DeLonghi Kmix 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker : I bought it for the COLOR

I am so pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone. I debated over which color to go with aqua or yellow and i am so happy with the yellow. It brightens up my kitchen and is so darn pretty.I don’t find the coffee bitter and i used pre-ground. Perhaps if you grind your own beans, you could over-grind them and cause bitterness, the manual does warn against that. I get 3 cupsworth out of this coffe maker based off of my cup size and amount of milk to coffee ratio. The coffee comes out at a perfect temperature for me. I add milk and it isn’t luke warm after the addition, it is still pleasantly warm. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the space for the grounds is quite small.

Bought this over a year ago. And it’s been a great appliance to have in my kitchen. Bright color, cool design, but most importantly makes really good, hot coffee. Have never had to de-lime it, which surprised me. If there is any ‘negative’ about this machine, it does not have an automatic shut-off. . So be sure to unplug, or at least turn off before you head out. . I would recommend this for anyone (although i see the price is quite a bit more now).

DeLonghi Kmix 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker, Green

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  • Long lasting and durable die-cast aluminum exterior
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  • 10-Cup capacity

This coffee maker is good looking. I enjoyed it for the most part, but it drips onto the hot plate when the carafe is removed. It can be messy for that reason. Also, today the heating element retired at the young age of 1 1/2 years.

I bought this for my husband. He loves yellow and we are retiring. We bought a new home and he wanted a yellow coffee maker. I don’t drink coffee, but he loves the color and he loves the way the machine works. It is great for him and our kids.

I had this coffee maker for two and half years and it stopped working. For the price i think it should last longer. Warning it does not make very hot coffee.

DeLonghi Kmix 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker, Green : Great product and nice looking. Don’t know why so many negative reviews. Very happy with mine and haven’t had any issues. The warmer on top is not really to keep your coffee warm, but to warm your coffee cup as the hot water flows through during the brewing process. The smallest coffee maker i could find that comes in stainless steel. *****update******the 5 cup does not have the 2 hour auto shut-off switch. Checked the manual for this model. (the 10 cup has the auto shut-off feature).

I purchased the 5 cup coffee maker in that vibrant taxi cab color yellow and it arrived in 5 days. The color is extremely vivid, but does look good on a black granite counter top. My roommate chose that color and i regret that i did not order it in white, but it`s just so darn cute and efficient, i`ve decided to keep my mouth shut about it for now. I`m sure our next unrelated argument will somehow include me blurting out ‘yeah, but you got to choose that funky yellow color for the coffee maker. I`m pretty impressed by the unusually streamline design and solid construction. Think scandinavian minimalist- something you`d see sitting on the counter in a contemporary kitchen in sweden. The top looks like aluminum that has been triple plated chrome- not flimsy looking at all. When you tap your fingernails on it, it definitely doesn`t sound like cheap tin. The colored portion of the unit is aluminum but looks and feels like very thick high gloss enamel. You can use the gold mesh coffee screen that is supplied with the unit alone or add a paper filter for easier disposal of coffee grounds. The appliance is fairly small and fits under the 18 inch space below the cupboards on the counter top. You can lift the lid up about 2/3rds before it hits the bottom of your cupboards but you can still pour water into the unit if it is in a sideways position without pulling it out from against the wall to operate it. The carafe is sturdy, simple and easy to clean. Completely full, it holds exactly 2 normal cups/mugs of coffee so i`m not so sure why they call this a ‘5 cup’.

This coffee maker looks great, makes good coffee (without chemical aftertaste like my last one), but the design of the carafe could have been better. The plastic rim is mounted on the glass in such a way that it traps the last bit of liquid, even if you turn it completely upside down. About a teaspoon of liquid remains and is impossible to get out. Not a deal breaker for me, but a surprising design flaw in such a sleek machine. I like that it is just a coffee maker, no clock or other frills, just one simple on/off button, but i guess if you like to wake up to your fresh-brewed coffee, this machine is not for you. The permanent filter is great, though you can still use paper filters if you prefer.

I like the coffee this machine makes. Gave 4 stars because i got the unit on february 11 and now is march 10 and the descale light is already on. I have used filtered water only. It is still making the coffee in the same amount of time. I like the coffee and is good and hot. Noticed i can also use less coffee to make the same amount as i use to in my old coffee maker and is stronger from this unit.

Bought this in a hurry to replace a horrible conair cuisine coffee grinder brewing system which could not make a consistent cup of coffee. This delonghi is small compact and is the easiest cup of coffee you will ever make. The coffee drips extremely fast(not sure how that affects the brew quality) and very, very hot, no need to warm up your milk even. Pros: easy to use, very fast and very hot brewing. Very fashionablecons: hot plate stays hot. Not sure if the fast drip diminishes the coffee taste quality.

When i first saw a picture of this coffee maker i thought it was so funny looking. But, the more i looked at it and read the reviews, the more i liked it. I wanted a colorful coffee maker and this fits the bill. I also like the nickel/stainless metal. But, what i really love is how easy it is to make coffee. The area to pour the water is large enough that i never spill anymore. The area where you put the coffee is easily accessible, easy to clean and it fits into place nicely. It makes coffee quickly plus i can warm my cup on top. I didn’t want a coffee maker with a clock since i always unplug after making the coffee and drinking it. I didn’t want one that programmed for the next day since i rarely used that feature on my last coffee maker.

This coffee maker is ideal for everyone, especially if you have a busy life style and need to have a convenient way for enjoying great coffee. Thanks to its easy-to-operate functions, you can conveniently have your coffee ready for you while you are getting ready for work or while doing chores around the house. Also, if you have limited counter space and require a kitchen device that will not take up too much room, then this is the coffee maker for you since it is narrow and fits easily in tight spaces. You can rest assured that you are investing your money in a great kitchen product because of its strong aluminum die-cast exterior assures you that it will be around making great coffee for years to come. Pros:it has both a sturdy build and an impressive design – this excellent coffee maker has had such high reviews with how strong it proves to be because of its durable die-cast aluminum exterior. Furthermore, it is built from reliable a delonghi coffee maker part which guarantees that this device will last for a much longer time than other coffee makers. It has a small footprint – putting this coffee makeron display is no problem at all, even for those with small kitchen counters because it has a small foot print. If preferred to be kept up when not in use, it can also be conveniently placed inside a cabinet since it does not demand too much storage space. Its operation to produce great coffee is very easy to control – it is easy to make this great coffee maker function. It has a simple on/off switch and does not require any programming procedure.

I’ve had this maker for about a month and couldn’t be happier. It is pretty and makes great coffee, and is just the right size for my wife and me. Mine must be a newer model, as it does not have the ‘de-scaling’ indicator that some have complained about, and i have no problem emptying the carafe. The lack of a 2-hour shutoff is not an issue for me, as we only use it to brew morning coffee with. The price has gone up a good bit in the past month, however; i think i paid $111 for mine, and now it is going for $130. I’d buy it again though, in a heartbeat.

Product is beautiful, and i am really happy with it. The proportions of grounds vs. Water is still taking some figuring out though. It does not seem to be the same as other coffee makers, but i am wondering if maybe my coffee is ground too finely (i’ve been using the reusable filter provided). Other than that, i would definitely recommend for someone who wants a simple, well-designed coffee maker. The cup warmer is sort of pointless, but i like the aesthetic of the extra hardware for it.

This review is of the 5-cup version in orange which i love. I have had no dripping problem with the carafe as mentioned about the 10 cup version by others. It is sleek and beautiful and so easy to use. It looks adorable on my new kitchen cart and makes great coffee too. It is super fast, so the cup warmer will not heat the cup fully unless you want to let it sit a while. So i fill my cup with very hot tap water and set it on there. I posted about it on my blog (just click my profile to see link if you’re interested) with more photos if anyone is interested. The only neg is after i have cleaned the carafe and put it back, even with the power off, more coffee drips out. Just a few drops but a little annoying.

Bought this for my retired parents as a gift. It looks great in their kitchen. Only complaint is some coffee leaks down at the heater plate element so they put a paper towel under the carafe when brewing. This is after 3 years of daily use.

I’ve been using my coffee maker for about 2 weeks now, having used a keurig for years (i just decided to quit filling the landfill with little k cups). It does brew a delicious cup of coffee, even under the worst of conditions. This morning in my fog, i put the #2 paper filter in the top & filled it as usual, poured water in the tank & pressed the button. When i came back to pour my first cup, the filter fell out on the warming plate. I had failed to put the filter holder in place. Coffee still came out perfect (with a few grounds in the bottom of the pot).

I love the look of this coffee maker. We ordered it in stainless steel and it matches the other stainless steel appliances. It makes a pot of coffee very quickly. A cup is only 6 ounces, so a pot is about 30 ounces of coffee, which is perfect for 1 or 2 people. It has one button to operate and is very simple. You use the pot to measure your water for how many cups you want and pour it in the back of the unit. It has a permanent filter and you add one scoop of coffee for each cup you want and then turn it on. . Coffee is ready in 2 minutes, tastes amazing and is it the perfect temp. I will buy it again when mine breaks.

After only three years (but probably a lot of use), my delonghi that i loved so refused to make another cup of coffee. I was skeptical of going with another of the same brand, but was disappointed by so many of the other products i found out there. I wanted something at least as stylish as my last machine and didn’t need too many features. I struggled with the price of this machine and considered it for several days before deciding to make the purchase. At almost double what i spent for my last machine (and i thought that was expensive), it was certainly a stretch reasoning with myself why i should go ahead and buy the kmix. The package came a day earlier than expected, so i was already excited. Looks great, even better than my last machine. I read reviews that said the machine did not turn off automatically as advertised but mine does. The cup warmer was not a need on my list when searching for the product, so it not doing a great job in a timely manner does not affect my rating or satisfaction with the product. I do wish that i could remove the pot while brewing to pour a cup of coffee when i just can’t wait, but it doesn’t take long to brew in the first place.

Had this coffee machine for over a year using it almost every day. Very simple machine with no extra features. It is big and you need space overhead to open it. The only problem i had was that the glass carafe /container cracked (my mistake) and finding a replacement was almost impossible. I found a replacement from another company that doesn’t fit 100%. I have to maneuver and place the lid a specific way to open the drip canal. But i recommend that if you crack the carafe, don’t throw away the gray/black top. Just find a carafe of similar height and hopefully it may fit on. I specifically bought this machine for the color to match my modern yellow/green kitchen.

I have to admit, its looks are what drew me in, but it makes a decent cup of coffee in lighting speed no less. I love the yellow, it makes me happy even when i’m not using it. The quality is superb, looks very expensive and is not at all. I really like how my coffee is ready to go in literally 120 seconds. The cup warmer isn’t that hot, so i generally just heat my mug in the microwave, but it’s no biggie. Even if it breaks in a year, for the price, it’ll be cheaper than my daily chain coffee shop habit.

This coffee maker makes 2 big mugs of great coffee. I only needed a couple of cups for each morning and this works perfectly. Have to be careful to make sure the carafe is seated in the correct position or it will stop the flow and will overflow. Only takes once to learn this.