Great Northern Popcorn Company Great Northern Popcorn Matinee Movie 8 oz : Worth it!

Rusted after the first use on the bottom 🙁 difficult to remove and replace popper, cleaning is tedious as well. Also tough to get popcorn out with scooper, careful not to burn yourself. Rolls well, pops popcorn nicely.

A little trouble pouring the pre-portioned 8 oz. Bags in the kettle, but other than that it is a easy to use easy to clean machine.

Great Northern Popcorn Black Matinee Movie 8 oz. Ounce Bar Style Antique Popcorn Machine

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3 position control switch and 640-watt
  • Tempered glass (all glass)
  • Reject kernel tray
  • Works on standard 110-volt
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Smaller than i thought difficult to get my hands in to put the popcorn and oil in would bought a larger one if i knew. But works great other than that .

Only giving this popper a 3 rating because i had to order it twice since the first one came with all of the glass shattered. So if you hear something that sounds like broken glass when you move the box, it is so be careful because the pieces are small. The second thing is how difficult it is to remove and replace the kettle before and after cleaning. It’s worth the cost and makes good popcorn.

This slim-profile model is perfect. It works very well, and stores easily in our small house.

Great Northern Popcorn Black Matinee Movie 8 oz. Ounce Bar Style Antique Popcorn Machine : We had been looking at popcorn machines for some time and finally loved the look of this one. However, after assembly we discovered that it was really difficult to empty the pre-loaded popcorn packs into the kettle due to the small space left inside the machine. If i would have noticed this setup prior to ordering, i would have spent extra money on a double door machine or one that has more space to load. This also hinders clean up as we have to completely remove the kettle in order to clear due to its location and the fact that there is no space left for hands to maneuver. My advice – always shop around and check the measurements when available.

Generally fine for what it is, but a few complaints. Hard to get kernels and oil into pan. Slightly more head space above the pan would have made a huge difference. Does not pop about 1/5 of the kernels. Seems to be consistent across brands of popcorn. Difficult to get pan back on brackets. Again, it would have cost very little to make a slightly larger inside area, making it easier to clean, remove pan, and fill pan. Warming light was broken, could be a shipping issue. Certain parts, like the aluminum gate, seem cheap for the price and the wheels are really on the wrong side for it to roll well (or there should be a handle on that side). The popcorn is good and generally tastes fine, kids love it, and from looking on amazon it looks like some other brands have same issues.

Cleaning is the only drawback to this product.

Awesome looking popcorn maker. It’s a great decoration piece to my man cave.

We are using this popcorn machine for work events. I only have a few cautions — 1) it’s a tight fit getting the popcorn and oil into the popper, 2) if you pop too much at one time, some will spill when you open the door, and 3) be careful when moving it as it’s top heavy but the legs catch the floor if you don’t tilt it enough. Even with these cautions, i recommend it.

Loved the look of this machine and it makes great popcorn to boot. It is a very well made cart and popcorn machine.

Works awesome for home, already went through 24 packages of premade since the week before christmas.

Just called them to buy a switch that popped loose and they said it was covered under warranty and they would send it right out. Nice to buy a quality product like this whereas most stuff today is disposable.

As other have mentioned, the directions are terrible. I managed to figure out how to put it together visually, and i’m enjoying it a great deal.

I love everything about this machine. I hope it lasts for years to come.

Very well made and easy to use. I bought this for my husband’s garage and he loves it. We have had it several months now and it still works perfectly.

I’m very pleased with this product. It is perfect for our little home theater and looks great. Does just what it said it would in the product discription and the reviews i read were accurate.

The only complaint i have is the instructions to put this together are horrible. I looked on you tube and found one that was similar and that helped. But let that deter you from buying.

This is a great product, clean up is kind of a pain but makes great popcorn. I would definitely buy this again.

Works great simple instructions to assemble to .

The directions on how to put it together are awful. The parts are mislabeled in the directions which is part of the problem. The other issue i had was with the door not fitting into the hinges. I had to drill out some of the hinge so the door would actually fit. Some of the metal they use is really flimsy and cheap. I do like the final look although a bit smaller than i thought it would be. I have not used it to actually pop corn yet, as i just got this yesterday. When i do, if its fantastic like i’m hoping, i’ll come back in and add a star or 2. Update 3/18/19 – it does pop some damn good corn.