Focus Electrics, LLC West Bend 79586 6-Quart Capacity Electric Wok : Great Wok

I have an electric stove and attempting to get a standard wok to work on it is more than a pain in the you know what. I have hesitated for years to purchase an electric one and when i saw a street vendor in china using one i thought, ‘hey, this looks ok’. I got this one for the wattage and ability to heat up fast and cook fast. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

West Bend 79586 6-Quart Capacity Electric Wok (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Very happy with my new wok which replaces another west bend i’ve had for a long tome. I do like the old temperature controller better simply because it had the preferred cooking temperatures various items right on the controller. The new one has only he temperature on the dial so you have to remember what temp is best or use your recipe book. Still wish it had a single handle so you could remove items from wok with a spoon. This one you have to hold both small handles to tip items from wok to plate of bowl.

Heats up quickly, cooks even. Me to as he prepares dinner occasionally now.

Very satisfied with this order.

West Bend 79586 6-Quart Capacity Electric Wok (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : It wasn’t worth the price that was asked , the temperature control is weak and cheap as is the whole wok flimsy is the word for this wok , wont recomend.

Makes stir fry and clean up so much easier. Only problem is location of temp dial, needs to be further out and easier to use, but still glad we bought this.

We finally had to replace the one we had for ten years. Spent a long time finding with a recessed bowl in the bottom like our old one. The bowl is not quite as deep, but it works great. I can still separate the vegetables to keep them from getting over cooked.

The wok heats up very quickly. However, the location of the plug-in control is a little inconvenient and the dial is a little difficult to use because it is located just below and a little to the left of a handle. It would be better if the control plug were 90 deg between the two handles.

I had wanted one for several years after my old one kicked the bucket. This is far more streamlined than my old one. Works great and cleans like a dream.

Food stuck to the bottom of my old wok so i needed a new one. I’ve only used this one a few times, but it seems great. It has a temperature setting instead of just high, med and low. I like this, as its more accurate.

Works just as good as the old one did when it was new.

Decided to replace our 32 year old west bend electric wok that we received as a wedding gift. We love chinese food so my wife probably used our old wok once a week. It still worked, but it just started looking old. We have already used this new one 3 times and it seems to be the same quality as as old one, but with base and other improvements. It came packaged in the west bend box like you would expect a computer to come in.

I am delighted with the electric westbend electric wok i bought from amazon recently. It replaced the one i had where the teflon was scratched. This one is coated with silver stone and i love it. I only miss the bright red cover of my former one. I tried to fit it on this one but it didn’t match completely.

Looks more expensive then it is. I like that it has degrees marked off on the plug. Also a light that lets you know when the temperature is reached.

I had an orange west bend wok that i got as a wedding gift in my twenties. It lasted forever and worked so well. I used it to make chili, beef stew and chicken taco/burritos, and of course asian dishes. When it finally gave out i wanted another west bend.

Beautiful, cooks well and cleans up like a dream. Thanksi enjoy cooking with it.

Haven’t had a wok in many years. Got this one and are very satisfied. Heats fast, heat control good food does not stick.

My mother bought a west bend wok in the early 1980’s and it was finally time to replace it, so i bought her this one for christmas. She loves it, it heats almost instantly, so much so it actually surprised us, to hear and see the oil boil within 10 seconds. We enjoy cooking with this wok, and at such a great price why not. The only disadvantage is the length of the power cord, which is only 25 inches. We will hang on to this wok for another 30 years.

This new west bend wok is very similar to my old one but seems to cook even faster.

It’s great and just what we needed.

This was a christmas wish and this west bend wok more than filled the bill. Very satisfied with this product.