FoodSaver Vac 800 Vacuum-Sealing Kit : Well worth the investment

I shop a lot at the wholesale clubs and i asked to get this for christmas after a friend recommended it. I love it, my favorite thing to vacuum are my coffee beans. I am from seattle, we are fanatics about our coffee 🙂 i have also found that the large packs of chicken do not go bad in my freezer now and come out looking great. I have used it now almost 100 times in a few months and it has worked flawlessly. I have a couple of accessories for my machine, at first the accessory hook up did not work but it turned out i just did not have plugged in tight enough, after that was fixed it has also worked great.

I purchased the tilia foodsaver 800 from the infomercial a few months ago with a lot of skepticism as to its performance and was ready to send it back for a refund if it turned out to be a piece of junk. Well, let me tell you, this thing is unbelievable. I absolutely love it and tell everyone how pleased i am with it. I’ve been able to keep cut up lettuce fresh for about a week, with out ever getting brown or soggy in the foodsaver canisters. Onion halfs which would usually stink up the fridge can stay for weeks in beautiful condition in the bags. Strawberries and even raspberries, which normally go bad in the matter of 3 days, are edible for longer. I used to throw out so much food, like cheese, fish, & produce – it was really a sin. Even my husband, who never has anything good to say, says that the foodsaver was really worth the money. Now tilia is offering new produce saving canisters, so you don’t have to blanch your vegetables before you vacum seal them.

FoodSaver Vac 800 Vacuum-Sealing Kit, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Two hand press and hold operation enables easy vacuum packaging
  • Built-in roll storage holds 8-inch or 11-inch FoodSaver rolls
  • Built-in bag cutter cuts bags in either direction for easy bag making
  • 2-level sealing time adjustment switch controls the length of the sealing process
  • Accessory port allows vacuum packaging in cans, jars, bottles and canisters

This thing’s great for making like meals in a jar and using it putting your oxygen absorbers in there this is great stuff man i like this thing.

I received this item from my husband for our anniversary last week (at my direct request 🙂 after watching the late night infomercials and looking at it in the stores for a long time. I must say, this product delivers everything that it claims. I just opened the box, read the brief instructions, watched the video, set it on my kitchen counter,and off i went. It worked the first try, and i have been vacuum packaging everything from blocks of cheese and flour tortillas to ground sirloin and chicken. The only thing to consider is that you have to press down on the lid with both hands to complete the process, and, if you have any physical or medical limitations, you might want to upgrade to the newer model that allows one touch automatic sealing. All in all, i think i will be using this for many years to come, and can finally save $ and food at my membership wholesale club instead of throwing half of it out each month. Thank you tilia for making a product that delivers what it promises.

I am writing a review about an item that went out of production about a decade ago, but here goes. I picked this thing up last week in new condition at a local thrift store for five dollars. Yesterday, i put it to use vacuum sealing thin cuts of cooked elk meat. After a few minutes of trial and error, the sealer worked marvelously. It pulled a good tight vacuum on all bagged meat. When i cook, i usually cook a lot at once, and weigh out portions for convenience as i eat throughout the week. This sealer will now allow me to cook a lot more at a time, without the worry of freezer burn or freezer drying. I also practiced sealing jerky from my dehydrator, and it performed up to task. I give it five stars for function. I dock two stars for the following reasons.

FoodSaver Vac 800 Vacuum-Sealing Kit, White : I have owned the foodsaver 800 for at least 7 years. It is an essential part of my kitchen. Recently, the bottom gasket disintegrated. I couldn’t find a replacement anywhere. So, i started shopping for a new machine. I was distressed by the number of negative reviews of the new foodsaver models. Finally, i stumbled upon a model 800 that was still available through amazon. I got the last one that particular vendor had.

This product is very efficient. It seals my bags well and quickly. I am very happy with the investment.

I’ve had my foodsaver for about 9 months now. I absolutely love this thing. I bought it spur of the moment and at the time wondered if like all new toys it would be used heavily for the first couple months and then get tucked away in a cabinet never to be heard from again. I still use it now as much as i did in the beginning. It’s extremely easy to use and works very well. The warehouse stores have such great deals and good quality meat and fish, but you have to buy in such large quantities that freezing is a necessity. Now i freeze individual portions and can keep them for extended periods of time. I just recently defrosted a piece of salmon that i had marinated and sealed in march. It tasted like i had just bought it that day.

I bought my foodsaver 800 over two years ago and it has paid for itself many times over. I now purchase the meat i want when it goes on sale at great prices and then make my own bags and freeze it. The savings of buying meat this way is unbelievable. The food comes out of the freezer as fresh as the day i sealed it. This model is basic and simple to use. You can buy a model with added features, but why?. This one is perfect and does the job well.

Like how this model works and the choices to use bags or canisters. Had one before and liked it.

I recently purchased the food saver vac 800. Does a great job at vacuuming the packages. Only one problem i am very disappointed at how to start the sealing process. One must press and hold the cover in order for the vacuum to work. It gets kinda annoying and tiring.

I’m not happy with this particular model. It does make a good seal, but it takes a lot of pressure to hold that thing down to get it to seal. It’s tiringand, sometimes it won’t start to seal. For some reason (the bag isn’t in the exact right spot) it doesn’t think it’s done sucking and i think ‘good enough. You can ‘just’ tell it to seal anyway. But since i have to be pressing so hard with two hands to keep it working, this requires a 2nd personi’ve used my sisters and it isn’t so difficult, so i’d buy a different model.