Euro Cuisine YM100 Automatic Yogurt Maker : Worth the extra money for automatic shut off

I read all the reviews for this yogurt maker before i bought it, and the only consistent negative was that the lids leak. Once or twice a jar got knocked over in my fridge and there was a small puddle of whey to clean up but it was no big deal. Then one fell over filled with strawberry compote and i didn’t see it. When i got home the entire top shelf of the fridge was covered with sticky pink goo, but the yogurt left in the jar was so thick and creamy i couldn’t believe it. It was better than any greek yogurt i have bought in the store. So for the next batch of yogurt i set out to do that on purpose. I make my yogurt with whole organic milk and either euro cuisine yogurt starter, or one of my own yogurts as a starter. After a 10 hour incubation i let the jars sit upright for one day to set, then i laid them on their sides in a shallow bowl. Within a few hours there was an inch of whey in the bottom of the bowl, after 8-12 hours it had released three times that much.

This is about the easiest and most convenient way to make homemade yogurt. It’s easy to operate, easy to clean, and most importantly it works well. A lot of the reviews and recipes written here are by people who are obviously very careful about their food. The problem is that finding some of the ingredients like raw milk is not easy for all of us to find. So, i’m going to give you the average person’s recipe (note: the instructions in the manual are not correct because it requires boiling 1. 3l of milk and then using only half of it which is pretty wasteful). I didn’t use any sort of fancy organic milk. I just went to the big supermarket chain and picked up a gallon of the standard 2% milk. Also, i didn’t use one of those culture starter kits, i just bought a quart of stonyfield plain yogurt (has 6 live active cultures, so i’m sure that’s as good as what will be in the culture starter packages).

I use it every other day nearly. You have to get used to the combination of ingredients to make the yogurt you liie, but once you get it the consistency is good. Heat the milk, cool,add starter, pour into maker, makeit takes 12 hours so put it in a place where it wont’ be disturbed.

I’ve used this many times and have absolutely no complaints about it. Works great and comes with a little recipe book so you can make lots of flavors.

  • Worth the extra money for automatic shut off
  • Makes great yogurt – but forget the little jars
  • Simple, elegant, space-saving yogurt maker!
  • Excellent Item For Healthy Living!
  • Euro Cuisine YM100 – Review
  • Makes great yogurt for less

Euro Cuisine YM100 Automatic Yogurt Maker

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Incredible yoghurt with some experimentation. There is a basic flaw with this type of machine in that it is supposed to keep the yoghurt at a specific temperature for a length of time. But as far as i can tell, it doesn’t have any kind of thermostat or thermometer actually measuring the temperature of the yoghurt. Instead, it just provides heat and you pray for good results. Fortunately though, you can make really good yoghurt with a little experimentation. Here’s what i’ve come up with:1. I don’t use the little jars at all. I use one 7-cup pyrex bowl with a blue plastic lid. Bring six cups of milk to 220 degrees on the stove, stirring continuously. Place the pot of milk in ice water in the sink until the temperature comes down to 110. Stir one cup of the warm milk and one single-serving plain yoghurt from the store together, directly in the pyrex until smooth (one minute).

Euro cuisine automatic yogurt maker – ym100. I wrote a negative review for the above, because i did not understand the electronic timer workings. Thought it did not work, when it was me who did not realize, how it works. Whas i surpriced, when a very nice fellow from euro-cuisine called me and explained it to me. A real treat in this day and age. After trying his suggestions, the ym-100 works flawlessly and i love it. I tried to delete my earlier review – but could not find it. Anyway, i enthusiasticly recommend this yogurt maker and euro-cuisine.

I have been making yogurt for at least 40 years. Most of the time i have allowed ambient heat do the job, because i’ve usually lived in hot climates. Usually i lost about one of every ten tries, often had variable results when it worked. Until about a year ago i resisted the idea of a silly automatic yogurt maker. Then my spouse gave me this one when she saw it on amazon and thought it might make my life easier. Since i have been using it i have not lost a single batch. The automatic timer is very useful, and the cups are a perfect size. The machine itself is well sealed, has no sharp edges and is easy to clean. There is a single complaint i have.

Efficient/inexpensive technique of making good yoghurt. By now you know from the other reviews that this machine rocks, so i won’t repeat all the praise. I’ve had it for over two years now, and make about two batches every week, and just wish i had found this earlier – like, 30 years earlier. A friend (hi bob) asked me today what to buy / how i use it so i figured i might as well publish here. If you like the technique, please vote this review up for others to see. So here goes: what you need:1. An extra set of jars (a bit overpriced but i tried substituting with baby food jars – doesn’t work well)3. Yoghurt starter packs like these: yogourmet casei bifidus acidophilus probiotic yogurt starter; the eurocuisine ones work just as well4. An old coffee carafe, or a new one like this one, with the handle removed so it can go in the microwave (because of the metal screws): mr.

Great machine for the diy “chef”. There are so many things i love about this yogurt maker. It is a simple machine, basically a kitchen top incubator. This is a rare and beautiful thing in this world climate of impressive difficult to use/program appliances. The machine has a dial to set the time, and then you press the red light to turn it on. It does what it is supposed to do and then beeps to let you know it is finished before turning off. This machine holds 7 jars and they are glass. This is important to me as we are trying to remove plastic from our kitchen to the greatest extent possible due to the chemical leaching.

I purchased this yogurt maker after first reading all the user reviews that i could find on the various units available. The reviews sounded like this was the best maker for the home user at a price that was reasonable. The unit arrived quickly, i washed everything well, and made a batch that night. It came out smooth,thick, and with a nice tart taste – just like the yogurt that i found overseas in my travels. I have since made several batches as my wife and i enjoy yogurt as part of our daily diet. I am very satisfied with the ease of use of this unit and the constantly smooth and creamy texture of the yogurt it produces. The jars are glass and easy to clean – which is much nicer than the other units that i have seen on the market. I am completely satisfied wiht this purchase and would highly recommend this unit to anyone wishing to start making their our natural yogurt.

Makes great yogurt – but forget the little jars. One of the main reasons i bought this unit was to make yogurt in glass jars instead of in plastic. But after getting tired very quickly of cleaning these little jars, i set them all aside and just use a pryrex 1. 75 quart glass bowl (the kind you can buy in many supermarkets) and just use it. It is so much more convenient. I just fill it almost to the top with milk or soy milk to measure, pour it into a pot to boil, and then after it cools a bit, pour it back into the pyrex bowl, put the rubber cover on the bowl, and place that into the yogurt maker without the plastic lid. 10-12 hours later, i have a big bowl (about a quart and a half) of yogurt and a very fast easy cleanup. The pyrex bowl fits perfectly in the maker, and then i put the lid on it and store it in the fridge. I know the little jars allow you to take one to work, but believe me, it isn’t worth the cleanup effort.

Worth the extra money for automatic shut off. I read a lot of reviews for the ym80 before buying and people complained about the lack of an automatic shut off. For an extra $10 this machine provides the shut off. My first batch of organic yogurt came out great. I think it is better for our health and environment to be eating yogurt out of glass jars and not adding a plastic container to the dump every time we eat yogurt. I made plain yogurt and added 2 tablespoons of dried organic milk. The yogurt was firm and nicely presented. It was somewhat tart so i added a tablespoon of honey just before eating, this added a little sweetness without taking away the yogurt flavor. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have some control over what they are putting in their system. You can make this yogurt with skim, 1%, 2% or whole milk, organic milk or local milk, or even goat’s milk.

I have found the timer to be unreliable, too. I wouldn’t have spent the extra ten bucks on the version with a timer if i had this information. Also, i didn’t find the directions particularly useful. I recommend doing some research on yogurt making to get the process right. I do have to recommend the book of yogurt. It really explains the process and a lot of great recipes and ideas for using the yogurt you produce.

Excellent item for healthy living. We purchased this item because my husband is diabetic and shouldn’t eat things with sugar in them, and he is also allergic to dairy products. We used the yogurt maker to make homemade soy yogurt (which it even says in the instructions that you can do). We used the boiling method for preperation and let it incubate for 10 hours (amount of time suggested in the instruction manual for fat free/skim milk). Also, we used the yogourmet brand yogurt starter because it is the only one available in the local marget. The yogurt is excellent, it has a wonderful flavor. My husband who has travelled througout europe and tried the yogurts avaiable there (before his allergy) says that this yogurt tastes like the real thing, like some of the excellent yogurt you can get in europe. In fact, he dislikes the characteristic soy taste in the soy milk but he said that if he was handed the yogurt we made from soy in a blind taste test he probably wouldn’t be able to tell that it was made with soy at all. We used westsoy brand unsweetened soy milk (the best tasting to us that is on the market). I highly recommend this product.

Great maker – my parents now have one too. . We use this every day so it’s had a lot of wear. The first one lasted about a year, this is our second. The trick to making some great yoghurt with it is to get the correct starter, heat the milk to the right temp and cool it to the right temp. Once you have all that worked out this heats it to the correct temperature so give you nice thick yoghurt. Ours is on a par with the greek yoghurt you can buy at the store for thickness. Plus the timer and cut off makes it really easy to just set it going when you go to bed and wake up to fresh yoghurt.

Great maker – my parents now have one too. . We use this every day so it’s had a lot of wear. The first one lasted about a year, this is our second. The trick to making some great yoghurt with it is to get the correct starter, heat the milk to the right temp and cool it to the right temp. Once you have all that worked out this heats it to the correct temperature so give you nice thick yoghurt. Ours is on a par with the greek yoghurt you can buy at the store for thickness. Plus the timer and cut off makes it really easy to just set it going when you go to bed and wake up to fresh yoghurt.

A number of things, the timer on this operates kinda funky. You have to set it prior to you change it on. I like to warm it up before i set my yogurt in it and it keeps a quite steady temp in between 112-118*f based on how heat my milk is when i place it in. Now i have created some dang around great yogurt with this. I use 2 oz basic yogurt, 1/four cup milk powder and 40 oz entire milk. I warmth the milk to one hundred seventy five–one hundred eighty*f and then amazing on the counter till about 115-a hundred and twenty*f. I also like to go away my yogurt out on the counter whilst the milk is cooling to heat it up. I then set it in for four hrs and put it in the fridge for at least three several hours. It yields a delectable mildly tart,fairly thick yogurt that is way much better in my opinion than any retailer purchased.

Will make wonderful yogurt for significantly less. I appreciate yogurt, but i gave it up when the grocery keep selling prices improved and the container size lessened. By probability i purchased an amish cookbook and found out numerous recipes for earning yogurt. When i saw how very simple it was to make your own, i acquired the euro cuisine automatic yogurt maker (ym100) in purchase to conveniently keep the continual 110 degrees f necessary for culturing. I finished up utilizing the recipe that is involved with the euro cuisine. All it involves is 3 components: forty two oz of milk (i use body fat-no cost), one/three cup of powdered milk (i like my yogurt thicker), and 6 oz of simple yogurt with are living cultures as a starter. I’ve designed excellent yogurt every time that’s just as superior, if not superior, than shop-acquired. The greatest component is, i can make it for all-around 50 percent the price tag of retail outlet-bought yogurt. Although i’ve read through that some folks skip this move, i recommend heating the milk to 180 levels as the enclosed recipe states.

Euro cuisine ym100 – evaluation. Enable me start off off by stating that i had never manufactured yogurt prior to shopping for this equipment. I viewed a great number of movies and read several approaches about how to make yogurt prior to even acquiring this equipment. Now that i have it, and have built yogurt effectively, i want to share my activities with you. If you will not want to browse the full review, just know this:1. Do not obtain the ym100, obtain the ym80. The timer on the ym100 is terrible. Just glance for the testimonials about how bad it is. For staying these types of a sucky timer, you may possibly as well just save the funds, and acquire the other a person. You should not trouble employing the very little cups. Choose up a pyrex storage 7-cup round dish with dim blue plastic protect, clear or pyrex no leak lids 7 cup spherical baking dish with plastic lid. These fit inside of the equipment and are so uncomplicated to clean up. If you want to use the tiny cups, use them to have the yogurt to function, but will not hassle employing them through the course of action of generating yogurt. I have extra some photos of the pyrex in the yogurt maker.

Takes apply to grasp this touchy device. I go through some of the other reviews that reported their units shut off far too early. I went to the euro cuisine web-site and it states the timing system is quite sensitive. The instruction information also states not to transfer the unit at all the moment cooking has begun. With that currently being reported, our initially batch did not set. I don’t know if it was moved (my husband swears he didn’t contact it) or if i did not established it long more than enough, but it was smelly, curdled milk and practically nothing even near to yogurt. I was a bit peeved that we squandered a quart of milk for that end result. The 2nd time, it was yogurt, but drinkable yogurt. We boiled the milk right before hand, and set the timer for seven several hours. Our little ones cherished the ‘drinking yogurt’ but i could not deal with the runny texture.

Easy, sophisticated, room-conserving yogurt maker. When i was a child, my mother made yogurt. It was not till i was about twelve or so that i even knew it could be bought at the shop. I assumed everyone’s mom made yogurt.Not too long ago, disgusted with the stage of preservatives and artificial substances in my food, and the risk of toxic compounds in the plastic that was made up of the food items, i resolved that it was time to make my individual yogurt just like my mom used to. I investigated a variety of yogurt makers and ultimately decided on the euro cuisine ym100. Here are the positives:one) straightforward to use. Earning yogurt is a little time consuming, but quite, very straightforward. This yogurt maker is extremely straightforward and straightforward. An odd variety of jars is effective out quite very well for those of us with an even quantity of yogurt eaters in the home. This way i often have a single jar leftover to use as a starter. three) the jars are numbered on the bottom. This tends to make it straightforward if you make additional than 1 batch to maintain monitor of which yogurt was produced when. They stack in my fridge just high-quality, and the lids are incredibly tough. five) quick to get added jars. I bought a pack of 8 extra jars, and they arrived with a distinct established of figures than the types that came with the yogurt maker. Brilliant6) it’s bought a timer, so if i really don’t detect that it really is time to convert it off, it’s going to shut alone off. This is a major in addition for me as i am fairly fast paced and would not generally don’t forget to examine it right on time.

Works excellent – try this recipe. It does exactly what it is intended to do. It is straightforward to use: just press the red button, set the dial for how quite a few several hours you require and presto.My yogurt, making use of two cans body fat free of charge evaporated skim milk (not sweetened condensed milk), some unwanted fat totally free lactaid milk to equivalent four cups milk, 1/four c. Dry milk and the yogourmet starter packet, took no much more than eight hrs, even although the manual states that using skim milk could just take thirteen hours. Not if you add some dry milk powder (nonfat). Completely set yogurt, creamy, custardy, loaded-tasting with no unwanted fat.