GE PT9800SHSS Combination Wall Oven, would highly recommend.

Everything i expected, would highly recommend.

We have only been using this for a few weeks, but initial impressions are very good. We wanted to create space in a redone kitchen so opted to get rid of our double oven and microwave and go with this combo. As we used the 2nd oven infrequently, we believe this to be the best use of space – it opens the space over our range top. The microwave cook feature works well – we did a frozen pizza in it the other day. While not getting the crust as crispy as we normally like, it was fine and browned. It is a bit of an inconvenience to trade out the trays as different ones need to be used for the oven function than used with the microwave. We will certainly use it mostly in the microwave function. Settings are easy to use and the look is a clean modern look.

Its everything i hoped it would be and more.

Key specs for GE PT9800SHSS Combination Wall Oven:

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  • Wirelessly control oven functions from your smartphone
  • Large and small dishes brown evenly with two, full-coverage elements
  • A bright, interactive touch screen makes it fun and easy to program the oven

Comments from buyers

“but initial impressions are very good. We wanted to create space in a redone
, The lower oven is great, however
, This unit looks great. Hubby and I installed it ourselves

Hubby and i installed it ourselves. It’s not difficult if you have some electrical/remodeling experience. The oven takes a while to heat up. I’ve used the top as an oven and really didn’t notice much of a speed difference between using the top or the bottom. The advantium top is supposed to be faster. I just didn’t get that result. I still love the option of having two ovens if i need it.

Very easy to use and works great. I don’t use the top oven as a microwave, but do use it as a makeshift toaster oven. The speed cook function is terrific. In the main oven, the steam cleaning doesn’t seem to work that well. It leaves a residue and everything is soaked when it is done but i usually try to keep it clean by wiping it out on a regular basis instead of trying to clean it after it becomes a mess. Minor issues but i would still recommend.

Have had my ge for 3 months still working great .

Exceeded expectations would highly reccomend.

I love using this modern microwave and convection oven. I did research two months before i made my choice.

The lower oven is great, however, the speed cook smaller oven on top is questionable. Doesn’t always thoroughly cook the food without burning the top of it. The top over does not offer a normal bake setting; only convection bake. The lower oven cooks very evenly, true to temperature, easy to clean up spills.

I’ve had this for about 3 weeks now, and so far it’s been absolutely amazing. One of the first things i was anxious to try was making hamburgers, which while they lack that dark flame-grilled look and taste you get on an outside grill, they are well cooked and juicy in just a few minutes. I tried it with the metal pan that comes with the oven first, but then i bought the grille tray made for this oven (comes separately from the ge website, which had the best online price) and they came out even better because the ridges in the tray lift them up out of the cooking juices/grease. Since mom lives with me, it’s great to have a very user-friendly interface. I was replacing a thermidor double oven, and this one is so much quieter. Another reviewer noted that the preheat time is a little longish, and while i agree, the speed cook function for many foods that doesn’t require preheating due to the instant halogen heat in the upper advantium oven. I bought this model on the recommendation of a neighbor who adores hers, and i must say the advice was spot-on. I can actually see the progress dinner is making without having to open up the door. The only advice i would give you is that since the lighting is led, your food won’t look as brown as it would in an older oven with incandescent lighting which is not as bright, so at first you might be tempted to overcook things a bit while looking for that nice golden-brown on your muffins or what have you. The automatic settings for weight and food type have worked well for me so far, and the defrost mode is almost as good as my old samsung over-the-range microwave (which was the be all-end all of microwaves for me, but won’t fit in my new kitchen). It comes with a cookbook that has speed-cook adjusted recipes, and i have found that pinterest has several as well. I haven’t had it long enough to need to customize or convert any recipes to speed cook mode, but there are so many settings for food types, quantity and weight that i may not need to.