GATCO Sharpeners Gatco 10005 5-Stone sharpening system – Works good.

With the ‘easy grip, clamp mount’, it is convenient to use at a table. (for larger knives, attach to a short piece of shelving for a more stable base. )the kit contains all of the stones necessary to take a kitchen knife to razor sharp. After the initial sharpening, only 2 stones are necessary to re-sharpen that edge. I received my kit with one of the tabs broken in the box that holds the stones in place. The vendor (picnic world) contacted me to see if everything was okay with my order. I replied about the broken tab and that i thought it was the factory’s fault, not the vendor. The vendor contacted the factory and the factory supplied a replacement that the vendor forwarded to me. Great customer service on the part of the factory and the vendor.

I have struggled with using a regular stone to sharpen my knives, it seems to take a skill that i dont possess. This kit makes it really easy to keep the right angle and get an incredibly sharp blade. It takes a little be of time to get it right, but once you do it it leaves the blade super sharp.

Takes a little practice but sharpens well.

This gives way better results than using a wet stone.

Wanted to take the next step and get some of my old blades back up to snuff. Decided to try out this kit and have not been disappointed. Even a few old work knives that i use for gardening (read: dull as a brick from years of digging around roots) could be re-profiled and an edge put back on. The blade holder is a bit hinky. Some blades are hard to keep seated and the two shallow angle will hit the holder with the stone without touching the blade on smaller blades. After re-profiling a few thicker blades with the coarsest stone i will definitely be picking up a diamond stone for that job. The coarse stone works, just takes forever. Overall i’d recommend this for a novice, with an understanding of the limitations i’ve found. Puts a wicked edge back on your old blades.

Just like my old one bought almost 30 years ago.

  • Great kit. I have struggled with using a regular
  • better than the competition
  • I like it

My son-in-law was very pleased with christmas gift.

Pros:-after modifications, it really does get my folding knives ‘shave’ sharp – so sharp that it’s almost evil. So sharp that it’s actually scary to open the blades on my folding knives. -the coarseness graduation works very well, and is useful for re-shaping new knives. Cons:-i had to use a metal file to shave down the top edges of the aluminum clamp. For anything that requires 19 degrees or less, the stones will cut into the clamp, and the pores fill up with aluminum making the stones useless. This is a design flaw and not unique to my usage of the product. -i added marker points with a black magic marker to the stone rods because you never know exactly how far to pull them out from the stones. Something like this should be done at the factory. -opening the plastic box: kinda nit picking here, but i imagine few people have a hand large enough to open the box with one hand. To open it, i turn the box so the front faces away from me, and then use two hands to get the top open.

Got this set with the thought of trying to put a useful edge on my non-matching collection of 30 year old, cheapest you can get, kitchen knives. After a little bit of a learning curve, this set began to work very well for what i wanted. Except, for the amount of metal i had to remove to get past pits and dings and rust, i should have gone with the diamond. This set worked, but it took quite some time. I will also say that, this set doesn’t get super fine grit. More than enough for my kitchening needs, but nothing like shaving sharp. Unfortunately, after only a couple knives done, i made the mistake of working the next knife before the family went to bed, and turning my head to answer a question, i dropped the coarsest stone on the tile floor and the glue holding the stone popped off. So the set is now just about useless for the rest of my knives, as i have too much re-profiling of edges to do to make any headway without that stone. Also, these stones are very thirsty, yes. But i found them to work well when treated correctly.

Great sharpener works great and is quick, very easy to use. Instructions are very easy to read. Wish the clamp was a bit better but thats all.

The packaging from amazon was bad. The product was allowed to slide around in the box. Thankfully it came in its own hard case and that was not damaged at all. My brother knows a lot more about these things than i do and he wanted this item. That is good enough for me to say it is worth buying.

Features of Gatco 10005 5-Stone sharpening system

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  • Comes with angle clamp
  • Includes honing oil
  • Includes custom caring case with instructions
  • Comes with angle clamp
  • Includes custom caring case with instructions

From the manufacturer

No.10005 Gatco Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening System


The system includes:

  • Gatco exclusive knife clamp/angle guide
  • Extra-coarse sharpening hone (Black)
  • Coarse sharpening hone (Yellow)
  • Medium sharpening hone (Green)
  • Fine sharpening hone (Red)
  • Serrated knife sharpening hone (Blue)
  • Scientifically formulated honing oil
  • Custom case

Gatco Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening System

All Items are stores neatly inside of a custom carrying case.

This is the ultimate knife sharpening system that will sharpen all kitchen,sport,and utility cutlery including knives and cutting tools with serrated blades. Never before has a sharpening system done so much! This specialty product utilizes the Gatco exclusive knife clamp/angle guide to ensure that all cutting tools can be easily sharpened to a precise razor-like edge.

Easy-to-Follow Knife Sharpening Instructions

Complete, easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions are permanently attached to the custom case lid.

What It Sharpens:

  • Sport and Utility Cutlery: serrated pocket knives, plain edge pocket knives, serrated sports knives, hunting knives, skinning knives, survival knives, hawk bill carpet knives, razor knives, tactical knives, fillet knives, gut hook knives, swiss army knives, multi-tool knives

  • Kitchen Cutlery: chef’s knives, paring knives, boning knives, meat slicing knives, butcher’s steaking knives, serrated bread knives, serrated utility knives.


Gatco Ultimate Finishing Hone

Provides surgical finish to final cutting edge. Made of 96% alumina ceramic, it is the finest hone ever produced.

Integral sliding guide rod easily slides out for use and in for storage.


Sharpening hone handle is ergonomically designed to reduce hand, wrist and arm fatigue. Safety rails protect finger tips.

Extra-Coarse Sharpening Hone

Fastest cutting.

Sharpens damaged edges and extremely dull blades.


Sharpening hone handle is ergonomically designed to reduce hand, wrist and arm fatigue. Safety rails protect finger tips.

Coarse Sharpening Hone

Fast Cutting.

Resharpens dull knives.


Sharpening hone handle is ergonomically designed to reduce hand, wrist and arm fatigue. Safety rails protect finger tips.

Medium Sharpening Hone

Quickly restores dull blades.


Sharpening hone handle is ergonomically designed to reduce hand, wrist and arm fatigue. Safety rails protect finger tips.

Fine Sharpening Hone

Produces keen cutting edge.


Extra-Coarse Sharpening Hone


Coarse Sharpening Hone


Medium Sharpening Hone


Fine Sharpening Hone

Sharpening Instructions:




Step 1:

Attach clamp to knife blade. Loosen screws to slide spine of knife blade in clamp. Tighten screws.

Step 2:

Features an adjustable sliding guide rod and finger protection rails.

Pull out the adjustable guidance rod from the hone holder.

Step 3:

Sharpening procedure:

  • Apply thin coat of honing oil to the stone.
  • Hold clamp with knife attached as shown above.
  • Insert guide rod into appropriate angle in upper section of clamp.
  • Push stone holder straight forward, lift, return, and overlap as you work your way down the blade.
  • Turn clamp over and repeat procedure.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 with rest of stones working from coarse to fine. Be sure to sharpen at the same angle with each stone.


Knife clamp / angle guide is larger, provides for easier grip

Finger screws adjust easily without the need of a coin or screwdriver.

  • Angle 11 degrees – Most narrow bevel, produces razor sharp edges. For Xacto blades and razor blades. Requires frequent resharpening
  • Angle 15 degrees – Superior sharpness for woodcarving instruments and thin specialty blades
  • Angle 19 degrees – Fine edge excellent for fillet and boning knives
  • Angle 22 degrees – Ideal for kitchen cutlery and other high quality knives
  • Angle 25 degrees – Wider bevel; more durable edge. Perfect for pocket, folding, hunting, and fixed blades
  • Angle 30 degrees – Widest bevel, longest lasting edge. For all utility cutlery, carpet, linoleum, electrician’s, and serrated blades

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by entering your model number.

I have to admit i was looking at the expensive $160. 00 sharpeners and read the 4 reviews for this item. They all claimed that it was great so i figured i would give it a try. Initial reaction when i first opened the box was. This looks like a pile of junk2. After reading the directions: i got swindled. This looks like a pile of junk3. After using it for the first time: wow.

Guides are to short, and the stones are soaking up the oil like sponges. This is not like the one i purchased in the 1980’s and loved.

This product works well for me; i’ve had it for around 15 years. I’d suggest the following improvements:1. Like others have found, the case is hard to open. The colored handles on the stones are a bit too small to get a good grip. Also, the grip texture is quite lacking once they and your hands get oily. It’s hard to read the angle labels on the clamp. Instead of the numbers being raised, they should be recessed.

Does just what it says it will dois hard to keep knife in the jig sometimes but for the most part it works goodmight get another one once i can figure out how to use the clamping jig better.

I’ve been using this set for 20 years and it’s fantastic. I like to keep my knives razor sharp and like new. This makes it easy and prevents ruining knife edges from free handing it.

Well it sharpens very very well but is a little slow to use. The sharpening stone is pretty narrow so it takes a bit of patience but it does sharpen to a razor edge.

Comes with angle clamp

I was tired of buying sharpening kits. I purchased an electric that works ok but not good enough. This sharpener takes more effort but does a nice job of sharpening knives. There is some skill involved but common sense will tell you everything you need to knowi would recommend this product.

Like this product because the stones are wider than the other brand. That being said, a narrower stone may work better for a small blade such as a pen style pocket knife.

Overall, this is a good knife-sharpening system. It has everything you need for a range of blades, all in one case. This system tries so hard to address a range of edges that it doesn’t do the extremes very well. I bought this system for sharpening kitchen knives of various sizes and uses. It doesn’t work well on the finer blades, as they slip around and the angle doesn’t stay consistent. As well, on the larger blades, longer knives, the angle doesn’t seem to stay consistent with them, either. The premise of aligning the rods in the notches for the precise angle is a great idea, but it still doesn’t compensate for variance in knife styles. Generally speaking, the system is a bit awkward to use. There is no external lock or fastener. Rather, it’s opened by pressing against the lid edge, and an inner catch is released. It takes a bit of maneuvering with both hands to get the case open. Sharpening seems to work best with mid-sized blades that aren’t terribly long, in terms of stability, consistency of filing, and ability to equally reach the full length of the blade. Smaller and larger knives, the clamp is tedious to secure, the rods aren’t long/stable enough, and the guide angle gets lost closest to the knife point.

Did a fine job sharpening a dull knife, but the stones are difficult to keep clean. Maybe its just my ignorance, but i can’t get the buildup off the stones. This seems to reduce the effectiveness, but overall it is a good product. In hindsight, i might have bought the diamond stones. Only because i don’t think they have the buildup problem.

For the past five years l have been a treenware carver(wooden spoons mostly) and have come to appreciate the value of a truly sharp knife. This system has provided me with a fast, safe, and easy way to keep my knives sharp as a razor. I bought the accessory holder for the system and have mounted it on a board which l then clamp to the table edge. This gives me the freedom to use both hands as l want and actually speeds the sharpening process. One caution: don’t brag about the system or you could end up being the ‘go-to-guy’ for all friends needing a sharp knife.

Works like a charm, probably too well for my clumsy hands. Made my knife sharp, keeps it sharp.

Includes honing oil

For the past four years i have used my hunting buddy’s sharpening system. I finally decided to buy my own, and it is as good as they get. The day after i bought mine, i brought the sharpening system to work. About four other knives were sharpened that day. Just the other day i used the sharpening system on my machete. Suffice to say, it got scary sharp. I definitely recommend this sharpening system.

The first knife i sharpened was my fishing filet knife. It put a razor sharp edge on it. It was a bit time consuming to use and the base i purchased along with it helped greatly, but you must screw it down to the bench when using it. Negatively speaking, this sharpener can only sharpen one side of the blade at a time. Then you have to flip it over in its base and sharpen the other. Not too big of a deal but it does upset the rhythm you create once you begin sharpening. Would be nicer if you could sharpen both sides simultaneously like the sharpener sold by wicked edge. A bit pricy, but the best and last sharpener you will ever buy. A friend of mine bought it and says it is unbelievable and sooooo easy to use. You can even sharpen your razors with it.

A good sharpening system for most knives. Smaller knives with narrow blades such as boning and pocket knives are not easily sharpened because the clamp cannot hold the blade without slipping. There is a slot to clamp these narrow blades but it is also too narrow to hold the blade if any force is necessary to sharpen the blade. If you insert the blade further into the clamp the sharpening stone contacts the clamp itself and you end up filing off the edge of the clamp. This is not a disaster but it does not get your knife sharpened. If you work carefully, most kitchen knives, hunting knives,etc. Do not expect the edge you would get on top quality german or japanese cutlery that has a polished edge. A polished edge can be produced if you add additional finer surfaced stones and a strop.

Follow the directions and you’re all set. As you would expect with precision equipment, its not designed for 6th graders. My 15 yr old is sharpening everything in sight and doing a fine job, too. Best edges on my sabatiers since i bought them.

This is not a bad set, i had to pick it vs the other option i wanted because of shipping constraints. The case is poor, and the guide rods are too short depending on the knife and angle. Also they are not reversible on the stones. Be sure to add an ultra fine stone, the fine stone is still rather coarse for finish work.

Not accurate in maintaining correct angle.

This is my go to sharpening system. It has all the angles and is so simple to use ( directions are printed on inside of case)the gatco 10005 5-stone sharpening system really gets the knives in my household sharp. I use number 25 for my pocket knife that i carry with me everywhere and it gets it as sharp as a razor ( i show my buddies how sharp my knife is by shaving some hairs from my arm)this is my choice for sharpening, it’s simple to use and gives you consistent results every timei also love the fact that it has a stone in there for sharpening serrated blades ( no oil to be used on them)i would for sure recommend this product to anyone really serious about having sharp knives.

Includes custom caring case with instructions

I have tried many different knife sharpening systems and this is the first one that actually works. I took our old dull kitchen knives (which were exspensive to begin with) and was able to put a razor sharp edge back on them. I thought i was going to have to buy new knives and this set saved me a bundle. It took three passes because they were really dull but it worked great. I was also able to put a new edge on my pocket and hunting knives on the first pass. I haven’t tried it yet on serrated knives, but i have no doubt it will work.

I sit at my desk, watch youtube and sharpen my knives.

Gatco 5-stone sharpening system – no more should be said. Ordered extra clip to mount on workbench.

A cookbook i just got recommended this sharpener right when i was contemplating taking my 20 plus year old whusthof knives to be professionally sharpened. I read the reviews– the consensus was that this worked great and was well worth the relatively cheap price. I bought this kit along with the grip device the was also recommended. I sharpened all my knives in about 30 minutes, and that included figuring out what i was doing. The first thing i sliced was a tomato– like butter. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Comes with extra coarse, coarse, medium, and fine sharpening stones. As well as a stone for sharpening serrated blades. Was able to sharpen all sizes of blades without an issue everything from small pocket knives to large kitchen knives. Just follow instructions it comes with or watch one of their five minute videos on youtube. It gave perfect sharp edge every time. If doing many knives at once can get a little tiring holding the clamp so recommend putting it in a vice or purchasing their handle made for sharpener. If your having trouble with the clamp or your blade is not coming out right your doing something wrong. Follow instructions and it’s very easy to use. Don’t have to apply a super amount of pressure when sharpening either.

Comes with angle clamp

Gatco makes the best clamp for this type of guided sharpener. I do wish the rods were longer, though.

This is the best sharpener i have used, and i have used several. I like the rods attached to the stones, i like the multi positional guides, i like the large stones. So far i have only one reservation and that is how it grabs the knife. That takes some adjusting to get it just right. A little bit better grip on the clap would be nice, like the fluted edge on a vice, maybe. All in all, though this one does it best.

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