Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener : I have an old one which works much better, and had a ceramic notch for fine finishing

So much better than the battery operated type. Both my ceramic and steel knives are razor sharp again, it’s super quiet, and i don’t have to chase it all over the counter. I love that it sharpens both types of knives and that it is electric and not battery operated.

Sed it one time on both ceramic and steel blades. Sed it one time on both ceramic and steel blades. Convenient compared to using a stone or rats tail. And not sure how to manually sharpen ceramic blades. No issues with the seller and/or delivery of the product.

While the end result is not as good as a factory edge. Works effectively to sharpen my ceramic santoku knife. While the end result is not as good as a factory edge, the device improves sharpness very significantly, especially if you have the patience to run the knife through many times (e. 10 strokes in each of the slots). When used periodically – say weekly (depending on the amount of use) – it allows you to power through fruit, vegetables and meat with an always adequately sharp knife.

I mistreated my ceramic knives. I was looking at the awesome cost of replacing them. I saw this sharpen and decided i’ll give it a try before i purchased new knives. This sharpener brought all my pitted and dull knives back to brand newcondition. Taking your time and following directions will make this product one of thebest tools in your my arsenal of great things to have.

  • Ceramic knives just like new!
  • Finally a quality ceramic knife sharpener
  • The plug in sharpener sounded like it would work better
  • My husband is a great knife sharpener
  • Knives again pass tomato test!
  • Bought this sharpener for ceramic knives that had bad nicks and chips

Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener for Ceramic Knives and Stainless Steel Knives with 2-Stage Diamond Sharpening Wheel

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  • Diamond Grinding Stone with two settings (Coarse – #600 grit and Fine – #800 grit) designed to sharpen ceramic and stainless steel kitchen knives
  • High powered, plug-in, eletric diamond grinding wheel can grind chips of up to 1mm off of ceramic blades
  • Universal Knife Guide Slot keeps knife at a traditional V angle bevel edge, fixed angle (Coarse setting: 18 each side, Fine setting: 20 each side)
  • Removable diamond wheel cartridge and cover for easy cleaning
  • Shenzhen Knives ceramic knife sharpener with universal knife guide slot accommodates most blade, heel, bolster and handle designs allowing for tip to handle sharpening of ceramic kitchen knives (NOT SUITABLE FOR SCISSORS, SERRATED BLADES OR NON-KITCHEN KNIVES SUCHS AS HUNTING KNIVES, FOLDING KNIVES, POCKET KNIVES ETC.)

Good product with reservations. I had used another sharpener on my kyocera and nicked it terribly. Your sharpener took the knife edge down in no time. However, i have tried it on all four of my kyoceras and can’t get them as sharp as they were originally. Maybe it takes more than i’m using it.

I have a ceramic knife i absolutely love. I have a ceramic knife i absolutely love, but alas, it was getting dull. I thought i would have to throw it away and begin a search for a new knife that met my criteria (sharp, light weight, well balanced – i have arthritis in my hand so the feel of the knife is very important). While on line searching for a new knife i kept reading about a knife sharpener that worked on ceramic, as well as metal, knives. I decided to give it a try knowing i could return it if it didn’t work. My ceramic knife is as good as new, as are our other knives. The sharpener is easy to use, quick, and does what expected.

This device, small in appearance is a fantastic product. The two separate sharpening wheels deliver a very sharp blade quickly & with little effort. Like i said earlier, it is small in appearance, but don’t let the size fool you.

Knife sharpener has a weak motor. Purchased specifically to remove blade nicks from several of our ceramic knives. I noticed that there seems to be a minor misalignment in the “fine” slot in that one side of the knife makes better contact with the sharpener wheel than the other side. For the price it is ok and as noted, it does the job.

Convenient size, easy to clean. As with every knife sharpener i have ever used, it only seems to make a slight difference in sharpness. I’m beginning to think the problem is with my technique, not the sharpener. I guess i better search youtube for aninstructional video on knife sharpening. I’m glad i bought it, but i think i need to improve my technique to get the good results others have written about.

Handy knife sharpener for kitchen knives that works on both ceramic and steel. I got this sharpener for my wife for christmas to use on her cuisanart ceramic knives (that i got for her -last- christmas. It is one of the few 110v sharpeners in it’s price range (most are battery powered) so it has a more powerful motor. Unlike most others, it also has to level of sharpening to help remove nicks. She says it does a good job on the knives.

I purchased this product after reading several reviews on amazon as well as the internet. I wanted a sharpener that would work on my ceramic knives as well as some steel ones. This fits the bill perfectly. It arrived quickly and within a half an hour i had sharpened 7 knives. Great product and great service.

Great sharpener for a great price. . This sharpener came in a nice box and was packaged very good. So far i have tried it on both steel and ceramic blades. It sharpened both of them very good only in couple of passes. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a great sharpener that delivers.

It does a great job of sharpening my knives both steel and ceramic. It does a great job of sharpening my knives both steel and ceramic. Takes a little practice to get the correct speed as you draw the knife through the cutter but it leaves a nice edge. It’s so nice to work with sharp knives and this sharpener does the trick. I bought this sharpener because it uses diamond coated disks and will sharpen ceramic knives.

The small chips were removed easily as advertised. The sharpener works really well. I used it to repaired my other ceramic knives. The small chips were removed easily as advertised. I recommended to my relatives for their purchase.

Finally a quality ceramic knife sharpener. I got this sharpener for my ceramic knives and have been using for a while now. This one works for my ceramic knives very well. I actually tried couple other sharpeners prior but none really worked out well. I think other sharpeners were meant more for their brand sharpeners. I also tried battery operated ones and they were considerably slower to sharpen. Others were cheaply made- sturdy. Some other ones i tried which were just cylindrical were harder to balance and felt flimsy.

I have an old one which works much better, and had a ceramic notch for fine finishing. Although this sharpener does what it’s supposed to do, i have an old one which works much better, and had a ceramic notch for fine finishing that always cleaned up the rough cuts when i sharpened kitchen knives, etc. I’d give it just an ok, because it will sharpen your knives, but have a fine stone to remove any burrs or nicks.

Ideal edge on my kyocera santoku. Great sharpener for my ceramic knives. My kyocera is possibly my favorite knife but returning it once a calendar year or so to the firm to get it sharpened was wearing slim. I suggest it is fantastic that the company provides that assistance but shipping isn’t really totally free & i am without having my knife for three-four weeks. This sharpener has solved that challenge.

My husband is a fantastic knife sharpener. My spouse is a wonderful knife sharpener. He has several stones and even an electric damp sharpener since he is a trim carpenter and sharpens his chisels and block planes. We wanted some way for him to sharpen our ceramic knives. I browse the other terrific reviews and believed we need to attempt it. He explained it took about 4 strokes and we were being sharp once again.

A really great, effective and affordable knife sharpener. I was capable to sharpen my german ‘boker’ – ceramic knife incredibly quickly and effortlessly, and it goes without the need of declaring that the gadget has been good on other knifes from steel. It is also pretty quiet and quick. A incredibly good benefit for money.

The knife sharpener work great. It sharpens ceramic knives superbly and can take out. The knife sharpener work good. It sharpens ceramic knives superbly and requires out the nicks as promised doing work also on steel blades. I am very content with this merchandise. I was seeking to buy additional sharpening disks but i never see it described on your website internet site.

Knives once again pass tomato check. I use a tomato skin as my sharpness test, laying a knife without the need of strain on the pores and skin and drawing it. Prior to the shenzhen, ceramic knife slides on the skin not even leaving a mark, soon after sharpening they slit the pores and skin and draw into the fruit like a straight razorthis is my next attempt at a ceramic knife sharpener and this brand has these enhancements:1. It has training course and high-quality slots. The course took the nicks out of by blades very well, but slowly. It affectively sharpens shorter paring knives. Other brand, the guide interfered producing it not possible. Normally batteries are a advantage, no cord.

Didn’t even know that you could resharpen ceramic knifes?. This matter performs good, is straightforward to use, gets rid of nicks and places an edge on your knives so sharp it should really consist of a parental warning.