diamondLife 4 Way Diamond Knife Sharpener Hone Sharpening Stone New : I have two Yoshi ceramic knifes that had some nicks

It may not be up top the same quality as the more expensive diamond sharpeners, but for the money (and if you buy it at harbor freight you can get it for ten bucks) this is a fantastic tool. I used it for flattening the bottoms of planes, spokeshaves, and similar tools, for flattening the backs of chisels, and for sharpening all manner of cutting tools. It cuts very fast, requires no lubricant, and gives great results. It’s hard enough to regrind the chipped edge on a spring tempered knife, like my flexcut carving knives. I’m not sure that i’d use it on a very expensive japanese chisel- i’d use a waterstone there- but for 95% of my sharpening tasks it’s great.

Asked a metal worker about what was best to use and he had one just like this and suggested it to me. Price for use ratio is spectacular.

I’ve been using one for several years and will probably buy a new one. It’s surprisingly effective for getting a good edge. I’ve used mine on kitchen knives, jack knives, and garden tools, and it’s still effective.

I have two yoshi ceramic knifes that had some nicks in them. I was able to take out the nicks and get them back in to working order.

  • This is a fantastic tool for maintaining your expensive knives. And it’s safe to use.
  • This is my 2nd
  • It is perfect for kitchen knives and pocket knives

4 Way Diamond Knife Sharpener Hone Sharpening Stone New

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  • Grits: 600 (fine), 400 (medium), 300 (coarse) and 200 (extra coarse)

My husband uses it all the time for sharpening various kinds of knives and he gets them super sharp.

Very thin abrasive surfaces.

Works great and fast and fairly resanoble.

My husband uses this to sharpen all his knives. It is perfect for kitchen knives and pocket knives.

I’ve been using this sharpener for months and have turned all our kitchen knives to razors. They are a pleasure to use now. If i wear it out i’m getting a new one.

Super sharp knives and loved sharpening them. Far better than stones and oil. If you love and need sharp knives this is essential. I cook everyday and sharp knives are nothing less than the standard.

A little cumbersome to use but if you put the time into it, it will work.

If used correctly, will remove deep burrs and restores your knife to a condition that will allow it to be sharpened to a razor sharp edge.

Works great have sharpen all my knives.

Have only used it a few times but looks like it will work well.

Having tried diamond various diamond hones in the past, i was looking for a good set of hones for my kitchen knives. Most particularly i was looking for a super fine grit hone for the final sharpening stage. Most of the hones i found cost upwards of forty dollars for a single grit or were too small to be useful on large knives. This set seemed to fit the bill perfectly and at a reasonable price. When i got it home, i tried it out on my best butcher knife and got a really good edge in a very short time. Within a days time i had a sharp edge on all my kitchen knives and even on all my scissors. I was even able to resharpen a used #11 exacto knife blade. I used the 200 grit side to quickly remove all nicks then used the 300, 400, and 500 grit sides to get a progressively finer edge. I then stropped the blades on a piece if leather charged with white diamond rouge. Finally, i tested the edge by using it to shave the hairs off the back of my hand.

I have had an earlier version of this for years. My adult grandson voiced an interest in knife sharpening so i gave him this. He is very pleased with it and learning the art of a fine edge.

Tuned up my benchmade folder in no time @ all.

Works great – easy to use in the stand or easy to hold in your hand.

This product was everything advertised, and is just what i was looking for. It functions just as expected, and is very handy to use.

I’ve been using diamond devices for sharpening my own set of 37 knives (yes, i’m a knife freak) for some 15 years. I purchased this 4 way diamond knife sharpener hone sharpening device for my oldest daughter. I had given her a diamond ‘steel’ some 10 years ago, but i had noticed while visiting that it had not been used as often as it should have been. When i decided to purchase her a set of three flat ‘diamond stones’ i found this product. I was going to visit them and had the unit shipped to her address with my name. When i got to her home, she gave me the package and i handed it back to her telling her that it was hers. After she opened it, she stated that it was similar to the diamond stones i keep with my knives, but she had always been afraid to use the flat set i have. After i sharpened three of her knives i told her to then sharpen five more in her set. She was amazed at how easy it was to sharpen her knives and not damage herself or her knives. Both she and her husband were quite happy and somewhat amazed at how easy sharpening their knives were to finish.

Best sharpener i’ve ever usedlove it.

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4 Way Diamond Knife Sharpener Hone Sharpening Stone New
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