EdgeStar CWR1211SZ 121 Bottle Single Zone Built-in Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and, Very nice wine cooler-quiet

I have had this unit for a few months and it cools properly, is relatively quiet, and bottles fit into the unit well.

Holds less than 121 bottles due to various size bottles but this was expected. You did not mention the filter it apparently needs replaced every 3-6 months.

Works great but will not hold 121 standard wine bottles side by side. It has 12 shelves that hold 6 bottles each for a total of 72 bottles. Holds temperature steady and easy to set up.

Key specs for Edgestar CWR1211SZ 121 Bottle Single Zone Built-in Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and Black:

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  • Digital temperature controls w/ LED display; Temperature: 41-65 degrees F
  • Slide-out, wood-trimmed wire shelves; Internal fan to evenly circulate air; Auto defrost; Replaceable built-in carbon filter; Security lock; Built In and Freestanding Capabilities
  • Tinted glass door; Reversible double-paned tempered glass door; Flat faced stainless steel handle
  • For a dual zone version of this model please see CWR1101DZ; Dimensions: 54 4/5″ H x 23 7/16″ W x 26 3/4″ D
  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will be curbside, inside delivery is not available. A valid phone number is required for delivery purposes, please ensure the correct phone number is provided in your shipping information when placing this order.

Comments from buyers

“Nice unit, shelves could use some work, hard to move once loaded with bottles
, Very nice wine cooler-quiet
, Came on time. Loaded it. Holds less than

As most people noted, it doesn’t hold 121 bottles because most bottles aren’t standard size. I have 100 in there now with room for about 10 more. It looks sleek, and it runs nicely. As others also mentioned, it runs about 3 degrees warmer than the set temp, which doesn’t really bother me, i just set it at 52, and it keeps at 55. The one issue i had was with the delivery. I was home alone when the delivery came, and i’m 5’4′ and pretty petite. When the guy came to deliver, he was going to just leave outside my driveway. He says he’s not allowed to enter the house, which i understand, but i was like, really?.He managed to wheel the dolly so it just hung over the door jam so he could let it down inside my garage, which, fortunately, is where i wanted it anyway.

Easy to install and start up. There are many wine bottles that require slightly taller space and i had to remove 3 racks to create these taller rack areas.

Pull out shelves are a little cheap feeling for how nice this unit appears to look. Also holding all 128 bottles requires staggering the bottles forward and backward necks touching and makes the shelves very heavy. The shelves do not have good bearings or rails so they become rather stiff when loaded up with bottles. I would recommend putting in some drawer rails. Working on finding some that fit to make the shelf movement smoother.

Overall pretty happy but would like more space between shelves for burgundy bottles.

Returned whynter wine cooler which was noisy and ran all the time. This unit is much more quiet. Only draw back was attaching the handle which was noted in another review. Messing with the door gasket is something i don’t wanted to do. Only been running for two days, but everything seems fine. Will update if any negative pops up. Most wine is boudeau and fit nicel on the pull out shelves, i placed the burgundies on top shelve. Remove one shelve on the botton to accommodate champagne.

As all the reviews say, the bottle capacity isn’t 121. If the shelf spacing were properly distanced, it would be a lot better. Instead, you have to remove shelves which reduces capacity dramatically. So, champagnes, burgundies even heavier bottle new world wines don’t fit on the shelf as is. So i lost 1 shelf so far to fit the larger champagne bottles. The big reds are stacked on the bottom. Door handle installation involves removing the gasket. Sounds easy but i don’t want to rip the gasket.

This is great for holding all of our wine- i love that we can properly store wine and see what we have.

The temperatures varies around 2 degrees f and humidity between 55% (when compressor on) and 85%. It makes like a wind blowing sound because of the fans (even when the compressor if off) but it is not a problem in the kitchen. I would definitively recommend it after 2 weeks of use.

This fridge looks nice and keeps wine nicely chilled. The three complaints i have with it are twists on some of other peoples’ complaints. 5 stars if that was an option. In terms of fitting bottles, i was prepared for the larger bottles not to fit. However, with the smaller bottles, you have to put them ‘necks in’ in order to maximize how much wine it holds (note this is not how it’s shown in the picture). This makes the use of wine tags useless. Also, the shelves only slide half-way out, so figuring out what you have in back is nearly impossible.