DaPai Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer – The machine is great, and the vacuum bag is attached

This unit does not work with mylar bags (i tried it with one quart genuine mylar bags (made in usa) with 300cc oxygen absorbers (50)). It vacuumed and sealed in 1 out of 10 attempts. It behaved erratically, sometimes not vacuuming at all and switching to sealing right away, other times vacuuming but not sealing. When it did seal, more often than not, the seal was not tight, causing the bag to slowly re-inflate again. I returned this vacuum sealer and cannot recommend it. I received a follow-up email from dapai customer service after the return that stated that it does not work with mylar bags and it should only be used with the bags that come with the unit. This information should be made available in the product descriptionupdate: dapai customer service contacted me several times trying to exactly understand the issues i encountered in an effort to improve their product. Adding a star for good customer support. Update 2: i have since received the foodsaver gamesaver deluxe vacuum sealer (foodsaver gamesaver deluxe vacuum sealing kit) and it doesn’t work with mylar bags either. Apparently, i am expecting too much from a household device.

This product has been great so far. I have been vacuum sealing everything i can. This vacuum sealer has a spot where you can attach a jar sealer but i have not bought one to try it out so i do not know how well it works. I will update when i try it. This sealer works pretty well for the price. I payed forty something for it so it was a good price. I bought mine refurbished or used and i did not realize what i had bought. I thought it would be new but it worked and i kept it and has been working fine. It is pretty quiet compared to others i’ve seen. It does not do liquids so anything liquid will have to be frozen first.

So far it performs as advertised.

Product is packaged very well and arrived in perfect shape. After removing all shipping padding and protective film i plugged the sealer in. The buttons lit up red then blue, indicating that all systems are working. I grabbed some fresh almonds and one of the smaller, included bags. Since the heating unit is on the top, i placed the smooth side of the bag up, and made sure there was no dust from the nuts in the area to seal. The gaskets are new so i needed to push down both sides fairly firmly to get it to close, this is a good thing and i assume will become slightly easier over time. I made sure that both sides clicked, indicating that the top is sealed down and ready. By pressing the center button then the left button the sealer started and did a good job of getting the air out of the bag. I could tell by the way the bag pulled around individual almonds that it was a good vacuum. Next i tried pushing on the two sides and nothing happened (i forgot to read the instructions, lol).

Sometimes does not seal the bag, havent figured out the reason. Dont try food that has fluid in it, freeze first, vacuum seal after.

As a professional chef, i cryopak meat, veg, and everything in between with a commercial vacuum pack machine. So it just make sense to own one at home, this is easy to use and gives your food some more shelf lives. It’s compact so it doesn’t take too much space in my kitchen, it’s light weight so once i’m done vacuum packing my meats, i can just tuck it away in a shelf.

  • Pleasantly surprised, NICE Vacuum Sealer
  • Awesome buy
  • Works great

We buy meat in bulk from the store when they are in discount. We cut them into small potion and put them in zip lock bags and save it in the freezer. However, after a while, you can see that the meat is not fresh and smells bad as well. So, i bought this little machine and see if it make difference. The sealer comes in a basic packaging, with 10 seal plastic bags. Put the food in the seal plastic bag3.

I had never used a vacuum sealer before in my life prior to using the dapai vacuum sealer. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review after testing it out. I am actually pretty pleased with it. When it first arrives, it comes nicely packaged. It comes with 5 medium and 5 smaller sized bags. In the medium sized bags, we were able to package 2 good sized boneless chicken breasts. The small bags will fit one good size boneless chicken breast. I am pretty happy with the size of the bags, though a bigger bag would be nice for packaging more breasts at once. Now, using the vacuum sealer is very easy. You just plug it in (the plug is tucked away in a storage compartment underneath the unit).

We have sealed about 100 bags so far with zero problems. We had a food saver brand sealer previously and this depai, so far, has worked better and is easier to use. To this point we are totally satisfied.

The machine is great, and the vacuum bag is attached. Try it, cut the fruit into a vacuum-packed tightly packed, and don”t change color. If you don”t eat your potato chips, you can also use a plain bag to wrap them up.

The machine does not create a solid seal across the entire bag unless you mess with it forever. Once you finally can get it all to work it seems to do well. I thought it might work better over time and i have tried it several times. Still takes time to get it to work and it isn’t worth my time. Updating review:dapai reached out to me about the review above and sent me another unit free of charge to show that i recieved a bad product by chance. I have given it some time to try it out and after only a few uses the motor on it has grown very noticeably weak. The sealer on this one seems fine. I like the overall design and look of this product but i have now recieved two bad products in a row. I will raise my rating to a 3 for good customer service and the fact that this unit still actually works for now.

Im so glad i got this unit instead of foodsaver. This one comes with the extra features like the bag cutter and storage and cost less than competitors.

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