Europrep Two Speed 200-Watt “Chef Series” Hand Blender : May have to limit usage

I use it often to beat eggs,whip small amounts of whipped cream and blend soups and sauces. Light chopping in attachment bowl. There is a lot of parts to store.

Very nice blender, was even more powerful than i expected. It did a very fast and thorough job blending soup.

EuroPrep Two Speed 200-Watt “Chef Series” Hand Blender, Stainless Steel Blade. With Chopper and Whisk

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  • Free Lift Gate Delivery on large units Included to get unit off the truck only
  • Blend right in the pot, baker or bowl
  • The shaft reaches deep in to the bowl to thoroughly blend all the ingredients
  • Ergonomic grip is designed for easy one touch control, Removable blending shaft makes cleaning a breeze and is dishwasher safe
  • Blade guard prevents splattering and ensure clean and safe operation

For me it works perfectly fine, i’m a student with limited budget and space. It is the perfect substitute of a big blender. Easy to wash and i make my natural juices, pancake preparation, chop the onions and tomatoes for italian pasta sauce and everything like that with it.

Thie europrep two speed hand blender does so much. It obviously has 2 speeds with easy push button control. The base attaches to 3 attachments it comes with; a whisk, chopper/grinder, and a shaft with a steel blade on it. It also comes with a mixing cup and a holder for the whisk & steel blade shaft. So in essense, i can now get rid of my old mixer that i make shakes with, my hand blender which will whisk eggs or make whipped cream and i can chop nuts or other grains. How convenient is that, 1 machine taking the place of 3 kitchen tools. I’ve already used it for chopping nuts, since it’s christmas season and i’m baking. I also used it to make my protein shakes, oh and btw, did i say that the cup has measurements on the side in ml and oz. , only downfall is it’s difficult to read.

I have too many appliances on my counter and was hoping i could get rid of the blender– putting it away for ‘special occasions’ instead of everyday use. I was also tired of washing out the whole big blender and lid every time i made a single serving smoothie. I read that this would make smoothies in a cup, so that was my primary reason for trying it– and it worked great.I used my own glass (needed a wide enough opening for the attachment to fit through, obviously, so only my biggest glasses worked), filled it with blueberries, strawberries, protein powder, bananas, milk, and yogurt, and about 30 seconds later it was perfectly blended and ready to drink. Worked just as well as my blender, and i just had to give the attachment a quick wash afterwards. It’s dishwasher safe, which is even cooler, but simple enough to handwash with soapy water. This has two speeds, and i have started on the lower speed and then finished with the higher speed once the bulk of the blending is done. I worried that it would splash out of the glass, but didn’t have any such problem. It comes with its own mixing cup, too, but that would defeat the purpose for me of not wanting another thing to wash.

EuroPrep Two Speed 200-Watt “Chef Series” Hand Blender, Stainless Steel Blade. With Chopper and Whisk : After ordering i realized it isn’t what i really wanted.

It’s been working fine for almost a year. No problems or damage at all. Given the price, i think it’s doing a fantastic job.

Given its value, it is very good gadget.

So far, it works very well, and i love having the two settings, as well as the whisk. What i haven’t liked is the strong plastic smell when i first got it (maybe it’s all plastics, but other items get aired out more so i don’t notice it). I also found the white plastic of the blender head is cut poorly – you can see the rough cut, which makes it look cheap (but just as functional), and also some black scratches on the plastic body.

Daughter loves this addition to her kitchen.

I bought this because i didn’t want to shell out the big bucks for the braun model. When i first opened it i was disappointed because 1) it smelled bad and 2) the plastic on the blender attachment looked like it had been cut in a junior high school introductory course to cutting plastics. Or, if you prefer, looked like it was whittled with a knife. I know this is a cosmetic issue, but it is the only reason i’m giving this product 4 stars and not 5. In america we’re used to our plastic having smooth, shiny perfect edges. After i ran it through the dishwasher just once, the bad smell completely disappeared. And i mean no trace of it whatsoever, and i’m very picky and wary about mystery plastics. Also, when i used it, i was delighted to find that it works every bit as well as the braun.

Excelent product and very easy to use,it is one of the best hand blender and recommend it 100% and fast shipping.

After 3 years still working fine, i paid next to nothing 13 or 14 bucks.

Was concerned when the manual warned that you can only run the motor for one minute at a time, followed by ten minutes cool down time, to avoid motor damage.

Christmas gift for daughter. She reports it is ‘fantastic’.

The stick blender and chopper work fine but the whisk is not functional. The stand was wobbly and everything kept falling, so i tossed it.

Super fast delivery, perfect product for making home beauty products.

This blender is surprisingly good for the price paid. The blender shaft did come with a small crack but we used it anyway. It’s not a commercial or heavy duty machine so it’s not made to run for long periods of time (as it says in the instruction manual). I have made shakes (milk and ice cream) with it and it whipped them up without a problem. I have used it to blend ice and while it does do a good job making it slushy, i’m not sure i’d use it as the ice seems likely to crack the blender shaft. I’ve also used it to puree tomatoes for soup and it worked well enough for my expectations. The food processor works fairly well considering it’s small and not heavy duty but does require some scraping of the sides between pulses on thicker mixes. The whisk is surprisingly efficient, but i’d ensure a large enough container to keep it from shooting it out as it creates a strong whirlpool effect. With each use the original crack has grown so today i contacted customer service. They were very prompt in their replies and are sending out a replacement part.

Great packaging and shipping.

The mecanism for attaching the parts to the main blender its delicate, plastics, so it needs to be handle with extra care. Besides that, it does the work just as any other hand blender for a very good price.

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