GForce GF-P1546-1029 15 Piece Set Mini Blender With Travel Lids and Cups : Would buy again.

Still going strong after 2 years.

This little blender is something we use daily and really love. It has a very quiet motor and blends things very quickly without any fuss. It will work for many things but the one we like best is how it can turn inexpensive dry instant coffee crystals into espresso texture in seconds in for better cups of coffee that is much more economical than standard. The mix and match bright colors are pretty, the cups can double for drinking or storing and the base is a nice shiny silver that fits with our art deco themed kitchen. All in all i give this set 5 stars for all around usefulness, ease of operating, looks, sound, and the results of nice blending in no time. The seller is great as well.

I do like the blender but as others mentioned it would be really nice to have measurements listed on the cups when adding protein powders.

Very nice upgrade to an already proficient product. I received this to replace the earlier g force mini blender that i bought over a year ago. This time, i received multiple blender bottles with individual lids and bottoms, as well as an additional blade to allow for the choice of blending different types of shakes/smoothies differently. I’m very happy with the product, and see it as an improvement to an already good thing. I typically use this once in the morning for a breakfast smoothie, and once in the evening for a protein shake. It’s very fast, easy to clean, and with the multiple bottles/lids, i could make both at once if i want, and take them with me. It also means that if one happens to not be clean, i don’t have to drop everything and wash it before making my protein shake- great move for recovery. One note: don’t overload the blender- blending is going to cause your product to expand since air is being worked into the mixture, and if you load it to the top, you may get an overflow pushing out that’s full of air. When this happens, you get sweet, gooey mess down in the vents of the machine, which is a happy home for smell-producing bacteria. I try to blend half of something, then add the second half to make sure i’ll have room.

  • Very Nice upgrade to an already proficient product
  • It looks great, the price is really great and the reviews
  • I found pre made protein drinks that I liked but they were expensive so I decided to start

GForce GF-P1546-1029 15 Piece Set Mini Blender With Travel Lids and Cups

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  • 15-Piece high-speed mixing system grinds, blends, chops, whips, and more.
  • Includes power base, 2 blades, 4 blending cups, 4 travel cover lids, 4 sealed tasting lids
  • AC Voltage Of 120V
  • Automatic Shut-Off Feature
  • Durable see-through construction; press down for results in 30 seconds or less

Great for a quick smoothie in the morning, am able to prepare the night before for my daughter, she adds protein powder in the morning & puts it on the blender, drinks it on the way to school.

It’s no bullet, but it gets the job done. The reason i took a star off was because if the fruit you are blending is in too big of pieces or just super frozen, the machine doesn’t do too well. The issue has only happened a few times, but really i’ve gotten great smoothies from this baby and we use it a few times a day. A less expensive option to other mini blenders.

It seemed very cheap and was not dishwasher proof. I returned it for a better model.

It looks great, the price is really great and the reviews are good so i bought it. My husband hijacked my beloved magic bullet and we fight to use it in the morning. I can’t handle that anymore. This machine comes with four containers so that was why i bought it. I thought it was cool that it came with 4 differently colored spout covers/lids and screw bottoms)pros: the containers and blades fit my magic bullet. That’s really good for space saving on the cluttered counter. Cons: i put a few things in my smoothie and you can’t put it down when filling it, like you can the magic bullet. (obviously because it will top over because of the lids) so, i am not sure if i would recommend it because this is frustrating.

I use it to make my “bulletproof” coffee in the morning. Works great and easy to put in the dishwasher. . But not the base, of course. Excellent product and value for me.

Powerful but the cups are cheap made.

My only criticism is that there is that there is no way to turn the bottles upside down and leave them on the table while you are pouring in your ingredients – you have to hold the bottles or find something to put them inside of to keep them in place.

I have one and i bought another for my mom.

The first time i used this blender it leaked from the bottom of the cup, but the i found out the rubber seal was not properly fitted. Since then it has been a decent blender. Doesn’t chop as well as some other competitors, but the convenience of the travel cups makes up for that in my opinion.

Great gift and works awesome.

I did some research and asked around and finally settled on this one because of the reviews, feedback and price. I wish it was more powerful and/or had several speeds to chose from. It is great for smoothies (all i use it for) with plenty of liquid. But as soon as you try something thicker it lacks power. I like the fact that it is not too loud. I have a ninja i cannot use without covering my earseasy enough to clean as well.

Wonderful the vendor was really good. These individuals are in my favorits.

The only matter that upset me is that it didnt deal with ice quite effectively. Placing in a person dice at a time can help, but obtaining only 1 placing will not. Other than that, swift smoothies for on-the-go usage.

I discovered pre produced protein beverages that i appreciated but they have been pricey so i made the decision to begin producing them myself and save a little funds. This unit was the correct alternative. It comes with four cups that though not insulated, however keep the chilly effectively in a cooler with an ice pack. There are two factors i do not like about the cups. -a single, and this is my big gripe, the cups would be much better if they had marks on the sides to tell you how a great deal liquid you have place in. This is easily remedied with the use of a sharpie mark but it absolutely sure would be good if the cups have been molded with the marks on them. -two is the rubber seal rings. If you are not mindful you can easilly eliminate 1 and at the time it is gone the cups leak. I practically threw out two of them ideal in the packagei give 4 stars to this blender but would simply given it 5 if the cups experienced the liquid denotations on them. Do not let my four stars reduce you from acquiring this device though.

The first time i requested this item, the base came shed ahead of i could use it. I returned the blender, but the seller instantly contacted and apologized for the defect product. I obtained a substitute few weeks later, and we have been working with it without any complications. I like the strategy that it come with two varieties of blades, so my spouse and i can get every a person. My only complain is the best opening which is very little and if i want to set the protein powder, i have to overturn the cup, but i have to put in a different cup to keep it mainly because the prime deal with is a spout and not flat. Other than that, we are really happy with our substitute.

So significantly the only criticism i have is that you have to make sure that you screw the blade on limited in advance of positioning it in the foundation, if not it comes unfastened and your smoothie will spill into the inside of of the base.

I use this each day to make a protein shake in the morning. I blend frozen strawberries in it and even the small blade has no issue with that. Ice cubes also chop up properly. The bottom seals are h2o-limited and the go-cup style is handy. If i could make a design change, it would be in the lid of the mixing cup. The ingesting spout isn’t going to have a rubber seal, so you have to put your liquid in previous, or else it will leak. Also, if the lid ended up flat, you could stand the cup upside-down on the lid although you add elements. The way it is, you both have to place the blade on the bottom and attempt to incorporate ingredients by means of the more compact top rated opening of the cup hold it upside down in one particular hand the total time to use the even larger base opening to fill the cup in advance of placing on the blade, or prop it up someplace so your ingredients do not slide out. If the best lid was far better and more handy for filling the cup from the bottom, i would give five stars.