Farberware Open Hearth Broiler & Rotisserie : Mine is still in use today after over 35 years

I had one of these in the 70’s. . Loved it then but it got lost in my many moves. Purchased my replacement on amazon and couldn’t be happier. It works like a charm and is easy to clean.

I had this farberware rotisserie. The exact same model has been in my mothers kitchen and mine for over 48 years. Cooks perfect pork and beef tenderloin, steaks and wings. I recently passed it along to my son and now he is cooking on it. What is shocking is the $400. 00 price tag the company is asking for it. No one should pay that amount for it.

A lot of not disclosed shipping and exchange costs that made the item too expensive.

All items included works just fine.

  • Can’t go wrong with old school cookware
  • Does a great job
  • Loved it then but it got lost in my many

Farberware Open Hearth Broiler & Rotisserie

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Thank you for sending this to me. I originally had one of these and it got lost when i was moving. So i thought i would try to replace it, for they don’t make it anymore. Thank you so much i will surely enjoy it. It arrived in good condition.

One of the legs was broken – we glued it and it was fine. The motor was also broken, upon opening the cover it was discovered that a gear was loose – it still needs to be repaired.

The flavor of the food is better than cooking on your grill. No one should live without one of these.

The farberware open hearth rotisserie is amazing. That said, i would never ever pay nearly $400 for one. These are old- from the 60s-70s. We have two of them that we have gotten at estate sales over the years. Never paying more than $20 in southern california. When we come across one we buy it- sometimes it is just parts that we use for backup. You can make the most delicious chicken- a real family favorite.

My mom has one of these and i borrowed it last night to use as a grill. It was easy to use (i used it indoors), and was very easy to clean since the whole thing comes apart do not leave it unattended, however. I noticed the electrical cord became quite warm which probably isn’t a good sign and i feel like a very greasy meat might provide fuel for a fire. Keep some baking soda handy when you use it. That being said, i didn’t worry too much as i cooked last night, and the flank steak i made with it was delicious. Bottom line, if you’re in the market for one of these, i wouldn’t pay more than $50 (try to pay less, as a matter of fact) because they are old, possibly dangerous, and you might not be able to repair/replace worn parts.

I never got the productsomeone stole it off my door step. I was so looking forward to it as well. My mom use to have one, and it made the best steaks and burgers.

Excellent appliance, it is a shame that farberware doesn’t make it anymore.

Lost my old one in move to new location so i had to get new one. Last one i had for 20 years, and i swear, not a thing has been changed on it. For once someone knew’ do not mess up a good thing’. Easy to clean and replacement part easy to get.

Had the same one for 32 years had to get the same one just love it.

Mine is still in use today after over 35 years. Tomorrow, roasting a boneless stuffed turkey during the football game – can’t wait.

One is 40 years old and one 30 years old. I have made sure to pick up spare parts at garage sales. I have had to replace one plug that goes to an outlet over the years. I had one electric element fail during this time. Whenever i saw one at a garage sale at a good price ( $10 ) i bought it and either fixed it up for a gift or used the parts to upgrade my own units. Compared to a “set it and forget it” it takes longer to cook with, but is far easier to clean. For duck or goose it cannot be beat. I do not use it for grilling because i have cast iron skillets for steaks and chops, but i do love the ease of properly cooking skewered foods in that it is easy to rotate the skewers. If you can get your hands on a complete unit, you will not be disappointed but be in wonderment.

For years, i lamented about my grandparents rotisserie and would compare every rotisserie to theirs and the others would just come up short in my opinion. In searching for a rotisserie for the umpteenth time, how i came across this i have no idea; i was excited as it was the exact model my grandparents used. Seller answered all of my questions promptly. Received it faster than it was originally stated – which made me very happy. When it arrived, my husband laughed as i was like a little kid at christmas. Cleaned all of the pieces and put a whole chicken on it yesterday and it came out great. We have a pork shoulder roast on it right now and it’s looking good (we’ve had to block the kitchen off as our dogs keep circling the counter with their noses up high. Glad to see i can find parts for it if/when ever needed around the web though and the free instructions on another site. Overall, we’re very happy with our purchase as i am sure it will get a lot of use.

From the picture that tells me that this is what i purchased, it was not. It did not come with the rotisserie attachment. You have to read the fine print further down to see that it only came with the grill and you could not return it.

Love it and it is easy to wash.

We had one of these when i was a kid, used it all the time for bacon, burger patties, hot dogs, steaks, grilling buns. We never did use the rotisserie feature, i am looking forward to trying it out. The heating element can be pulled out, so cleaning is easy – just the drip pan, grate, and open pan.

I cooked on ours last weekend. After 43 years it still cooks to perfection. After sitting without use for a while i did have to take the rotisserie motor apart to lube it. But it was simple and runs quietly.

I enjoyed my farberware open hearth broiler rotisserie and prepared a beautiful prime rib for a birthday dinner party and two days later was preparing a pork loin for a christmas dinner and the motor was dead. What a great disappointment. Any chance i could get a replacement or my money back?.

This is our 2nd one and it works great. The first one we had also work great but due to down sizing we sold it now that we have a little more room we purchased the second one which shows how much we like it and how well it cooks. We use it as a rotisserie and the food cook evenly. If you like rotisserie food then this is a excellent purchase. This does require a lot of room for storage when not in use. Also i think farberware stop making them.