Gourmia GC150 JavaMaster 2 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker Machine – K-Cup Pods & Ground Coffee – Compact -Adjustable Cup Shelf – 40 oz Reservoir – : I recently purchased this coffee maker and am 100% pleased with my purchase

I absolutely love my new coffee maker. Great either with a k-pod or ground coffee. Very easy to interchange the pod to ground coffee and vice versa. Actually has a mini coffee filter for the ground coffee. I bought this for traveling but it would be an awesome addition to my countertopi highly recommend this unit.

I have had a few coffee makers in the past, and this is the first one that meets all of my coffee, kitchen, and aesthetic requirements. It’s sleek, neat, and small enough not to overwhelm counter space in my small kitchen. I absolutely love the fact that it has 2 options, so i can use k-cups, or just any brand of coffee i like, since i like to change things up. I’ve been having starbucks original every day since i got this machine. Besides the amazing taste, its quick, easy to clean, and i love the smell it brings to the whole house.

Gourmia GC150 JavaMaster 2 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker Machine – K-Cup Pods & Ground Coffee – Compact -Adjustable Cup Shelf – 40 oz Reservoir – Black

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  • 2 IN 1: Hydroforce extraction system ensures strong, rich brews from both your K-Cups and coffee grounds. Equipped with safety-plus technology to prevent overheating.
  • SIMPLE & SLEEK: Compact design fits neatly into any desk or kitchen countertop corner. Easy automatic controls are just one touch for small or large cup sizes.
  • LARGE RESERVOIR: No need to constantly refill; this brewer boasts a 40 oz/5 cup water tank with a convenient water level indicator.
  • ADJUSTABLE DRIP TRAY: Fits most standard-size cups or travel mugs ( “Travel Cup & Mug” for illustration purposes only.)
  • ETL CERTIFIED: We, at Gourmia, take the quality of our products seriously. This product is ETL certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high quality appliance.

Nice product for my office, has 2 in one. Can be used for any coffee or k-cup. Fits my traveling mug and a regular coffee cup. This product exceeded my expectations.

Don’t know what i would do without it​i’ve been using k cups for a while but got tired of the maintenance when running out of the actual coffee pods. I also found that variety works best when drinking coffee so often. 2 in one was the deal cincher when purchasing this coffee machine. I gotta say, it’s more than just a coffee maker. It’s my morning staple, sort of a holy ritual, i suppose. Coffee is first on the list before i sit down to my day’s itinerary. I was wary of the fact that it may be hard to maintain, with all the compartments it would have. But i was pleasantly surprised by the sleek narrow cylindrical shape of the machine, which is pretty compact for such a machine. Parts come out easily for cleaning purposes. I don’t really use the leveling piece which is meant when placing shorter cups on the tray, since all cup sizes work with the standard display tray.

I love this so much that i picked one up for my parents and they always call me to tell me this coffee machine has made their lives so much easier in so many ways. Definitely a great gift option. I also use mine on a daily basis, and i would never change this with any other machine.

Gourmia GC150 JavaMaster 2 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker Machine – K-Cup Pods & Ground Coffee – Compact -Adjustable Cup Shelf – 40 oz Reservoir – Black : A great size, and works just like a charm for my k-cups.

 this gormia javamaster 2-in-1 coffee maker is such a nice addition to my kitchen. The rave today is the keurig’s and this is such a nice alternative for a fraction of the price. With this, you can use k-cups or else just brew a cup of coffee with your regular ground coffee. This comes with a filter insert for your k-cups and also a reusable and washable filter for ground coffee. You can brew an 8 ounce or 10 ounce cup of coffee, hot cocoa or just hot water for tea. You can also use a regular size coffee cup or even a travel mug size will fit under this. There is a water fill line on the side and the maximum water capacity is 40 ounces. Prior to using my k-cups the first time, i ran a few cups of just water through it just in case there was any ‘dust’ or anything in it since you can’t really wash it out. So basically you fill the water reservoir, add your coffee or k-cup, turn it on and let the water heat (the bottom light will stop blinking once it’s ready to brew) and then choose your cup size option. Once brewed, it will drip a little after but that’s the good thing about having the drip tray underneath.

I’m extremely happy with this product. It’s priced well and i love the slim design and large water reservoir. Another nice feature is the adjustable drip tray which allows for different sized cups/mugs which i don’t take for granted as i’ve worked in many offices that do not have coffee makers with this feature (no coffee = no good). Overall, i give this product a thumbs up for these reasons and recommend it for anyone who loves coffee as much as i do.

Extremely happy with this purchase. I bought this as a mother’s day gift for my wife from my 10year old. It replaced a keurig coffee maker, this unit takes up much less real estate on my counter and it does more than just k-cups so that’s a plus. I am a ground coffee drinker and my wife likes the ease of the k-cups.

This is the perfect size for me. I’m away for college and i did need something like this that took keurig​ cups and made my coffee in the mornings. I purchased this specific one because i do love the sleek look, affordable price point and the fact that it makes my coffee the same way the keurig did. A great buy, especially if you’re away from home.

It makes very good coffee with either the k-cup or good ‘ol ground coffee. Also, i buy tea leaves in bulk and using the filter basket makes a perfect cup of tea. One note is that it will ‘gurgle and sputter’ after making the brew and water will flow out of the machine onto the tray, so we put an ornate little bowl on the tray. I won’t hold that against this machine at all. Update 90 days: slowly, the amount of water coming out is less and less. Now i need to push the button three times to fill a cup. It looks like it’s headed for the trash can. I emailed the manufacturer about the problem. The answer was a shipping label to return it for an exchange. The support was fast, effortless and complete. Everyone gets a bad unit, heck, that’s a given.

Greatly exceeded my expectations. When i chose this machine i just needed a cheap keurig that i could use for coffee, but after using it i am so impressed by the ease and great taste of the brew. Really surprised by how smooth the coffee is and no bitter-ness as an aftertaste. So happy that i chose this and look forward to trying out different gourmia products now.I would definitely recommend this to friends/family.

Easy to assemble, exactly as described. Brewed a great coffee as expected. I also really like the fact that there is a strainer portion where you can put loose tea leaves as well.

Great coffee maker for its price. One reviewer said it works with san fransisco bay coffee k cups – it does but you need to poke a small hole in the center of the top first (i use a push pin). The tops on sf bay cups are too thick and not stiff enough for the nozzle to break through (a problem with other coffee makers as well).

I bought the gourmia gc-150 about a month ago, after my old machine broke down, and so far i couldn’t be happier with this coffee machine. I enjoy a great cup of coffee every morning (or at any time i feel like having a cup). The k-cups are easy to find anywhere, and if you enjoy grinding your own beans like i do, you can always use a reusable cup. All-in-all i had a really positive experience and would recommend this product to anyone looking for a solid machine.

I’ve had the coffee maker for almost exactly 3 months and it just quit working. I guess i should have taken heed when i read the reviews of it not working long. I really liked it when it worked. Eta: i contacted gourmia and they were great to deal with. They refunded my money within 2 days (after showing proof that i had cut the cord on the machine). I will say their customer service was great. I am still sad about this machine and i kind of want another one, even though i know other reviewers have had the same issue i did. It really was a great machine while it worked. I moved my rating up to 3 stars from 1 because of the customer service alone.

This is a great machine if you’re ok without bells and whistles. It doesn’t have delay start, keep warm, etc. Makes really good coffee though.

This coffee maker exceeded my expectations. I wanted to brew coffee for only ‘one’ and use my own flavored coffees and teas. The gourmia javamaster does just that but, also accepts the k-cups purchased in retail stores. This is accomplished by using the k-cup holder accessory provided. I also liked the fact that the water storage refill is part ofthe pot and one simply opens the lid on top of the pot to add water. The other filter accessory provided i use to fill with my own blends of coffees and teas. So there you have itit is a 2-in-1 brewing coffeemaker. I was glad to remove the large machine from my counter and acquire a less cluttered brewing area. You really do not have to spend a lot to brew yourself a great beverage.

Gave 2 of these as gifts and both recipients rave about it.

I’m not a coffee drinker so i do not know the difference between coffee machines. My husband on the other hand goes through coffee like water so i knew it was about time i bought something for him. I had to get something that would not clutter my counter nor anything that’s too bulky and that’s exactly what this gourmia k cup coffee maker is all about (for me) and coffee tastes amazing (for him).

Update: we were contacted by seller about our problems after this review was posted. I believe we have the issue resolved. We do like the size of this little coffeemakerwe really liked it but it quit working already. We only used for 2 months as it’s in our rv. I ordered a replacement k cup adapter because the other one for thrown out.

I bought it when my keurig looked to be on its last leg. Well, the keurig revived and this is in storage. My mom likes hers a lot, so that says something. Just don’t buy the insurance ~ you really don’t need it.

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