Electrolux Frigidaire Professional 10-Cup Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker – First Class Cooker

And cake too, i tried it just to see if it would, and it came out perfect.

I’ve been using this cooker for rice only so far, despite it’s ability to cook a variety of other things. For rice, it’s been working perfectly, and it’s extremely easy to use. Just add the amount of rice via the included measuring cup, add water to the line on the cooking bowl, then set the texture of the rice (soft, medium, or hard) and cook. The cooker will automatically cook the rice perfectly, then entire into a warming mode to keep the rice warm for an extended period of time.

If you’d asked me a couple of weeks ago if i needed a rice cooker, i would have laughed. What’s so hard about cooking rice that you need an entire gadget just to do that one job?. Well, now that i have this rice cooker, i can happily say that while i don’t need it, i really love having it in my kitchena few years ago, i stopped using white rice and switched to brown rice. It took me a while to find a good cooking method (baking it in a casserole dish using an alton brown recipe), and i truly believed that was as good as brown rice could possibly get. After taking this rice cooker out of the box and prepping it according to the manual, i followed the directions for making brown rice. I measured two cups of rice, rinsed it, let it soak in warm water for an hour (as the manual suggested), drained it, put it into the cooker, added water to the two cup line, closed the lid, and chose the brown rice setting. About 40 minutes later, my rice was done. I could not believe how much better the texture was compared to the other cooking methods i’ve tried for brown rice. I’ve also skipped the soaking step and the rice came out just as tasty. What is great about this rice cooker is the variety of settings. In addition to brown or white rice, you can choose settings for quick cook, cake, tahdig, small quantity, reheat, steam, stew, soup, and oatmeal. Other features like a delayed start let you easily time the completion of the dish for a specific meal or time of day. The cooker has sensors to make sure each setting cooks food just right. The rice cooker is easy to clean and comes with a steaming basket, measuring cup, rice server, and ladle. Here are the specifications for the Electrolux Frigidaire Professional 10-Cup Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker:

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    by entering your model number.
  • 10-Cup dry rice capacity means plenty of cooked rice for the entire family
  • Takes the guesswork out of cooking rice with technology designed to make it your way
  • Easily cook white rice, brown rice, oatmeal, soups, stews, tahdig, cake and more
  • Cook every grain of rice in the pot evenly from top to bottom
  • Set it and forget it; Your food it hot, delicious and ready to eat when you get home

It is bery hard to read the lcd display (it is visible only when viewing from 90 degrees angle).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • We liked it but for the price it was larger and
  • Bad LCD display
  • Scrumptious Cake from a rice cooker of all things – astonishing versatility

We liked it but for the price it was larger and heavy than needed. Also the screen lcd was hard to see clearly. We opted instead for the wonderful tim3 machin3 rice cooker.

I’ve used this a couple of times so far just for rice and i love it. So much nicer than cooking it or getting the boil in bag varieties. Rice has come out perfect each time and i look forward to making total use of this in the future. If i find all functions are just as good, i will change this to a 5 star in the future.

Not much of a rice cooking family yet this is still one of our favorite kitchen appliances. It also takes up no excess space and works perfectly for us to have easy, home cooked meals when we get home. I did try some white rice, a safe starch, in the paleo community and it came out effortlessly perfect. The settings for slow cooking stews and soups have had equal success and steaming vegetables work well. It takes up less counter space than many slow cookers and i appreciate that.

First off i have to say this made really good rice, i mean, really good. I haven’t had a chance to bake a cake yet, but the instructions say that this is a possibility. Not only that, but there’s other options for stews, soups, and more. I basically gave away my old rice cooker, which was always a sticky mess. The frigidaire cooks clean, although it cooks things much slower. I’m a little shocked by the wait time on this, almost triple that of my old rice cooker. My only other major complaint about this is the electronic interface. Dark orange with a darkish gray text?. I seriously had to stare into it to figure out what it was saying. I don’t mind the small type size if they had more contrast in the colors. Style over substance does not win here.

There are some design flaws, for instance you have to select the cooking mode and texture then turn it on while it looks off. It is much cheaper than japanese brands and i think it worth the money.

Looks slick, very well designed from a functionality stand point. Menus and buttons are all easy to understand and intuitive. Construction of the unit is pretty solid. I’m impressed with the quality. Carry handle is a + as well as the ability to store the cord and everything else the machine comes with inside the machine itself is very nice and well thought out. We’ve cooked several kinds of rice and they’ve all come out perfect. The cooking time does seem to be a bit long, but worth it for the convenience. Remember, these are essentially steam machines. You can also steam veggies, fish, just about any other steam-able food in these suckers. Kinda disappointed that for the price tag it didn’t come with a little cook book of suggested recipes.

Fuzzy logic?i had to look up what that means. But it makes sense now, i think. It allows the electronics involved to think on a scale rather just ‘cold or hot. Rice: works well for white and brown rice. I’m not sure i like the texture, it was a little mushy following the directions. Also, that cycle runs an hour. It’s more of a ‘sure, you can do this’ than a ‘buy it to make oatmeal’3.

This is a very convenient, flexible, easy to use multi-use rice cooker. The instructions how to make rice or soup or cake or steam vegetables are very clear even though i not much of a cook, the things that i tried did came out perfect in the first attempt. I dumped a can of soup in the cooker, set the timer and didn’t look at it until the time was up. I used a standard cake mix, dumped it in the cooker didn’t look at it until the time was up. The fact that it has a handle and everything including the cable can be quickly stored inside the cooker is a nice feature since it makes storage very simple. Everything can be disassembled for cleaning and the lid locks in firmly. If there is anything that i could mention as a minor issue is that this cooker operates a bit slower than other products so if you are in the market for something to make your food quick this cooker might not be for you. On the other hand if you prefer something flexible that operates hassle free, i certainly recommend this one.

It makes perfect rice, white or brown, and you can make it in very large quantities. This cooker makes soup, stew, and even cake from off-the-shelf cake mixes. It is a large machine but worth the money and the counter space. My old rice cooker, a zojirushi, was great, but not this great. I placed it in a loving home in need of rice.

I have never owned a rice cooker before and honestly, did not even realize i needed one. Then this fuzzy logic 10-cup cooker came into our kitchen and declared war on my other old school gadgets and methods. My husband and i both read the users guide & claims on the box about making perfect rice, soup, stew, tahdig and cake and to be honest, we laughed out loud. Rice i can boil in the bag any old time, but cake made easily and without supervision on the counter top?. Fridgidaire, we call your bluff and raise you yellow cake with cream cheese icing. See the attached photo and you will find an utterly perfect, light, moist, fluffy, golden sunshine yellow cake cooked in the rice cooker. There is not a hint of a scorched or overcooked edge anywhere on it. I poured the batter in, closed the lid, selected ‘cake’, pressed start and walked away. 50 minutes later the beeper sounded and the cake was ready. I did make a batch of simple white rice as a sort of after thought tonight and it was amazing. Far better than the boil in bag variety we usually eat.

I’m usually against adding more appliance clutter to my counter, but this cooker is for more than just rice. I’ve cooked several complete meals in it: fish/vegetables/rice combos are definitely my favorite. It’s easy to use and program and also easy to clean afterward. Although i’m in the early stages of experimenting with the range of this cooker it has already earned a spot on my counter.

Update: i contacted frigidaire this week and requested more detailed instructions on the use of this unit and a recipe book. They stated they had neither. And were getting similar requests from others and the lack of instruction was being looked into. So until that error is corrected and with not help from them, i suggest others look to online info from aroma fuzzy logic cooker for detailed recipes. To get the most out of this nice rice cooker————————————————————————————————————————————i am a long time rice cooker user and found out, long ago, all the wonders a rice cooker can do to make my life easier. I have always wanted a fuzzy logic one but due to price. I was content to continue to use my one button cheapo rice cooker. A fuzzy logic rice cooker more precisely regulates the temperature and length of cooking then my one button rice cooker. E machine uses its fuzzy logic computer chip to sense and observe the rice as it cooks, adjusting for the kind of rice your using and volume, and intervene by changing the temperature, when necessary. . Also the 3 d heating system allows the heat to distribute evenly and cook the rice perfectly so you aren’t getting hot spots. . Perfectly cooked rice or grainswell when i was given the opportunity to use this frigidaire fuzzy logic rice cooker, i was delighted. This unit is not a small unit but a 10 cup size but you can make small amounts for 1 -2 people or large amounts for 6-7 people. It comes w the usual utensils of a rice scoop, paddle, and a measure cup.

It’s a terrific design with really no way to fault it. It cooks rice nicely, cooks enough for the family (and has a feature where you can cook a smaller amount easily), doesn’t take up a lot of space, and is pretty easy to store, carry around, move, etc. It takes up enough space that if you don’t eat much rice it might not make sense if you have a full kitchen. Buttons, menus and controls are clearly marked and easy to control. My main beef, and it’s a small one, is like so many other niche products, it seems like a lot of money for what you get. But i can’t ding it much on that. If you eat a lot of rice, it is most likely worth it. One thing i need to stress, though, it takes far longer to cook rice with this than the way we had been using, so if you’re used to quick rice, this won’t make it for you. One of us is always at home, so it’s not a problem, but for a modern family that is coming home just before dinner, it’s not the best option, even if the rice it makes is really very good. Still full-on 4 start, though.

This is a great steamer with many extra features that allow timer set up so you arrive home from work with your meal ready to eat. It make perfect rice, soup, stews and even steam cakes. The computer controls help make everything perfect, the 24 hour preset options take guess work out of cooking time. The biggest mistake frigidaire made with this product was not shipping a cookbook with the many possible recipes this wonderful steamer can make, i don’t understand why they didn’t research all the meals one can prepare, set the timer and have ready for the family at meal time. Cookbooks are available so i recommend getting one so you use the full potential of this steamer. It does have a large footprint so i store mine in the pantry when not in use. The stick-free bowl has a 3-d heating making even temperature, it holds up to 10 cups and lifts out. With 11 preset options its easy setting up making it very easy to use. Once your meal is done you can keep it warm using the warming option. I’m very happy with the ease of use and the quality of the food this steamer.

The frigidaire professional rice cooker does a wonderful job cooking both white and brown rice. No crispy layer on the bottom; no worries about over or undercooking. Depending on serving size, it takes anywhere from 35-50 minutes to cook. You can also use a delay start feature perfect for having your rice done when you want it. This machine also cooks cake, stew, soup, oatmeal, and steams veggies; none of which i have tried. The unit itself is rather large and oval shaped. I wouldn’t leave it out on the counter for this reason, but it is a nice looking appliance if you choose to do so.

Am i supposed to explain the difference between boolean and fuzzy logic?. I’ll just concede the cooker is probably smarter than i am and can access, analyze and adapt to exterior circumstances. Seriously, simply put, the ‘ fuzzy logic’ just means the cooker senses by weight rather than temperature. Rice is perfectly cooked when moisture is between 58 and 64 percent. This cooker is another one of those things that i didn’t know i needed. Really, how often do you need ten cups of rice?. But now i don’t want to be without it and, of course, there is a small serving setting. If you plan to keep the cooker on your counter-top it will take up about 12 x 16 in. I plan to get rid of a crock-pot, veggie steamer and soup pot to free up more room for storage.