GForce GF-P1056-1114 Electric Glass Tea Kettle With LED Illumination 1, Five Stars

I was nervous about this purchase. Boils fast – pretty – and it works.

It works extremely well and is a perfect size/brightness.

Pretty when it’s lit (when it’s heating). Does not heat as fast as my other older different model did.

Key specs for GForce GF-P1056-1114 Electric Glass Tea Kettle With LED Illumination 1.8 Liter Capacity:

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  • Silver Stainless Steel & Baby Blue Design
  • Automatic Shut-off Feature To Keep You Safe
  • 360° Cordless Rotating Base
  • 1.8L Capacity With Blue Illuminating Light
  • Easy cord storage under base of kettle

Comments from buyers

“Excellent teakettle
, Lid unacceptable.
, Five Stars

Base plate is so light that we will need to figure out how to stick it to the counter. Other than that, we use it every day and love it.

I’ve been using it for few days now. Looks stylish and works well, so far i’m happy. Pouring spout could be glass not plastic to as it defeats the purpose of the glass carafe. The plastic heating base is not very solid nor stable, made pretty cheap. The sale price is the right price. I wouldnt pay more than $35 for it.

I’ve been using this kettle almost 2 months. I have nothing but great things to say. It heats the water perfectly and i love the automatic shut off feature that my last kettle didn’t have.

Works very well but handle does get a little hot.

It works great and love the blue lights.

Work really well looks cute, but takes about 8mins to boil a full kettle so not exactly the fastest model out there.

It takes quite a while to boil and it’s quite heavy (which is to be expected with it being glass), but i absolutely love the blue light and overall aesthetic. My tea tastes better than ever now that i’m boiling my water as opposed to just warming a mug in the microwave.

I received this item a few days ago to replace my $10 rival electric kettle i purchased from wal-mart. I use it to make my pour over coffee in the mornings. It is a nicely designed kettle, lights up when you turn it on (which is really cool looking). It has a spring hinge lid that opens and easily fits under my refrigerator for filling with filtered water. When the water comes to boiling, it automatically shuts off and the blue light goes off as well. The rotating base is also a nice feature, and it is a lot more attractive than my white plastic rival was. The reason i replaced the rival, was because i heard that hot water and plastic can cause carcinogens, so this being of glass construction (for the reservoir) makes it safer for food consumption. The only recommendation/improvement i would like to see would be to make the pouring spout either stainless steel or glass, so that the hot water is not coming into contact with plastic at all. Otherwise, i would highly recommend this kettle if you’re looking for a high quality electric kettle for your kitchen for coffee, tea, or other hot beverages.

In case you’re looking at this thinking it’s white but lit up with blue leds, well, it’s even bluer than it looks in the picture. The plastic is blue, and the glass is really blue. Can’t speak to how good of a product it is because i’m returning it, but be warned if you’re shopping for looks.

Lovely to have a quick cuppa tea, and can fill the pot at night for a quick brew to boil while i’m busy with breakfast-making, cat/dog feeding, dog walking, spouse waking. He loves coffee, i love tea, but can’t handle water from pots used for other things, so now i have my own kettle, and he likes it because he’s ocd and wants to know electrical things are turned off – the lights out reassure him the pot is not going to boil dry (as he has done with standard tea kettles in past, putting the kettle on for my tea when he makes his coffee, forgetting to tell me he’s done it, and wandering off to another room or out of the house. This is safer for us old dodos, and has my water ready in less than 3 minutes.

The only thing i would like better is if it whistled when the water boiled.

We are very pleased with this teakettle. It heats up well – less than 5 minutes for the full pot. It lights up while boiling, then the light goes out when it’s done. Lifts off the base for easy pouring. Simple on/off switch on the handle, as well as a flip the lid open switch. Nothing complicated about using this at all. Would love to see this in other colors besides the light blue.

Perfect for my coffee pour-over method and for making the best tasting teas.

We use this kettle constantly. I love the glass container and use nothing but distilled water. We absolutely love the functionality of the kettle. I would recommend it to anyone.

I love the light up feature and that it’s made of glass. I hate that it doesn’t fit in the water dispenser of my fridge. I couldn’t find a smaller one that was glass, however.

Our family loves this kettle. I love the way the base is made and the kettle sits right in it. Easy to use, and the led lights are pretty neat.

Not to crazy about the blue color, with it was black. Had it for 2 months and works great.

It’s so cool and it does it’s job. I drink tea every day and this is exactly what i needed.

I like this pot but it does boil pretty loud. It can be mildly disturbing to my office mates. Love the color and the lights that go off when it’s done.

I’ve had people tease me for having a gadget just to boil water but if you drink tea (or instant miso soup) as much as i do, it’s a must have. While a design that lets you watch the water oil is optional, it’s pretty cool looking and oddly entrancing.

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