DASH DRGS012BK Rapid Skillet 12″ – Three Stars

I really like this, yes,its light, but it works just as good as my heavy skillet, if not betterand much easier to clean.

Very good for baing everything.

I am only cooking for one, and was looking for a smallish electric skillet. The burner element does not cover the entire bottom of the pan, it is a circle in the middle. I have never seen an electric skillet in any other configuration. Much easier to pick up and move than other electric skillets. ***i cooked bird’s eye sweet and sour chicken voila, family size which calls for a 12 inch skillet. I used the entire bag and both packets of sauce. At first the lid would not sit on the rim, because honestly that was too much food for it. But as the food cooked, the lid did finally fit on the rim. The liquid (sauce and water called for in the instructions) was too much for this size pan, and spilled over onto the counter. The food was well cooked, and not too much liquid was lost. I would not cook the entire package in this pan again, but since the sauce comes in two pouches i can make half at a time. ***it is pretty shallow, but not the 1/4 inch one reviewer claims. I’m not looking at the pan at the moment but i estimate it is about 1 inch to maybe 1 and 1/4 inch deep. Here are the specifications for the DASH DRGS012BK Rapid Skillet 12″:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Round 12″ cooking vessel allows you to cook pizza, cakes, and more unlike traditional shaped skillets
  • The electric probe detaches and the skillet goes right to the table for serving
  • Non-Stick Ceramic coating makes for easy cleanup
  • Heats to 450 degrees
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty, recipe book and access to our growing database of recipes included

The glass lid allows you to see what you are cooking. The cooking surface heats evenly. To ensure that you don’t get water in the connection, place the outlet at the 12 o’clock position when emptying out the dishwater. The electrical plug is tight, so you have to align it perfectly, being careful not to force it in. I will be using this for a while.

The heating on this is crazy hot. And forget trying to fry anything in this pan it’ll burn you up.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I really like this, yes
  • The heat ring 🙁
  • Three Stars

Wish it was a little deeper.

I thought it was a smaller version of the 14 inch one, but it’s not. I like the rapid heat part, but other than that it’s just a shallow electric skillet. I was expecting one that heated all over, not just a ring in the bottom. Guess i should have known as there is a big price difference between the 12 and the new 14 inch. I use it , and it’s very good for what it can be used for. Foods cook fast and taste very good.

I really like this skillet great for cooking a whole meal for 2.

I use it for almost everything. It heats quickly and evenly and is a breeze to clean. I only wish they made a 10′ as i live alone and a 12′ is larger than i need.

It didn’t cost much, it looks cheap when you actually see it up close, but seemed to cook much better, with more temp control than the more expensive ones i’ve tried .

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Dash DRGS012BK Rapid Skillet 12", Black
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