ERAVINO Professional Wine Opener Vertical Corkscrew – So easy to use!

What an attractive corkscrew. Let’s just start by the wonderful looks of this product. The streamline design makes it look very high class and expensive. The beautiful red and chrome really give it a nice pop of color. This doesn’t look like your typical corkscrew. The ease of use for this product is absolutely my favorite part. You can pretty much use this product one handed. Instead of twisting like a normal corkscrew the product does all of the twisting for you, you simply just push the silver lever down and the product does the work for you. Highly recommended*i received this item at a discounted review in exchange for an honest review*.

This may be the easiest wine opener that i have. I am an occasional wine drinker and my husband bought me a corkscrew 5 years ago that was very easy to use and lightweight. This is a lot easier but it does have some weight to it. The good thing about this corkscrew is that you don’t have to turn it to get the cork out.All you have to do is place it on top of the bottle and push down and then pull up and the cork is out. To remove the cork just push the handle down again the and cork pops out. So easy and so handy to have. It also comes with an extra screw to replace. The one thing i didn’t like was the foil cutter, although it works and cuts the foil in a clean circle it feels very flimsy like the gadget would break in my hand if held to tight. Also i didn’t like the finish on it.

Saw several reviews and my wife was looking for a new opener. She has always used the electronic ones but i got her this based on the reviews. It is now her favorite opener. We struggled with a few corks breaking with the electric one but this one has done a fantastic job. Would highly recommend if you are in the marked for a wine opener. Here are the specifications for the ERAVINO Professional Wine Opener Vertical Corkscrew:

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    by entering your model number.
  • This innovative wine opener lifts the cork from the bottle in just 3 seconds with the simple lift of the handle
  • The lever is die cast metal and chrome plated for a distinguished look on the bar or counter
  • Corkscrew pull stands up on a bottle and operates vertically to remove the cork; works on artificial corks and standard wine corks
  • beautiful candy apple finish looks great in any kitchen or bar

So much easier than my old rabbit.

I thought i had a good corkscrew already, but this one takes the cake–or rather, the cork–right out of wine tasting parties. It has a hood that slips over the bottle, with a corkscrew deep inside that grabs the cork right in the middle. All you have to do is lift the handle–and like magic, your bottle is open. We were emptying the bottle and passing it around for tastes in nothing flat, and everybody was marveling over this vertical corkscrew by eravino. It’s exceptionally heavy, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping on the bottle. I just wipe if with a damp towel. It also comes with an extra worm and foil cutter.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It is now her favorite opener. We struggled with a few corks breaking
  • Five Stars

Easy to use; nicely designed.

Got this for my sister for xmas and she loves it.

Appears to be of good quality. Given as a gift so don’t know if it’s been used yet.

Attractive finish, effective, easy to use. Not disappointed in the slightest. One of the best wine openers i have ever used.

I have this as a christmas gift to my brother. He likes it a lot but has some trouble ejecting the cork from the opener. Everyone said it just pops out but he can’t seem to get it to do that. Otherwise it’s very easy to use.

Excellent product and all was as expected including delivery on time. The person i gave it to was very pleased.

So happy with this as a gift for my husband.