DASH Premium Juice Extractor – Best Juicer ever

So you’re like me, didn’t want to spend that much money, and bought this juicer. I’ve been using this juicer for a month and knowing that i bought a low end juicer i did not jam full beats down it, i cut my gigner in bite size junks and i don’t force everything down the shoot super fast. Biggest tip ever: let the juicer do the work. The faster you shove everything down, the less juice you will get. I take an extra 45 seconds and push down on the veggies if they need me. I get at least 4 oz more of juice. I also re juice my pulp for an additional 2oz. Yeah that takes an extra minute. Well you get what you pay for. Yes it doesn’t juice kale that well or greens.

But, the blade is hard to remove when it needs to be cleaned.

A good juice extractor, i like it. The only negative point is that i don’t recieve the juice oulet. I hope to recieve the oulet.

Love this machine, easy to assemble and easy to wash.

We got the dash juicer on 26th jan, so its been about a month. We have been using it twice a day, every day since then. Its super easy to clean and to put pack together. The tougher the vegetable (carrots, beets) , the better it seems to work. Bigger chunks of vegetables work very well as well. I have not had good luck with small fruits like blue berries and strawberries which land in the bin without getting juiced much. Also its works much better with fully thawed stuff. My morning juicing session starting from assembly (there are 4 parts to put together) to cleaning and putting away the parts takes 15 minutes tops. This also includes some prep time for fruits and vegetables. It also looks great sitting on the counter top.

The juice is fresh and delicious but not sure it’s worth all the work needed to keep it clean.

  • I love it!
  • I would like to get refunded because of it being broken but
  • Update to past review

Excellent juicer, i can basically use it with any fruits, it functions really well, easy to clean and it’s sturdy.

I am very happy with this juicer. Have juiced everything in the kitchen with no problem.

. The design is really ‘flawless. ‘ it is extremely easy to clean. If you look at the pictures removing that bar lets you take out every piece except for the stainless steel part (motor itself). It has also done really well with producing juice from the vegetables and fruits. Don’t bother trying frozen fruits as it does not work whatsoever. For the most part the disposal box (black part) is mainly dry. It does have actual chunks left every so often, which is fine because you can just run it through again if you care that much. However, after 1 day it stopped working and wouldn’t turn on. After trying to understand (reasonably even a crappy motor, there was just no way it died already).

I’ve had my juicer for a little over a week and i absolutely love it. I did quite a bit of research before i decided to give the dash juicer a try. I was contemplating on the hamilton beach brand, but decided to spend more to get a quality juicer in my price range. Clean up is a snap and i couldn’t believe how easy it is to put together. I place a plastic bag in the discard container and clean up right afterwards before the food gets hard; this prevents cleanup from being a daunting task. Thanks to the dash juicer, juicing has become a part of my everyday health regimen.

This is my third juicer after an original juiceman and a jack lalane. All are the centrifugal type. It compares equally to juiceman. Similar power, juice quantity and pulp. I have read the other reviews and they are either extremely satisfied or very disappointed. I do not know why the disparity unless it is related to expectations. Pulp wetness seems to be a common complaint. All three juicers i have had has had equal pulp qualities. However, a clogged screen or a fast feed will result in wetter pulp. I feed very slowly, rarely using the plunger.

Features of Dash Premium Juice Extractor

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  • Chrome base with 3-inch feed tube
  • 800 watt motor/ 120 volts
  • Suction feet on base to eliminate sliding
  • 2 Juicing Speeds for maximum extraction
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty, recipe book and access to our growing database of recipes included

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Eta: i’ve come back to amend this review because while the original product did break as described below, dash/storebound has worked to remedy the problem. I called about the issue with little hope, considering the receipt, the box and the warranty that was in it were long gone. Despite this, the company sent me a return label and said ‘just box it up in whatever you can find and send it back’. I just received a brand new juicer in the mail, about three weeks after sending it in. It looks like a newer model so hopefully the problem with the motor has been fixed. I appreciate the customer serviceprevious review:had this juicer for 4 months before the motor burned out in a puff of smoke. I cleaned it after every use, always cut up the large pieces and only used it a few times a week – there is no reason it should have died so soon. I wish i had seen the other reviews that told of this same problem. For the price, i would have expected higher-quality components, but it seems like the company is using cheap parts. You can find far better juicers for the price.

I received a new replacement soon after the error that was made (used/dirty juicer). They were quick to take responsibility and send me the replacement.

This juicer is so nice an it’s very affordable. I love the big mouth, it allows you to drop in full apples and large vegetables. The only down side is it’s kind of a pain to clean but all juicers are like that. If you use the included brush to clean the mesh part it goes by very fast, you can clean the whole thing in about two minutes. This juicer is a great way to get all of your fruit and veggies in, i like to have two juices a day along with my breakfast and lunch.

Let me start by saying i really wanted a breville juicer but couldn’t make myself spend $150 bucks on a kitchen appliance. I have been juicing every day for two weeks and so far so good. This juicer is easy to use and clean and the juice tastes great. While it may throw the occasional chunk of fruit or leaf of spinach without juicing, i think that is a small price to pay. It is true you pay what you get for; for $59 this machine is a great bargain.

This is a great bargain juicer but you need to treat it for what it is, a bargain juicer. If you moderate your load on the motor it’s a great little juicer. If you want something more heavy duty, buy something more expensive.

I have had no problems with this juicer. I bought this type of juicer as my friend has this brand. It is a bit of work to clean up and if you are juicing a lot you have to clear out the pulp, but i love it.

Chrome base with 3-inch feed tube

I bought this juicer at macy’s last week on sale for $59. The juicer is very easy to clean and makes the best juice. The only thing it doesn’t take full apples or carrots, you have to cut them down. This is my veryfirst juicer and so far i love it, i use it several times per day.

I don’t understand all the positive reviews. I was so excited to get this juicer based on everyone’s glowing recommendations. I actually bought mine from macy’s during a one day sale. Based on the review and with the price i was excited. Taking it out of the box i was pleased (nice looking) but that was shortlived once i got into the instructional manual. What a joke, never seen such a poorly written ‘manual’. Had like 3 simple recipes and never did give complete instructions on how to use the juicer optimally (except to say don’t use for more than 5 min consecutively). Also, mfg warranty is only 6 months (better than lalanne 90 days but worse then breville’s 1 yr). I have been juicing using a vitamix and squeezing though a nylon bag so imagine my surprise when i got 1/3 less juice using this and 4 times more pulp leftover. Futhermore, the pulp had whole chunks of apple left in it and was soaking wet.

I bought this juicer used and it was broken. It juices fairly well but doesn’t dry the pulp and sometimes leaves behind large chunks of produce without juicing them. I would like to get refunded because of it being broken but for a beginners juicer, it may work fine.

Gave the first one to my friend. Best brand in my opinion as well.

It appears dash wanted to get in on the juice crave without putting in the effort. I am satisfied with the first use of the juicer. Dash has no respect for consumers and if you have not done your homework, i would just you do so before purchasing this product. There are no instruction on how to assemble or disassemble the product. It’s everyone for themselves. I must admit the product does come assembled but if you disassemble to identify what’s part 4, 3, etc. You were in for a treat when you place the product back together. Also, there is an extra part in the cup that you have to remove so that the sprout goes in. Would i recommend this product?. There are none and to make matters worse, they didn’t refer the consumer to any websites for recipes or assistance. Yup there was a lot and it was wet. Since this is my first juicer this doesn’t bother me much.

I love this affordable juicer.

800 watt motor/ 120 volts

For the price, it is awesome. Can you get a better made juice extractor with sturdier housing?. And you can pay upwards of $300. If you juice 3 or 4 times a day or double that for an entire family, then spend the $300. I juice once a day and spend less than 5 minutes at a time. This is just fine for my needs. The motor is strong, the pulp is nice and dry, i like the froth separator, it’s pretty easy to clean thanks to the little brush that comes with it — i really like it a lot.

We have been using a jack lalaine for years, going through one a year. It sucks in the veges with minimal effort, unlike the lalaine that needs careful pushing, not too fast or it overloads, too slow and it does not feed well. We are super satisfied with this with the catch cup that is graduated. The smaller size chopper basket is more efficient. The opening to put in the veges in is same size as the lalaine, so chopping is also minimal.

Have had it for over a year, have never has a problem with it. Considering the price point, it does exactly what’s expected.

We watched fat, sick and nearly dead and decided to give the juice reboot a go. We have been using this juicer for the last 3 weeks. We make at least 160 oz juice a day (about 20 cups) for the family. It came with a 1 year warranty which i was happy with.

It looks nice on the counter top and it performs very well. You can spend three times as much and get basically the same thing. It is also very easy to clean.

Easy clean up and now i am going strong with a healthy, vitamin packed juice everyday. Thanks for the great deal on a fantastic juicer.

Suction feet on base to eliminate sliding

2 Juicing Speeds for maximum extraction