George Foreman RC0995P 20-Cup Smart Kitchen Multicooker – Dormitory Essential

Anything that you can make in a wok or pot on a stove can be made in this. It heats up evenly and the handle stay cool. So far i’ve made:- eggs- french toast- pasta- matzo ball soupi have not tried the steaming or rice cooking function yet but i assume it works fine. The only downside is that you can’t remove the pot 1 handed. You have to turn it off adapter, unplug adapter from the wall, remove adapter from base of pot and then unclip the base to free the pot so you can pour out water when making pasta. It’s a lot of steps, but only takes 20 seconds. Overall, i highly recommend this product. If i had the space i would purchase a second one of these.

Friends had suggested this steamer and had high accolades of its performance. We love combining cut up potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, and broccoli with the addition of a little salt.

It looks nice, it has a quality feel, and you think you could do a lot with it. Now if only they included an instruction manual with some recipesthis has to be the most frustrating thing i’ve ever gotten, because since it’s an unusual product, you have to figure out how to use it. The manual, if that’s what they call the instruction sheet, is useless. There isn’t anything on their website i’ve found that’s at all helpful. An appliance that looks like it’s got possibilities, and you can’t figure out how to use it.

So i received this in and like others, wasnt sure exactly what it was entirely. After washing the parts i decided to give it a go. Its basically like a mini stove top. You can cook in multiples of ways – but its just explained quite right in the owners manual. Non stick coating is a plus on the inside, and i like the temperature control settings. The heat comes quite quickly, and is uniform to the entire pot. The pot isdeep and holds much more food than you think it would. Chili, stew, casseroles etc. While i wouldnt depend on this as my sole cooking source, would be good to have camping or in a college dorm or even tail gating.

I’ve owned several george foreman grills over the years, so i was thrilled that i had the chance to test out the smart kitchen multicooker. My regular workhorse black & decker hs1000 handy steamer with flavor scenter screen was getting on in years, and was limited to steaming. However, the george foreman multicooker has a 5-quart capacity, and you can sear directly in the pan, then add your other ingredients to make stews, sauces, stir-fry, etc. Like the george foreman grills, the nonstick coating allows for less oil or butter in cooking, cutting down on fat. There’s also an adjustable steam vent on the lid. You can cook two things at once; for example, you can cook rice in the main pot while putting shrimp, fish, veggies, etc in the steamer basket above the rice, not only saving time but cutting down on dishes as well. As other reviewers have mentioned, don’t count on the included ‘instruction’ manual for much guidance. In fact, if you relied on the manual alone, you probably wouldn’t have much of a feel for the versatility of the product. It’s a great help to watch the promo video on the official george foreman website (see my post below for the url). One thing i would have liked to have seen was a comprehensive list of steaming times for various ingredients similar to the manual from my old black and decker steamer (it included separate guides for meat, fish, veggies, frozen vs.

I got this for my son away at college. He likes to cook, and has used it constantly since september. He is very happy with this kitchen appliance.

  • Use it everyday
  • Great little crab cooker
  • Good for cooking stews & soups but not for rice steaming

Not enough instructions came with the multi cooker to make it useful. Some recipes need to be included with the cooker. Until that happens, i would not recommend it to anyone.

This product is what i expected it to be. Does a good job with soups, stews, etc. Is an excellent fit to use between the stove, and the slow cooker. I know the short cord is for safety, just wish it was maybe three inches longer.

George foreman doesn’t just make grills anymore. Introducing the smart kitchen multicooker a 26 cup ( 5 quart ) steam cooker. This is a wonderful steamer that allows you to cook a variety of healthy dishes, everything from rice and fish to beef stroganoff. It’s got a great non-stick coating that allows you to cook without butter or oil and cut out the extra calories. Plus the one touch digital controls allow you to cook rice and stews with the greatest of ease and accuracy. One of my favorite features is the kitchen-to-table removable pan which makes it easy to cook and serve from the same dish. Not to mention the accessories are dishwasher-safe and make cleanup a snap. Overall this is another superb george foreman invention and i highly recommend adding it to your kitchen.

I love this product and use it 5 days a week it’s a skillet, crockpot , veggie steamer and rice cooker all in one. My only complaint was that it didn’t come with any directions or cookbook. It took some time to figure out how to use it. There was no information online to help.

I live alone, and have a very small kitchen. So small, that when my stove died, instead of replacing it, i bought small electric appliance substitutes. One thing i did not have was a medium-sized electric pot that could handle stews, pasta, and could could even slow cook if desired. So i ordered george foreman’s smart kitchen multicooker to round out my perfect set of go-to kitchen appliances. Cooks great and looks great as well. As an added bonus, it actually arrived two days before the projected delivery date.

Features of George Foreman RC0995P 20-Cup Smart Kitchen Multicooker with Intelli-Probe Digital Controls

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  • Extra-large capacity 20-cup / 5-quart multicooker lets you make a variety of one-pot meals, stews, sauces and more, with George Tough nonstick coating so you can cook oil-free
  • Intelli-Probe digital controls offer one-touch rice-specific settings for easy programming, plus an exclusive 500-Degree sear function that’s the only of its kind in the market
  • Removable stainless steel steaming basket plus tempered glass lid with adjustable steam vent let you steam vegetables and fish as you cook rice for healthy meals in minutes
  • Elegant removable pan lets you cook and serve in the same dish for kitchen-to-table portability that minimizes cleanup
  • Measures 9 by 13 by 10-inch; 3-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Got it for son who is in college.

The non-stick coating: i just got off the phone with a gorege foreman representative. I found their 1-800-237-9786 number on their website. I really needed to know about the non-stick coating they were using. I was told that there is no teflon being used in this product, or in any of the products they make now. Said that they themselves and ‘probably all’ companies quit using the toxic non-stick chemicals that leach out during cooking just within the last 18 months or so. This change happened as a result of the documented findings that teflon was in fact not safe. I was also assured that you can braise at 500 degrees without any concern of being poisoned by the non-stick surface. (a side note: the caution i would have is to be sure what kind of oils you are using at those high temperatures, if any, because it is a fact that many of the oils are toxic at high temperatures. A separate web study would be helpful to know which oils can be safely heated and to what temperatures before they become toxic for the safety of your health. )the manual: i was at wal mart yesterday looking at the manual for this george foreman product. She read her manual to me which was quite different fromt the one in the box at the store.

I bought this on sale to use primarily as a steamer, and it works wonderfully. The two drawbacks (hence the missing star) worth noting are:1) the manual is pitiful and does not include any kind of chart for steaming times; and2) the timer it has (awesome idea) does not make any sound at all to let you know your veggies are done so you can remove them to prevent overcooking, although the unit does shut off. Thankfully, i had a steamer chart that came with my (much smaller) black & decker rice cooker, but had to experiment get the right time since mr. Foreman is considerably faster than mr. Decker :o)neither issue would prevent me from purchasing this item – definitely still worth it.

I love this kitchen appliance. Like many others i wish there were more recipes out there for using it. I downloaded the ones online from the company website but still look for others to add to my collection. I like that i can sear my meats in the same pot before turning the multi-cooker over to the slow cooker option. I like that i can cook my delicious homemade mac n cheese recipe in the pot without heating my oven in the summer heat of nc. This is one of best kitchen aids i have purchase in recent years. I just have to learn to adapt my recipes to using this awesome all=in=one machine.

I was confused about what this cooker was until i actually cooked in it. Because nothing i read about it made it clear what its kitchen niche was supposed to be. Well yeah, but not entirely. In fact it does a lot of things and does them pretty well. One thing it doesn’t do well, though, is explain itself. The manual is less than useless. It’s careful to tell you to wash all the cooking parts before using, but never is clear on what is machine washable and what isn’t. (i just assumed everything but the pot itself was okay for the dish washer. ) it also says ‘to reduce the risk of electric shock, cook only in removable pan provided. Did they think i was going to put the lid on my stove and try to cook in it?.Okay, never mind the manual.

We use this to cook crab on our boat.

Extra-large capacity 20-cup / 5-quart multicooker lets you make a variety of one-pot meals, stews, sauces and more, with George Tough nonstick coating so you can cook oil-free

I have become a big fan of george foreman products and so far, they have been reliable, easy to use and if anything, a great investment in the kitchen and have not been disappointed with one yet. The latest george foreman product to have in our kitchen is the ‘smart kitchen multicooker’ in which one can make their stew, cook rice and literally cook anything in it. But for me, i like to experiment with a variety of dishes that i have picked up in other countries and because of how compact this product is, it has definitely been put to good use for meals in our home. Installationinstallation is quite easy. You have a cooking base, removable pan, steaming basket, tempered glass lid and you have an intelli-probe digital controls which plugs right into the cooking base and you can hook up to your outlet. Ease of use:this cooker is so easy to use. First off, there is a cooking line etched on the non-stick pan. Just don’t go over it and you’re fine. It’s kind of hard to read though but if you have cooked before and know not to overfill your pan, then you can figure it out. Otherwise, if you are adding liquids, use a measuring cup to be safe.

This is great for everything i brown meat and slow cook in it and something i wasn’t sure it would do is deep fry but it does that well too.

This smart kitchen has come in so handy and is really easy to use, i love all the functions it does.

Because what this basically is, is a glorified crock pot that gets hot enough to sear food. I’m not sure what i was expecting, but i thought there might be a bit more going on than there is. You can set the temperature from super hot to fairly low, but i’m not getting the point of doing so. If i want to cook something low and slow, i’ll use a crock pot (which costs far less than this unit) or a dutch oven. If i need a sear, i’ll use a frying pan. And if i need to make rice, i’ll do it in a pot. The capacity also isn’t humongous: i’ve got a crock pot that’s larger, and a dutch oven the same size. And as for the ‘intelliprobe controls,’ well, i don’t get that either. It’s not really monitoring the temperature of meats that are cooking though i suppose it may monitor the overall interior temp.

Love the fact that i can cook two things at one time. Had to figure out how to use it.

I am so happy that i purchased this, it’s perfect for all my steamer needs. I actually wanted something that would keep tamales warm for get togethers and i used it for a super bowl party, i was able to keep 8 tamales in the basket without burning them. I would just add more in the basket as they were being eaten. I have used it for steaming veggies and potatoes to, it proved to be fast and easy and the vegetables had a great taste. This was a great investment and the price was fantastic.

Intelli-Probe digital controls offer one-touch rice-specific settings for easy programming, plus an exclusive 500-Degree sear function that’s the only of its kind in the market

This is the second one of these i purchased. I have one for myself and wanted this one for a special friend. She likes it as much as i do.

The george foreman multi-cooker is the best electric multicooker i’ve ever owned. I’ve been using it quite a bit, and have gotten fantastic results each time. The cooker does stir fry very well. It also browns hamburger super fast. We even used it to make hashbrowns, which turned out perfectly and didn’t stick at all. The george foreman multicooker also turned out a fabulous pot roast in about half the time. The cooker heats up quickly and cooks consistently. The non-stick surface is easy to clean. Foods can be browned using very little oil. The only complaint i have about the cooker, and it is a very small complaint, is that it must be hand-washed.

Apparently it’s not made for a rice cooker, i’ve tried several times but it doesn’t cook the rice well, but it makes soups and stews like a pro, and by setting it the lowest heat setting it keeps my soup or stew warm all day without burning to the bottom.

I have had this multi-cooker for three months. Since it did not come with a manual and recipes, i have been a little perplexed at times. It is an attractive appliance and cleans up like a dream. What amazes me is that it has such a wide temperature range, it can even sear meat. I made beef stew in the multi-cooker and seared the meat, but apparently cut the meat in too small pieces and it over-cooked it very quickly. I was pleased to be able to thicken the stew, something that is almost impossible to do in a crockpot because of the low temperatures. Holding the stew on warm, however, seemed to overcook it. This is a very hot cookermy attempt with stir fry was quite successful and we will definitely use it for this again. As with all recipes it will take a little tweeking to get it just the way we like it. Our absolute favorite was chicken & dumplings.

Many multipurpose devices do not perform any particular task very well: the proverbial jack-of-all-trades, master of none. This interesting cooker is different. It appears to work as well as single task devices for a number of functions. First, this is a rice cooker. After making multiple pots of rice, i have to say it works quite well. It is a step down from our zojirushi but a definite step up from a few other rice cookers my wife and i have owned. Congee, in particular, turns out very good. I put in leftover turkey bones, threw in rice, water, and some ginger as described in joy of cooking. It also does very well as a steamer.

Only drawback is there are not any instructions on how to use the timer feature but it works great.

I absolutely love this thing — i use it everyday for a variety of meals — it is so versatile. The only thing which keeps it from getting 5 stars is it really isn’t non-stick — and as some others have noted the non-stick surface does flake off over time — i have only used plastic implements with this item so its not user error causing the surface to fail. In spite of this, i will probably order another one, once this one dies.

Removable stainless steel steaming basket plus tempered glass lid with adjustable steam vent let you steam vegetables and fish as you cook rice for healthy meals in minutes

It took us some time to get used to how long to cook rice with this unit without burning it. It would have been nice to have a recipe cookbook included (not just the pdf o the website) – but they’re usually well below $10 at a local borders / barnes&noble. All in all, a good addition to the kitchen. Cleaning is easy and this gives us extra incentive to use it in various rice / meat / vegetable combinations.

Elegant removable pan lets you cook and serve in the same dish for kitchen-to-table portability that minimizes cleanup

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