Electric Kettle : Great pot with style

This electric tea kettle is beautiful to look at. This review is for the elementi stainless steel electric kettle for pour over coffee or tea. First, this electric tea kettle is beautiful to look at. This is my first electric tea kettle so i did not know what to expect. The old fashion gooseneck is what stood out to me when i purchased this item. The size is perfect for small counter spaces or even to throw in your bag for traveling is needed. The top of the kettle fits nicely without worrying about it falling off the kettle. I have an old tea kettle and when pouring with this one i notice a difference. My old kettle spout is pretty thick and the water comes out quicker which can also lead to splashing. This kettle has a long goose neck spout which makes pouring smoother, i also noticed that the base isn’t hot to touch once the water is done.

This for a small apartment and the size is perfect for one. I bought this for a small apartment and the size is perfect for one. Does the job quietly and quickly. I wasn’t sure i would like the spout but actually think it makes pouring easier. I will buy a larger size for my main residence.

Great for pour-over coffee making. This kettle works really well. It is perfect for pour over coffee-making. It doesn’t hold very much water, if you are looking to make a lot of tea, etc. But it works for its designed purpose and allows for controlled pouring and a great cup of coffee.

8/10 grade stainless steel, no plastic inside. 18/10 or 316 grade stainless steel, no plastic inside was what i looked for. It’s all stainless steel inside, besides a 1mm plastic dot on the lid to anchor the knob, which is ok.

  • I love this thing
  • Best Value in a Pour Over Kettle
  • Stylish little kettle from a customer-pleasing company
  • One of the problems I’ve had with other electric kettles is that they don’t seem to get the water hot enough – I like that there
  • Good design – makes a delicious cup of coffee
  • Loving this little kettle.

Electric Kettle (1.0L) for Pour Over Coffee and Tea – Elementi Stainless Steel Gooseneck Drip Kettle Teapot

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  • Precisely designed gooseneck spout for impeccable pour control
  • Powerful 1000w heating element boils water quickly
  • Conveniently stores in base when kettle is not in use
  • Automatic shut-off and high quality controller for safe and efficient use
  • Made of brushed, 18/10 stainless steel with BPA free plastic components

One of the problems i’ve had with other electric kettles is that they don’t seem to get the water hot enough – i like that there. Pros:- water heats very quickly, and gets hot enough for me. One of the problems i’ve had with other electric kettles is that they don’t seem to get the water hot enough- i like that there aren’t any plastics, and the heating element is sealed in under the stainless base. I’ve seen some other electric kettles, that were all plastic with an exposed heating element, and eventually, the heating element would start to leak- the goose-neck spout, as i use it for pour over with a hario 01, this has pretty much become a requirement for me whether electric or stove top- the corded base vs. An all in one unit with the cord attached. I use the kettle in a very small mess area (about the size of the top of a filing cabinet), and with other kettles having to route the cord around other stuff on the table was a hassle. With this one, i have the cord routed out of the way and i can pick up the kettle and move it around without having to worry about the power cord knocking something over- i think that all these for the price point is a good dealcons:- unfortunately, this is a biggie for me. If i fill up the kettle to anywhere near the max line indicator, i have boiling water shooting out of the top of the kettle all over the table, and have the base sitting in a puddle. I can only fill the kettle to about half-way. I use the kettle at my office to make single cup pour-overs, so, that works okay for me.

Arrived as promised in good condition. Like how the cord can be wrapped around the bottom of the heating seat. The only problem i see is where the lid clips into the top when you close it. That is where the heating element for the pot is and it does seem to have a sharp edge underneath if you put your hand in it to clean. Maybe, they can round it off somehow. Otherwise, i do like and would recommend it to a friend.

I never had an electric tea kettle before, now i wonder what i did without one. Fill with filtered water, push button, wait a couple minutes, and have enough hot water for 3 large mugs of tea, or 1 large mug and enough to fill the insulated carafe for later. This is the perfect size for us. Love the low handle as you can completely empty the pot without tipping it all the way. We follow the instructions exactly and unplug it and keep the lid off the empty pot when not in use.

Elementi stainless steel tea kettle. I have been wanting to purchase an electric tea kettle that i could use at work. I am an avid tea drinker and i am constantly making tea after microwaving water at work. This tea kettle has made all that a thing of the past. This elementi stainless steel kettle looks like the old kettles you used to put on the stove to heat up. You actually plug this one in and it heats up quite a bit of water which makes it so easy to make tea in my office without microwaving water. I really like the sleek design and the long pouring spout which makes pouring easy without the mess. The stainless steel can get pretty warm so keep it out of reach from children. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion after reviewing the item.

Cant figure out how to boil water on a stove. Cant figure out how to boil water on a stove?. That stuff is so 1990s anyway. Get this, it will change your life. Now i dont have to worry about turning anything off, and wont be burning down any more houses.

Lovely kettle does the trick. This kettle is equal parts form and function. It’s attractive brushed stainless with and elegant spout and a quick and quiet way to heat water to the perfect temperature for pour-over coffee. It clicks right off when the water’s ready.

I’ve never had an electric kettle before; so, i can’t give any comparisons to other models. But, i can 100% state that this kettle is awesome. Operation is super simple, design is attractive (looks nice on my kitchen counter), and the price was great too. I’m very glad that i purchased this kettle, as i’ve been trying to improve my eating habits and i find that hot tea is a nice way at night to head off evening cravings for junk food. With this kettle, the water is hot in a minute or two, and i’m set with a cup of tea in no time. I also use it for a pour-over coffee in the morning, and there’s a dramatic taste difference between that and my old keurig coffee.

We owned a more expensive electric kettle previously, which eventually started leaking. We thought we’d give this one a try based on good reviews and price. We’ve used it for a couple of weeks and are loving it.

This is just what i was looking for. My bodum died and it had been a trooper, but i wanted something a little different. This kettle looks great on the counter and is very efficient. It is well built and and i really like the control of the pour spout. I’ve only had it for a short time, but so far it’s great.

Perfect for making pour over coffee. This is exactly what i have been looking for to make my perfect pour over cup of coffee. It is working perfectly, the tiny spout provides the correct amount of hot water pour, it is small, stainless, visually adorable and with the auto turn off, it is safe. I highly recommend this product.

Best value in a pour over kettle. I have this kettle, that i bought for travel. I also have the hairo electric kettle. Quick version: buy this one. Longer version, the handle feels better on the hairo, the base is a bit more substantial and the overall feel is a little more sturdy. In actual practice though, both have seen daily (several times a day) use and both have been flawless. The pour is identical and easily-controlled. This one seems to heat slightly faster than the hairo, though i haven’t don’t any ‘shoot out’ comparisons. It’s been very reliable, works perfectly, and it indeed all stainless (where the spout attaches appears to be plastic–it’s an artifact of the manufacturing process and is just burnished steel which becomes shiny with use).

I gave this kettle 5 stars because it. – worked right out of the box- isn’t too big and looks nice on the countertop (see picture with 16 oz tumbler next to it for size comparison)- boils fast, like a hot pot should- lets you flick the toggle off easily if you don’t want water to go all the way to boiling- has a light on the front to let you know when it’s on- has automatic shutoff for those of us who forget we’re heating waterother notes:- it gets hot on the outside, like a normal metal kettle, but is not hot on the bottom so you can set it on the countertop. – the “hidden cord” option is iffy: the cord wraps around a footer inside the base, but you have to unwind the cord a set amount for it to emerge from the divot on the base, and it seems to always be either too long or too short. Not sure if that makes sense, but in summary, it could be a better system–not enough to take a star away, though. This was exactly what i expected for the price and is an extremely useful appliance.

It is incredibly durable stainless steel and pours very nicely. Have had the kettle for two months now and am really amazed. I only ordered it for $50 and was expecting the good quality to go through but it has not. It is really strong stainless steel and pours very nicely. It is also quite smaller in comparison to other kettles for the reason that the max fill line is all the way to the leading, which will allow the kettle to not take up to considerably space. I extremely advise the kettle for any individual looking to increase their pour over coffee gear.

Made a decision to consider this kettle right after modern assessments of the bonavati have been significantly less than stellar for high-quality and overall performance and we couldn’t be happier. It really is nicely designed, the spout is at a perfect angle for pouring slowly and steadily – we use it primarily for pour over coffee – and the consumer support staff is amazing.Whilst we have no problems, they sent us a personalized e mail thanking us for the purchase, heading over some vital recommendations for use of the kettle, and providing to enable ought to we will need anything. If this enterprise carries on to create excellent goods and stays committed to wonderful shopper assistance, we will certainly be repeat customers.

Trendy very little kettle from a client-pleasing company. This is the most elegant and remarkably reviewed kettle i observed on amazon. The elementi is a lot more appealing and compact than better regarded bonavita kettles. Elementi is provided by a reasonably younger enterprise zealous about buyer adhere to up and service. The kettle works specifically as advertised, with a uncomplicated one particular lever operation. So, what is not to like or be enhanced?. Normal 1 liter kettles (most models) max out a eight-cup chemex. The elementi’s wire (instructions say to unplug it after each use) is stiff, and does not easily re-wrap within the foundation. A reviewer’s criticism it is too small is not correct but when fully prolonged, it takes hard work to route the wire through its foundation ‘notch. ‘ some reviewers note slight discoloration of the kettle base.

Awesome kettle desire there were being a h2o-amount indicator. This kettle seems terrific and heats promptly. It’s considerably less complicated to make pour-over coffee with it than with my outdated, heavier kettle, and the car shut-off works just good. My only quibble–and i ought to have checked for this right before i acquired–is that there are no h2o-amount indicator marks inside or outside the house (besides for the max fill line). My outdated kettle experienced them, and i failed to comprehend until now how substantially i appreciated them. This is what 1 of my pals would refer to as a princess issue, but it does annoy me a small to have to pre-measure or guess based on what the h2o seems like within the kettle. Making coffee right before you have experienced coffee is adequate of a obstacle, so the less obstructions the better. But i would recommend, particularly now that the price tag has dropped about six bucks from when i bought a couple of months ago.

Loving this little kettle. . I am loving this elementi kettle to make pour over coffee. It heats up more rapidly than boiling h2o on the stove, and the very little light on the front goes out when it has finished its position. The kettle boils drinking water to in between 205 and 210 degrees. The spout makes it possible for for great management when pouring the h2o out. I really acquired and returned one more kettle made by coffee gator that value pretty much as significantly as the elementi but expected stovetop heating. I like that this kettle heats the water without the need of requiring the stovetop, and it would seem to be of superior good quality that the coffee gator. Are not able to recommend the elementi kettle significant ample.

I’ve been searching for a kettle for really some time now. I was thrilled to try out this electrical kettle. The kettle came in a wonderful box and is fantastic for gifting. There are three key pieces to this solution the kettle the foundation and the lid. The kettle is built of stainless steel and it seems actually awesome. In advance of i applied it i clean the within with cleaning soap. Then i place it on the foundation and let it boil some h2o to discard for every directions. It took about five minutes to boil the entire pot of drinking water. The kettle turned off on its individual which which is great. The only downside to this kettle is that the electricity cord is truly quick about six inches so you will surely have to have an extension cord. Other than that it is truly cute kettle and i system on making use of it at function. I receive this merchandise at a discount in trade for an truthful.