GE JES2051SNSS Countertop Microwave : Lasted Under 3 Years; New Version Lacks Critical Features

It is very large for a microwave other than that its working great. I would not purchase another one because of the size.

This is a nearly exact replica of the ge je1860sb (lasted 12 years) made in korea, via the lg corp, but lacking the 9 year warantee on the magnatron. The china version is dimensionally the same but with a different face and comes with only a 1 year warantee on the mag. I only bought this unit since it fits the je1860 built in trim kit, requiring only a 3/16″ shimming on the left side of the trim kit lower pan. It seems that all of the microwave manufacturers have severly reduced the quality of their products and i don’t expect this microwave to last more than a few years, but since a trim kit cost about as much as the microwave itself, one is left with few options.

So that we are on a fair playing field check the price of this at home depot. You will find a marked difference.

  • Powerful microwave that heats uniformly
  • best microwave ever
  • Easy to usegreat sizesleek looking

GE JES2051SNSS Countertop Microwave, 2.0

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  • Auto and time defrost
  • Extra-large 16″ turntable

This my third ge microwave which i replaced due to a kitchen upgrade. It has all the features you could want and it is large enough to fit most anything.

Meets general expectations of a microwave of it’s size. It is also somewhat louder than i would expect and off gases voc during operation to more than i would expect.

Having to replace mine so going with the exact thing. Old one died last night after working for only 11 years. And yes, we used the heck out of it.

Love it, be careful very powerful.

I was disappointed that my jes2051sn2ss microwave (manufactured april 2015) only lasted for 32 months of light use. The microwave still looked like it was operating properly (display, lights and sounds) but failed to heat anything up. Based on other reviews here, i’m not the only customer to experience an early failure with this model. Although the longevity fell short of my expectations, since i really liked its capacity, features, and overall performance i decided to replace it with the same ge model. I found that the store is currently selling a jes2051sn3ss model (manufactured december 2017) which looked extremely similar to my defective microwave (and is likewise labeled jes2051snss on the outer packaging). However, once i started using the new unit i found it had some very disappointing design changes compared to the previous version:deficient display. The display on the old model was large and featured prompting for various functions with scrolling english phrases and could be read from multiple directions and heights. The new display is smaller overall, lacks any prompting and the last digit in the display is not visible if you are more than a foot to the right (when facing the microwave). This is disappointing since the time of day and cook time remaining are the main reasons i look at the microwave. The microwave is in the left corner of my kitchen so i am always looking at it from the right and running into this.

After replacing two higher-end microwaves after about 4 years each, i gave up and bought this cheapie (you can easily pick this model up for less than two hundred bucks at a big-box home store). I’m convinced at this point that most small appliances just don’t last anymore, and microwaves in particular get not just heavy use but also heavy abuse (those darn kids) in my house. This model is pretty big (2. It has the speed times where you can simply press the number pad and it starts automatically and runs for that many minutes, no need to also click start. You can add 30 seconds in increments by just pressing that button, even while it is running. It has additional options for defrost, popcorn, the usual stuff. Does the job, looks pretty good (my old trim kit fit this one to finish it out as a built-in), and didn’t break the bank. Shop around and you won’t cry either if it breaks down after 2-3 years. Update: well, as predicted, this microwave bit the dust just short of the 3-year mark. First the reheat sensor got finicky, then poof.Common culprit seems to be the internal fuse, but i’m not interested in opening up all the guts to find and deal with it.

Had to replace our built in ge microwave with a countertop version. Had been very happy with the built in so looked to another ge. Initially, i was satisfied with it, but here i am 4. 5 months into owning it and it starts making a “growling” noise. Determined it’s the turntable motor. Should be in warranty, and i have an email into ge now asking about it. If i have to replace it myself, it looks like an extremely easy job. But ge’s appliance website wants $61 for the part (assuming they won’t send me out a replacement part for free). Amazon has it for about half the price. I see the little turntable motor is made, where else, china.

It match the one that went bad.

Excellent microwave, good power, accurate cooking times.

This is a great counter top microwave, because of the size we place it on a microwave cart. Comes with many pre programmed functions. The best option i found is it can be operated on silent mode. You can switch off the beeps completely. This is a vital part of my kitchen.

I was actually expecting this microwave to be as good as the one i bought 10 years ago. When the door shuts it sounds like tin. I still have the other one up, so compared 30 seconds on high with one cup of water in using identical coffee cups. The new microwave, this one, which is supposed to be more powerful, came out tepid…luke warm at best. My old microwave (same model at 1150 instead of 1250) was hot. I’m going to keep it for awhile and see if it perks up and starts heating properly. Otherwise, it is going back.

I like everything about this microwave. I love that it has a large glass tray inside that revolves while microwaving and that it can be removed and easily be cleaned. Also, love that it can hold large casseroles. I am happy with its sleek, contemporary design as it matches my other ge appliances.

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