Fagor Portable 1800 Watt Induction PRO Magnetic Cooktop : Portable Induction cooktop

Excellent item comes in handy, will cut gas bill also. Very safe to use as described by seller.

This works and looks terrific, so far. I’ve only been using it a few days.

Fagor Portable 1800 Watt Induction PRO Magnetic Cooktop, Black – 670041900

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  • Temperature setting range from 140°F – 465°F
  • Durable, easy to clean with a high quality, heat resistant glass surface
  • Uses up to 1800 watts of power
  • Built-in timer of up to 180 minutes that can be adjusted by minutes
  • Digital display shows actual cooking temperature which can be increased and decreased by 10 degree increments

If you think gas is the ‘thing to cook with’, forget it. This is the most precise cooking imaginable. Starts up to desired temperate in one second, and there is no ‘gas ring’ where there is heat versus no heat. The entire pan is evenly heated and no hot spots. Perfect for serving table and keeping large meals warm.

Any induction ready cookware will work great. It beeps a lot though for unexplained reasons. It’s not annoying, just a little strange. Also this is very easy to clean, for many reasons. This actually sits on top of my crappy samsung induction range.

Several of my friends and family recommended this and i am very pleased with it. Cooler than cooking on my electric range which has been especially good with all the hot weather we have been having this summer.

Fagor Portable 1800 Watt Induction PRO Magnetic Cooktop, Black – 670041900 : Maintains temps very well and in fact could be used to safely melt chocolate and make candy. Making iced tea is no longer a challenge. Just load with water and tea, set the temperature and the timer for 5 minutes and it automatically shuts down for the steep. A little corn starch a drop of oil at setting 3 and perfect scrambled eggs almost instantly, and if you are using an electric stove this device is instantaneous. The buttons are touch sensors under the glass top so no worry of wearing out. I use a paper towel on the cook top so any splattered are taken care of by a quick swipe and replaced with fresh towels.

Amazing, just like the old fagor i broke.

I bought this so that i could cook while my gas line was being repaired. I had no range for six weeks. That was months ago and i still use the induction ring constantly. It’s easy to clean and easy to use although it’s not ideal for everything. Because the heat is created in the metal of tge pan and it appears to be very even, it hears up very quickly. If i want to boil watee fast i always use it. But i often switch to the gas for very fine-tuned low simmers of sauces because the on-off cycle on low temperatures is a little peaky. But for fast boil or simmering water (pasta, eggs) it’s fine. I am happy to do most things on it.

I bought this cooktop for xmas for my wife because it can accommodate a large pot. The black glossy surface is very actractive and the controls include settings for warm, simmer, boil, high boil, saute, brown and sear, with the temperature displayed for each. Simmer is for example 180 f. The temperature can also be changed in 10 f increments. However the heating of the top surface is extremely non-uniform. I placed a half-stick of butter in a large pot and set the temperature to simmer. I then went off and quickly peeled an onion. When i came back, a small area near the back of the pot had scorched butter while the rest of the butter was simply melted.The temperatures also seem inaccurate.

Love this this portable stovetop.

I bought this induction plate because the top and temperature control buttons are all under a glass surface. I had previously owned a duxtop, which had the control buttons under a plastic surface. Because of the plastic surface,both of my duxtops broke down after about a year and a half of continual use. I like the glass surface feature of the fagor, but the temperature control is not nearly as good as the duxtop. With the duxtop i could set it at 140 degrees and even cook sous vide. If i set it at 140, water will come to a boil. If i try to sear or brown something, i have to keep adjusting temperatures.

I saw this product on gizwiz podcast. It uses induction type cooking. My pots are magnetic and suitable for this fast way of heating the pot or sauce pan. I have an existing black ceramic electric cool top that this product matches as if it came with it. I have enjoyed using this greatly. It takes just seconds for the pan to heat up. You can control the temperatures very accurately. It does take a few times (meaning burnt food as it heats up so quickly) in a learning curve but after that it is great. In fact, when i use the regular burner on the stove i get inpatient now.

I like this product using cooper pans which heats quickly and evenly unlike my electric stove. This cooktop is my substitute until we eventually replace our stove with gas. I also like the temperature setting where it tells you what temp to use for any type of cooking for example, browning or boiling.

Well designed and performs consistently. Easy to use and easy to clean. My husband bought this so he can better control the temp on his pressure cooker, and it works great. We’ve only had this item for a short time, but he loves it, and does not use anything else to cook on.

Works great, presets take some time getting used to.

This is our second one as the first developed mystical issues and quit. Manufacturer wasn’t friendly enough to assist with warranty so don’t bother contacting them. This product is a great asset to the rv, with limited space. One problem with these fagors is the pan wants to slide off plate so make sure you have level surface and it will still slide but maybe not as much.

Wish my cooktop was induction.

Fast shipping, great product.

Very happy with my purchase and would buy it again. Easy to clean glass surface. Very fast heat up for sautéing (have everything ready before turning the unit on. )a little slow when it comes to bringing a large kettle full of water to a boil. Product has 8 preset temperatures from 140 – 465 but i have found a slight hack:if you select simmer it will show a temperature of 140. Hitting the +- buttons will let you go up by 10 degrees each click which gives you 33 temperature settings. But if you start on the boil setting of 212, you can dial it up and down over all the setting ending in ‘2’ for 33 more temperature settings. In a similar manner, if you start at saute or 465, you have 33 more temperature settings. So all in all, you have access to 99 different temperature setting between 140 and 465.

Having used fagor products in spain for years, i was eager to see how well this new technology from fagor stacked up to other induction cooktops. I got this initially as a gift for my niece, but am keeping this one and getting another for her. We had to test it out, of course, and it is remarkable. The instructions do say to have all your ingredients prepped and ready to go, and this is very true, as there is almost no lag time between starting up and up to speed; heat is instantaneous. Getting water up to boil is quick and it bounces back quickly after adding (eg. It took a few tries to find the optimal settings for scrambling eggs, pancakes and such, but i checked on line for the equivalent temperature settings for an electric skillet and those work very well. Im not too concerned as some have expressed over the limit on the timer, and in fact i have already been ‘saved’ by the timer auto off, when distracted by the phone. I don’t forsee needing more than two or three hours time anyway, since i plan on using this cooktop especially with my fagor pressure cooker.

I just bought my second one of these units (i let plastic side get too close to another hot surface and melted it, only cosmetic damage, but i decided to get a nice new one when i moved). I use it instead of my range and love the thermostatic controls. Preset buttons give you selections of combined heat up rate and temperature. With a little practice you can select desire heating rate and use temperature arrows to dial the desired temperature up or down. I have learned (via experience) not to use higher than 300 degrees when using my nonstick cookware to avoid discolouring the ceramic coating. The fast warmup and quick cooling surface is great. But let’s be clear about basic physics: while the induction pan heats up quickly, it still takes the same amount of energy to heat a given amount of water. So, water won’t boil faster or food cook quicker as watts are watts regardless of how you convert it to heat. Unit shuts itself off if no induction pan is present after a few minutes and thermostat control prevents overheating pan. Since the glass cooking surface only gets heat from the hot pan bottom, nothing cooks to the glass and makes for easy clean up.

Bought this as a replacement for an older burton. Wanted something different after the burton (which we liked using) had a broken setting control switch. This one is ok and looks really nice on the counter. It has temperature setting rather than levels, although they would correspond. The temperature controls are only an estimate and, for temp sensitive recipes, i would use a food thermometer. The burton had both temp and power settings. I think the burton heated more rapidly but this works well and has a good range of temp settings.

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