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This was our second george foreman grv80. We use it nearly every day for everything from cooking bacon to grilled cheese sandwiches to grilling veggies, chicken, fish, steaks etc. I love reheating french fries in this because it gets them crispy again. I even use it to toast tortillas so that i don’t have to fry them. They are a bit of a pain to clean but if you remember to put a wet rag or wet paper towels in it to soak it, it makes it much easier. This version doesn’t have the removable plates for easy cleaning but it is cheaper so i make due. The non stick coating does eventually start to wear off so don’t use anything abrasive on it. Ours stays on the counter year round because i use it so much. Someday i might upgrade to one of their adjustable heat and removable plate models but in the meanwhile this is a great size and works well.We got rid of our outside grill because i enjoy this more.

We bought this to replace another george foreman. This new one is lighter, seems more flimsy. The size is ok, wish is was a little bigger but i liked the shape of this one.

I had a george foreman grill given to me about 8-10 years ago. Unfortunately the hinge broke, i bought this as a replacement. The original one was of better quality. This works, but is of cheaper material than the original. I could not find the original model i owned. Here are the specifications for the George Foreman GRV80 Contemporary Grill:

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  • Family sized 80 square inch grilling surface
  • Extended safe touch handle
  • Patented slope design and nonstick cooking surface
  • George tough nonstick coating and signature Foreman heating element
  • Dishwasher safe accessories include unique spatula and drip tray

I just got my george foreman contemporary grill today. On the picture it looks white but its really silver. I’ve already cooked chicken, shrimp, salmon, corn on the cob, and a quesadilla. Cooking surface is 80 sq inches and it’s small enough to fit on our kitchen counter without looking too bulky but big enough to cook for me, my wife, and my 5 year old son. I tend to over cook my food because i haven’t gotten used to it cooking soo fast but i’m starting to figure it out. I think i’m going to start preparing my food in the morning (marinating meats, cutting vegetables and whatnot) to cut down cooking time even more.Just wipe down the hot grill with a sponge and dry off with a kitchen towel. Me and my wife are on a diet so this grill is going to make it easier to keep us on track. Highly recommended to anyone.

The grill works great for chicken. Grilled sandwiches are great and easy. I would recommend this to anyone.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Easy to use and clean up
  • Great machine, which makes great tasting
  • Five Stars

This product is good for us older people. It’s fast for all meats and veggies for simple quick easy meals.

Works like a charm, the only downfall for me is that the grill part isn’t removable to be washed; but if you just use a wet cloth or paper towels the grill wipes off very easily.

We’ve had several george foreman grills, and this is my favorite. It’s easy to clean, and i like the size and shape.

I have grilled chicken pork beef. Made grilled cheese and other grilled sandwiches. My gas grill doesn’t see much action anymore due to the gf grill.

You won’t find a negative comment here. I love the size and the ease of clean up. Other commenters stated that placing a wet paper towel on it and closing it after cooking allowed for easy clean up. My poor oven and stove are going to start feeling more and more left out.

I will be looking to get another for my best friend as a gift.

I use this grill often enough that it remains on the kitchen counter. A thin-cut ribeye is ready in about 4 minutes. A salmon filet goes on the grill frozen solid, and is cooked and ready to eat in 10 to 12 minutes. Makes great hamburgers, and there’s no greasy spatter on the counter after cooking. Cleaning can be a chore, which is the only reason i didn’t give this grill a full 5-star rating.

We use this to cook 1/2 of our dinner. It’s great for cooking chicken and other meats quickly. Warning: it will dry chicken out so be sure to use extra seasoning. It’s great for roasting veggies, making paninis, and other grilled sandwiches. We couldn’t do without it in our kitchen now.

Great product cuts down on cooking time. Really like the extended handle. Only downside is that i wish i would have bought a little bit bigger grill. Other than that so far no complaints.

It heats up quickly & does a good job, however it did not come with the advertised (in brochure) plastic grill scraper & i do not want to purchase it for $3+.

I’ve had my george foreman grv80 for six months and am completely satisfied with it. I use it at least five times a week for my family. I make everything from fish sticks to pizza on it. It only has one setting (very hot) so i’m limited to what i can make. As a ‘starter’ grill i think this one is great. The nonstick surface makes clean up easy. If you want to do more things with your grill (i. , make pancakes, cookies and waffles) then i would look into getting a grill with interchangeable plates. I also like the sloped grill so all of the fat drips away from the food.

Every time i use it i wish there was on off switch to control the grill. Mostly i have used it to grill vegetables and burgers.

I can cook almost anything on it. It will last you forever too.

This grill makes everything, i would recommend this to everyone. It is very fast when you want to make burgers or simply grill some chicken indoors.

I got my grill a month ago and love it. I was reluctant to get one because some of the reviews said it’s really difficult to clean. May i suggest that you clean the grill while it’s still very warm. If you let it cool down the food particles sticks to the grill. Just warm it up again and you can clean it up in a snap.

Finally got around to purchasing one of these things. Eversince growing up in the 90’s i could remember watching george foreman himself trying to sells these on tv. The only thing i am disapointed about the grill is that i am still somehow burning my chicken breast. . The instructions itself says to not use cooking spray ie. Pam but if you wanted to you may dabbed a little oil on the grill, tried that and my chicken breasts still burn. Set it to cook for 15-20 minutes and sometimes the chicken is still raw inside, not sure what i’m doing wrong but i still love this machine for it’s potential.

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