George Foreman GR10ABWI Champ Grill, Withdrawal from “George”

I can only attest the use of cooking hamburgers on the george foreman grill, as it is the only use the grill sees. The cleaning isn’t that easy, but this is coming from someone who usually leaves dishes in the sink overnight. I find that sprinkling water on the grill after cooking (i. , while it is still warm) helps loosen any food; laying a moist paper towel and closing the grill while you finish eating helps ease cleaning later, as well. I don’t enjoy cleaning the drip container either, though lately, i’ve come up with a solution: place a layer of paper towel in the container, so that when it comes time to empty it, you can just throw out the paper towels, and rinse the container out. Paper towels have many uses. )aside from the cleaning aspect, there are a couple other downsides. I used the bun warmer before, but found that it doesn’t warm the buns that much, given the temperature that is used to cook the burgers itself.

I received this grill as a re-gift from someone who doesn’t know how to cook anything besides biscuits and gravy. An indoor grill wasn’t something this person would even know what to do with. And what a lucky break for me. I have used it to cook everything.I have grilled ocean scallops to perfection. They were tender and perfectly carmelized on the top and bottom. I have made marinated shish-ke-bob using filet mignon, and they came out better than any steak i have ever cooked. Tender, juicy and cooked just the way we like them (medium-rare). I have grilled chicken breast. I have grilled vegetables: onions, zucchini, mushrooms, and even butternut squash slices. I even grilled plums, which i later topped with blue cheese crumbles for a special dinner we had. I have also made an assortment of terrific panninis with it as well–perfect grill marks, perfect crunch to the bread, perfect ooze to any cheese on the bread. Everytime, things come out perfectly. My husband raves about any dish that i serve that is made on this grill.

I heartily agree with the positive assessments below. It cooks fast, evenly, and thoroughly without charring (read the cooking instructions and use quality meats,for god’s sake–it can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear). I only cook for my husband and myself, so the size is perfect, and the easy clean-up is great (i really hate the kitchen :.1)opening and closing the bun warmer while cooking the meat can be a little tricky– using a potholder is too clumsy to flip the latch, so you have to be very careful not to touch the top of the grill plate when you do it. (2) lift the lid gently– it’s well-balanced, but if you flip it up too hard or too fast it rocks back (i don’t think it would tip over backwards,but. (3) large, flat patties cook up better than fat patties, but you can only cook one of these at a time. I can’t wait to start ‘experimenting’.

Key specs for George Foreman GR10ABWI Champ Grill with Bun Warmer, Indigo:

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  • Great for grilling burgers, fish, vegetables
  • Includes dishwasher-safe plastic drip tray and spatula
  • Also includes bun warmer
  • Patented grill grooves let oil run off while food is cooking
  • Interior wipes clean easily

Comments from buyers

“Beautiful but small
, all in one machine
, Beware what you ask for

This is an absolutely fantastic product. It has totally revolutionized how i cook. I make everything from sandwiches to fajitas on this. It cooks vegetables, meat, you name it. Not only does it reduce fat and grease, it cooks well. Cooking times are shortened. Even if it weren’t for the obvious health benefits, i would use this.

Love the foreman grill the larger the better.

I can cook, but i don’t approach the task of cooking meat easily. I’m always afraid i’ll undercook it, or leave out a step in the process – preserving the salmonella and killing my friends and family somehow. (usually, as a result of my fear, i always overcooked meat, leaving it tough and unappetizing, though not deadly. )when i received the george foreman grill this christmas, i issued myself a challenge. I’d learn to cook meat without being afraid. I started with turkey burgers, unseasoned. The no-stick surface was easy to clean. The instructions even specified how long to cook particular pieces of meat, turkey burgers, vegetables, hamburgers at four and eight ounces, etc. Everything on the list is fast, too.

This grill works best with hamburgers and pre-cooked hot dogs. I seldom used the bun warmer though. The only drawback was the grill plates could not be removed to facilitate eassier cleanups. This eventually made me dread cooking on it because it was such a tedious task to degrease and rinse. The next one i buy will definitely be the one with removable plates.

Alone and hungry with only a microwave to guide me, i decided to go out on a limb and pick up the george foreman grill with bun warmer. I, like many other people, had been wary of it at first because of its infomercial roots, but once i found one with its wonderful indigo coloration to liven up my kitchen, the road to health was once again on track. Now, i’m not certain if my appetite would revert back to its more meager, less george oriented, fast food beginnings. Believe me when i saw that this item is some sort of modern technological miracle, making food taste like food and cleanup easy for even the most unmotivated of souls. Add to that the fact that food preparation 101 isn’t required, something good for a person who survives without cooking but needs more than a drive-thru menu, and you have the perfect compliment for any ‘chef. ‘ i simply spray a little butter into the beast’s maw, keeping anything from sticking to it while it drains away unspeakably greasy things that i’m glad it rids my food of, and then i finish cleaning it off after my cooking is done by taking a wet papertowel and throwing it into the still warm (unplugged) machine. After a few minutes everything comes off in a snap, keeping my belly from needing to burden itself after a feeding frenzy. Add to that the fact that this precious commodity also heats up hotdog/hamburger buns, and you have yourself a child worthy of adoption.

This grill is great for cooking single portions. If you are trying to cook a family dinner i would go with a larger model. Overall this is a great product. Cleaning is a pain which i hear is better with the new models that have a removable plate. If you have stuff stuck on i recommend plugging it in for a few seconds then wiping it down with a paper towel. Be careful not to burn yourself. I think the only two other problems i have with this product is the lack of an on/off switch and the flimsiness of the bun warmer. After a few uses the warmer lid will flap around due to the poor manufacturing of the switch. Overall though for the price it is a great deal. If i were to buy one again i would get a slightly larger model with the removable plate.

This grill is the best thing that has happened to my kitchen. Being a single college student and not having lots of time like most of us. This grill has prefected for me cooking (grilling) that is faster and better then mom’s. Everything you cook on this grill has to be so much healthly then old fashion grilling. George patented design for this grill let you see what you use to eat with your meat. Now you can enjoy your meats without the extra stuff. I love this grill so much that i brought 2 of my friends a grill.

Don’t get me wrong, i really like my george foreman. I just think that they tend to be a little overrated. I do love how the grease drips off because i don’t like greasy, oily foods. I think that i will appreciate this item even more when i have to cook all of the meals. If they were to make an improvement on this item, maybe they could add a little section when you could warm vegetables or something.

I love the idea of the grill & it really does work; however i am giving it only 3 stars. The product itself is wonderful & would be good for winter days or those of us w/ small apartments, etc. And it does cut down cooking time by about 1/2 or more. If you are a big ‘fish’ person, i would not suggest using this grill. My husband & i received it as a gift & everything was great until we used it for salmon. We cleaned it extremely well, as usual, but the next time we used it for something else, the salmon smell seeped into our kitchen & food; also had the salmon taste. The grills are pourous, so if you plan on cooking a lot of different items, i would reccommend the grill w/ the removable plates so you can soak them. Not sure if anyone else had this trouble, but trust me, we cleaned it.

I don’t know when i got this little grill. I put it on the shelf and left it. I had a larger black & decker grill & used it. ’till it didn’t get hot enough any more. So i decided to give this a try. I had a ham & grilled cheese sandwich cooked on this little grill for lunch today. Some of the cheese oozed out onto the grill and stuck. While it was still hot (but unplugged) i soaked paper towel and laid on the grill a few minutes.

In terms of taste and convenience, i have to give this item5 stars – – it cooks quickly and evenly and the food comes out immersed in flavor – – i happen to be a master at either over or undercooking almost anything i make. Not a single thing i cooked came out burnt or raw in the middle. – – and get this – – we cooked a delicious chicken breast (with the bone) using nothing more than a bit of salt and pepper. And it came out just perfect. Nice, juicy and flavorful – – and the whole meal took less than 5 minutes to cook – – and even less to clean up. . The non-stick surface let’s you wipe the schmaltz away in seconds, and before you know it you can store it away. Another amazing point is that its smoke free – – though i love the smell of roasted garlic and fried onions, it was nice for to be able to make them without smelling or smoking up the house. Only two things you should be aware of – – first i happen to a professional jazz organist, and the grill (especially the lid part) seemed like something that might be too easy to get burned on, especially when you’re using that spatula it comes with(grilled chicken yes – – grilled hand – – no no – – bad one’s next gig or boxing match ) and the other thing is that it doesn’t have an on/off switch. It heats up almost instantly when you plug it in. I’d hate to find out what would happen though if you forgot to take the plug out – – so you definitely need to remind yourself to pull the plug when you’re finished .

The gf grill with bun warmer is perfect for the small family 2-3. You can cook meat or poultry in minutes and the bun warmer is key to hamburgers of grilled chicken sandwich. I recommend cleaning using a scotchbite pad. The grime comes off in just a few strokes without damageing the non-stick surface.

This grill is quick and easy to use and clean, but will only accommodate 1 sandwich or piece of meat (besides hot dogs) without making a mess. It would be ok for one person, but if you’re cooking for 2 you should look for a larger george foreman such as the george foreman gr19bwbc contemporary design grill with bun warmer, black which we recently upgraded to. It seems like the bun warmer lids on most gf grills break off easily, and ours was done for a long time ago. The bun warmer almost works better without the lid, though. Even if you’re just cooking for 1, i’d recommend going with a gf grill that’s a little bigger and nicer.

I bought mine recently and love it. I’m a single person who normally eats out of the microwave and get impatient when it takes more than 5 minutes for some dishes. But i do love to cook but ran out of time with my job nowadays and this does the perfect job of allowing me to cook quickly and clean up just as quickly. Of note, some people are bothered by the small size. It’s just me so it’s perfect and possibly perfect for 2 people. Get a bigger size if you cook for a lot of people.

This little unit does its job perfectly. It’s compact, convenient, simple to use and easy to clean. The only downside is the size — even when cooking one meal for one person, this unit can too small for the job.You have to do them separately or break one in half. Definitely get and use the foreman grill. But give serious thought to a larger size.

I just wanted to say how i love this thing. Being a college student in a shared dorm, this works when i don’t want to eat soup. I can just take out a boneless, skinless chicken breast, a steak, or even some hot dogs and cook these items in less than 10 minutes well done. I even put my vegetables and spices on the grill with my food as well for an extra flavor. To me, its funny how the fat just come right off the meat and drip into the tray. It is so versatile as a warmer and a grill and i dont have to have any additional accessories. I got rid of my microwave because all i ever do is use this thing. Thank you george forman for making something for students. (and everyone else too, of course) the color even accents my room :).

I must admit, i was not a fan of the george foreman grill when it was introduced. The concept seemed ludicrous, like those old hot dog cookers that ‘electrocuted’ the dogs to cook them. Or the snackmaster, which claimed you could make fresh pies in minutes with two slices of bread and a can of filling (all you really got was a hot, gooey mess). I couldn’t believe george’s ‘wundergrill’ would be any better. In fact, i figured it had to be worse. The george foreman grill delivers everything it promises, and then some. It cooks foods fast, with relatively low mess, and the taste is wonderful. The heat sears the outside, creating those delicious, carmelized grill marks. But the cooking is so quick, the insides don’t get dried out or tough.

This is a great grilling system. It will palin take out most of the fat of all your favortie foods like burgers, hot dogs, fish, and steak. This even has a upper section to let you grill your buns and make them nice and crisp for your eating pleasure. This also cook your food within five minutes which can be very convienate if you need something quick. The fat from the food goes into a little tray for an easy cleanup. This comes small so you can fit it anywhere i would have preferd it a little bigger for more grilling in less time. So to sum up this thing is awsome i reccomend that you get one especially if you want to lose a few pounds.

This has to be the best grill ever made. I love my george foreman champ grill so much i bought a second one, and one for the kids. We all love our george foreman electric grill.It’s not a traditional charcoal grill. It could be useful in smaller spaces like porches, easy to use, easy to clean, cuts fat (never hurts, right?), and a good back-up grill or a quick solution to throwing mini-bbqs. All without the hassle of buying, lighting, dumping coal, the smell of lighter fluid fumes and smoke. The only thing that really bugs me.

My wife received this as a gift from my mother for her birthday. I didn’t even know that my wife wanted one of these things–besides as i learned awhile back, i try to steer clear of any type of kitchen appliance as a birthday gift–no matter how practical the gift, it is not received with much appreciation ;)so far she has used it to cook perfect burgers in 5 min. , moist porkchops, and grilled tuna melt sandwhiches. Each item has come out great. The only downside has been that when gilling the sandwhich it squished the sandwhich a bit. This is because items must be 1′ thick to fit in between the two halves. The bread was perfectly toasted and it was fully heated throughout. It also cleans up quickly and easily. Just a quick wipe with a paper towel. It’s small size makes it easy to store.

I must admit, this is an excellent grill. The food i made with it was delicious, and the idea of a bun warrmer is mindblowing. But i found one of the major drawbacks of the grill is that, when provoked, it will attack and seriously wound anything that comes near it. We recently lost the family dog to a grill attack, and my wife was forced to get stiches on her right arm after atttemtping to heat up a sandwich. While these setbacks did bring about some hesitation in my decision to keep the grill, we just can’t let this baby go. Its too effective, almost in a hypnotic way. The george foreman grill may be a sometimes dangerous alternative to conventional cookery, but nothing that makes food this delicious can be pure evil, at least in my book.