Gourmia GFD1650B Premium Countertop Food Dehydrator : The best way to get home made healthy snacks for the whole family!

I used to have a round dehydrator that i thought worked well, but this baby has it beat by a long run. It dehydrates much much faster. The square area is a lot easier to lay out things than using a round one as well. Not too bad to clean – i lay all the racks in the sink and soak for a little while with warm water, then take the non scratch blue scrubbing pad with soap and go over each one. Takes maybe 10 minutes all together to clean. Soy sauce and sesame seed beef has been most peoples favorite thing i make in it.

Easy to use, quiet, finally i own one . I want to first say why i love this food dehydrator so much, it is so easy to use, it is quiet, it has a timer and doesn’t heat up my house or kitchen counter. I use to own a old metal food dehydrator that had screen sheet trays and it was so loud i could only run it outside, it ran so hot my fruit would burn. So this is a huge upgrade and i am so impressed with it. On top of the unit is a digital display that allows you to adjust temperature and time of the food dyer running. It is has a sleek design and doesn’t feel like it takes up my whole kitchen. It comes with 6 trays a drip tray and a small mesh tray for tiny foods. I dehydrated pumpkin seeds on the small mesh one and apples and banana slices on the regular trays. I didn’t have to rotate my trays around and my fruit cooked evenly, after about 15 hrs of drying, my healthy yummy dried fruit was ready. The fruit came off pretty easily i was very impressed with that.

I like this model and it is priced lower than some. I like this model and it is priced lower than some of the other models i was looking at purchasing. I do not like that the temperature adjustment is not in 5 degree increments but in 9 degree increments. It seems to work well enough for the purpose for which it was purchased.

So far the dehydrator works great. . I received this yesterday and my daughter and i got started using it right away. My family and i are trying to eat healthy and we were buying the store bought dehydrated fruit but when you really read the label there is so many added ingredients. We have done strawberries, pineapples, and apples so far. It takes a very long time and being a first time user it all trial and error. What i didn’t like about it is that the booklet that comes with it gives you no ideas on how thick or thin to slice the fruit or vegetable and doesn’t even suggest how long you should be dehydrating them for. It also doesn’t give you any recipes to try. All in all so far i like the dehydrator and it’s pretty quite for how large the unit is.

  • quick easy and well worth it
  • Wanted this for a long time! Great Investment and on sale! Saves food and money. Get one, you will love it!
  • Fast Dehydration!
  • Maybe not the best for jerky (revised 10/1/16: maybe not so bad for jerky)
  • Love this dehydrator
  • This Gourmia Dehydrator is so easy to use

Gourmia GFD1650B Premium Countertop Food Dehydrator, With 6 Drying Shelves, Digital Thermostat, 8 Preset Temperature Settings, Airflow Circulation, Countdown Timer – Black

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  • Easy, Healthy and economical way to make delicious fruit snacks, vegetables, herbs and beef jerky at home. Also a perfect way to preserve foods, with no additives or preservatives.
  • Digital thermostat and timer for precise drying time and temperature. Up to 19.5 dry time in precision 30 minutes increments. Choose drying temperatures from 95º F (35C) To 158º F (70C).
  • Cuircusmart 360 Air Flow Circulation Technology dries all trays evenly without noisy & the need to rotate the shelves.
  • 8 capacious 6.5 square feet drying space (13″ X 12″) Adjustable Drying Shelves to contain Meat, Fish, Poultry, Beef, Fruits and Vegetables, Herbs and Spices, Trail mix, Snacks and more. Supports up to 1lb of food on each level.
  • Includes 1 mesh sheet, 1 solid sheet, and a user guide. Colors: Black, White. 400 Watt.

I have owned and used several dehydrators for making beef jerky only from a vintage hot box, to the stackable kind with heater/fan on top, to the much larger commercial stainless steel case and racks. What i learned was what i really wanted in a dehydrator. This gfd160 is highly efficient, quality built, easy to use and clean, has see through door that fits snug but doesn’t get stuck, has hour timer with auto shut off, has on/off switch, has 95-158 degree adjustable heat, huge fan that fills up the entire rear of unit and only turns fast enough to circulate the air, is very quiet, can be used in the house and looks very nice on counter top. I make 5 pounds of jerky in about 5-10 hours (depends on how thick it is, and how wet it is). One advice i would give to anyone who is new to dehydrating, do not buy a dehydrator simply because it comes with a recipe or “how to” book. I learned from books, but learned more from entertaining/interesting people on you tube. Don’t over complicate it, keep it simple.

I absolutely love it, have used it several times already. I absolutely love it, have used it several times already. My only complaint is that i wish it came with a small cookbook or recommended cooking time/temp guide. I’ve managed to do a lot by reading a bunch of different recipes and doing some trial and error, but a simple guide would take some of the guesswork out.

Makes excellent dried snacks of all sorts. I just bought this and it’s really an incredible product. Makes excellent dried snacks of all sorts, healthy and delicious all around. Shipped promptly and arrived exactly as described. I highly recommend buying this product – worth every penny.

He had never made jerky before and it was so easy to use. I bought this for my dad as a christmas gift. He had never made jerky before and it was so easy to use. He’s made jerky many times and it come out tasty and delicious. Easy to clean, trays are durable. Definitely recommend this model if you’re interested in making jerky for the first time.

This gourmia dehydrator is so easy to use.  this gourmia dehydrator is so easy to use. It comes with 6 dehydrating shelves, the drip tray and mesh traya little about it’s specifications; 400 watts, 19. 5 hours, and the thermostat goes from 95-158 degrees fahrenheit. The front door lifts up and off all together so the front is clear to insert the trays and it is see through so you can see how your food is doing when you need to check it. The fan which is on top is very quiet. I’ve gotten some great recipes from friends, one of which i tried and then i experimented with a few others. I’m uploading a video of my final product on one of my experiments. I dehydrated green granny smith apples and plantains. I’ll tell ya what, it barely lasted 2 days and it was gone it came out so great.

Loaded it with meat for jerky. Loaded it with meat for jerky. It was all done in about 4 hours. I set it on top of my range where i can turn on the vent.

I like almost everything about this purchase. Prosthe purchase was easy and the product was well packaged and arrived on time. The unit is lightweight and operates quietly. The trays are roomy, easy to handle, well ventilated and thin but sturdy. It’s nice to have a timer and to be able to adjust the temperature if i want. I like the drip tray and the fruit leather tray. After the initial 30-minute burnout there is no odor when the unit is heated. Consit took nearly twice as long to dry apple slices as my smaller demi dehydrator. When the apples were dry they ended up with an odd texture – a little crisp, a little gummy.

Far i’ve only dehydrated zucchini but it came out perfect. I haven’t used a dehydrator much in the. So far i’ve only dehydrated zucchini but it came out perfect. I haven’t used a dehydrator much in the past because nothing ever turned out well. However, i think i just never had one that did the job correctly so i am totally happy with this one. So much so that i may end up purchasing another one soon.

I have seen others and this tops them all. It’s easy to use and best part is that it has many racks allowing me to dehydrate many different fruits/vegetables all together.Clear slide up door makes this product so easy to use. Overall i am very happy with this product.

My husband makes beef jerky all the time and the dehydrator we had was really old and small. It would take him two days just to get the beef jerky done. The gourmia gfd1650 premium counter top food dehydrator is a really nice dehydrator. I received the white one and it has 6 drying shelves inside, a digital thermostat, 8 preset temperature settings, a countdown timer and an airflow circulator. It is pretty big and takes up a lot of counter space so when we are not using it we stick it on a shelf so we have more counter space. It is lightweight so it’s easy to move around. The front is see through and it slides up and then the shelves can be pulled out and layered with the marinated meat. The shelves are big, thick shelves and are sturdy. Of meat on those 6 trays and there is room for 6 more trays. We have not had any issues with the jerky sticking to the shelves. It comes with a drip pan and it can easily be removed and cleaned. It takes about 2 1/2 hours to cook jerky where with our old dehydrator it would take a couple of days. I really like that i can use it to dry out fruits so i will have healthy snacks on hand.

Maybe not the best for jerky (revised 10/1/16: maybe not so bad for jerky). After using this dehydrator for a few months, i’ve changed my rating from 3 to 5 stars. It really does work very well and while it still has the temperature issue, i’ve learned that 145 degrees is considered adequate for making safe jerky (see [. ]) if you’re careful to follow the proper procedures. Also, most other dehydrators are reported to fail to reach their claimed max temperatures as well. *******************************i like this dehydrator very much. It is easy to use and has a lot of nice features. My only disappointment is that the temperature settings are not accurate. With an empty machine, i measured the following temperatures vs the settings; 158 as 145, 149 as 141, 140 as 134 and 131 as 128. I didn’t bother with the lower settings.

I am only doing it now because i have had this a short time but i love it. I very rarely write reviews. I am only doing it now because i have had this a short time but i love it. I have done strawberries, 2 loads of beef jerky, and 1 of tofu jerky. This dehydrator is quiet, attractive and effective. I would recommend getting screens, which amazon calls netting sheets, to put on top of the trays for easier removal of the dehydrated food. I got the weston ones and cut them down but do not know if they are the best. I had a dehydrator years ago but this one is much better.

I have been delighted with my new dehydrator. I have been happy with my new dehydrator. I’ve utilised it for drying apples and my spouse is now drying jerky. It can be peaceful and appears to be extremely productive. Easy to clean up and attractive enough to depart on the counter.

Excellent for balanced way of life treats. . This is my first dehydrator. I received it on a whim due to the fact the mister had been conversing about. So when the option arose to get it at an remarkable price tag, i jumped on it. So significantly every little thing that has been dehydrated has been eaten right before it couldn’t even amazing off. I adore the reality that it has a digital thermostat and timer. It makes it possible for you to rather substantially set it and fail to remember it. It works finest if all items to be dehydrated are sliced evenly. It involves a fruit roll up tray as effectively as a little item tray.

Not weighty-duty but nicely constructed. Not large-responsibility but nicely constructed. I acquired two of these and gave 1 as a present.

I am a initial time operator of a dehydrator, and this has been an remarkable include to the kitchen area. I haven’t tried fruits and veggies however, but i have made three incredible batches of jerky, and this is the excellent unit for me – will hold and dehydrate about three lbs of beef properly in five hrs. Incredibly satisfied so significantly, and so are mates and coworkers who are having jerky as a present.

This gourmia is brilliant gave it as a giftcooks fantastic each detail comes out great.

The rectangular shelves is so significantly better. The rectangular shelves is so a great deal greater than the spherical ones that we have utilised prior to, specifically for making jerky and meat sticks. We have designed five batches of venison jerky, and it is the very best we have ever made. We like the digital timer, and it tends to make extremely minor sounds when operating.