely beautiful popcorn machine. Not a typical popcorn machine.

Machine arrived on time and was easy to assemble. It pops quickly and the popcorn tastes delicious. I did expect the kettle to be a little larger but it works for us. We use it at a school for events.

We have enjoyed this purchase very much.

Had read some reviews on the great northern popcorn machines as well as other brands made in and out of the u. Cost was not a factor, so after much research, we went with great northern. Received this unit a few days ago and was able to assemble it in about 30 minutes. Unit has powder coated thick metal and the lettering on the cart and popcorn unit looks fantastic. Unlike some units on the market, this one has glass sides and doors that look commercial grade. Lots of stainless steel (kettle, etc. ) and you can really appreciate the top quality workmanship put into this model. If you’re in the market for a machine that is made to last, look no further. This unit has the 8 ounce kettle and it produces the best popcorn i’ve ever tasted.

Bought this for the office and the employees have not stopped popping since it arrived. Pops great and it’s adorable.

This popcorn machine is just what the doctor ordered. Great popcorn, easy to make, and fun to eat. The machine arrived just days after my ordering it. There was some assembly required and the directions were clear. After a good scrub down the popping began. The popper bowl has capacity for 8 oz. But you can use smaller packages if you want. Clean-up is not too bad either. It will take awhile to wipe down the insides and you must disassemble the popper from the enclosure to give it a through washing. The popper works great and we all enjoy the flavor of the fresh popped corn, just like the stuff served in the theaters only hot.

Great looking, made well and makes great popcorn. Box was shipped with tears and holes in box however to my surprise it was all in great shape.

Assembly was a snap and its a real big hit for parties.

If you love popcorn this is what you want. I was a little nervous when i got the box which was battered but when opened everything was intact. Easy to assemble and with the great northern pre measured packs it makes excellent popcorn. It is a solid unit that looks great. Very happy with this purchase.

As pop corn being my favorite food i have been brought macines that do the best for me. I have a stir crazy machine when i need a small amount–also have a 16 oz. Machine like you see in theaters, this one i usually pop about 20 lbs. At a time to give pop corn to friends’ i neded one to pop corn when i didnot wanted to use the big machine–it takes time to clean it up so when i received my black paducah machine it was perfect as it did what the stir crazy and large machine. The papucah machine does every the large machine does but at a cost- the cost seem to low for a machine that does every thing the high cost machine and the cleaning up is so easy compare to the large machine. It was worth the price but i couldn’t believe for a machine that cost this amount was every thing one needs to pop perfect corn and easy to clean up when you are finish.

Purchased the popcorn as well and it’s just like being at the movies.

We have had our paducah 8 ounce antique popcorn machine and cart for about 7 months now and we use it weekly, if not more. It is easy to use and makes wonderful popcorn. Fresh popped popcorn from a machine is sooooo much better than that microwaved stuff. Every batch of popcorn that we have made has turned out wonderfully and the machine does it all. We just turn it on and pour in the oil and popcorn and it does all of the work. We would purchase this machine again in an instant. The popping pot comes right out for clean up and the tray in the bottom of the base makes cleaning up the un-popped kernels a breeze, although there are very few unpopped kernels. I would highly recommend this popcorn machine. We have also used the 6 oz and the 4 oz packets of popcorn from great american popcorn and recommend those too.

I ordered this for the animal rescue i volunteer at, for our events and fundraisers. Our old one was broke and difficult to operate, mostly burning the popcorn. Perfect popcorn every time, i have no complaints, and it looks great.I am very satisfied with this purchase, i would recommend it to anyone.

This popcorn popper is awesome. I could have purchased a waring at work for a discount but i wanted something a little bigger and better. When we received the popper, we almost thought it was too big for the family room but have since decided its perfect. It has heat built into the bottom as well as the heat lamp in the top. I make popcorn every sunday before football; sometimes 2 batches. The kids think its the coolest. I use regular oil and flavacol so it isn’t expensive. At the end of the night, i shut it off. I can turn the lights back on up to 3 days later and the heat will make the popcorn taste fresh.