Cuisinart ICE-20R 1-1/2-Quart Automatic Ice Cream : Fabulous!

The first time my wife made ice cream with this machine, she called me at work and said ‘we’re never buying store ice cream again’. It could not be easier to use, and makes incredibly tasty ice cream. Yes, it’s a little soft when it comes out, but after a night in the freezer, its perfect. Anyone saying it’s too soft is probably using ingredients that contain vanilla flavorings that in turn contain propylene glycol, which is an anti-freezing agent. Just something to watch out for. Every batch we have made has been wonderful, easy, and easy cleanup.

I’ve never owned an ice cream maker before, but have considered buying one for a number of years now. To be honest, i didn’t have the nostalgia for homemade ice cream that many people have. Every batch of homemade ice cream i’d ever eaten had an unpleasantly graininess to it. But there were so many recipes i wanted to try. Still, if i was going to bother to dish out $50 for an ice cream maker and spend more on ingredients than i’d pay for a pre-packaged carton, that ice cream had better be perfectly smootha trial run on a borrowed ice cream maker and the fabulous chocolate ice cream that resulted at last convinced me that good texture was possible. Flash forward to the arrival of my cute little red cuisinart machine, and my first very own batch of homemade ice cream, prepared with a thoroughly chilled custard–an essential, i’d read, for ideal texture, and a technique that had proved its worth in my trial run. I chose a lovely recipe for malted milk chocolate ice cream from lory brody’s chocolate american style, including the optional chopped malted milk balls. The ice cream turned out perfectly, in terms of both flavor and texture: smooth, creamy, and with just enough air to give it a pleasant lightness. Now i’m looking forward to many more happy batches of quality homemade ice cream with my cuisinart.

Cuisinart ICE-20R 1-1/2-Quart Automatic Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet Maker, Red

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  • Makes up to 1-1/2 quarts ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, or frozen drinks
  • A breeze to use–no salt or ice needed
  • Chocolate chips, chopped fruit, nuts, and other ingredients added
  • Recipe booklet included; cord storagem
  • Measures 10 by 15 inches; three-year limited warranty

I have never made ice cream before. I followed the recipes in the booklet that came with the unit. I made the chocolate and the strawberry, both for my husbands birthday yesterday. I followed the recipes exactly as written and i must say they were so easy to make and both turned out perfectly. My husband and i could not believe how insanely wonderful home made ice cream tastes. And this machine was so easy to use. I was lucky to have read the reviews prior to making because as one reviewer wrote, do not use vanilla that contains propylene glycol (pg) (anti-freeze). Some types of vanilla extract contain an edible version of pg and of course this will inhibit your ice cream from getting to a nice firm freeze point. I love this easy to use machine and highly recommend it.

My husband and i love ice cream but hate the price and all the extra garbage that you get in the store-bought types so i got this, thinking it could be a healthier and fun option for having ice cream. What a great machineit’s ridiculously easy to use – we don’t even follow the recipies and have made amazing ice creams. All it takes is 25 minutes and you’re all set. Also, not only is it soooo easy to use, but cleanup is simple.You wash/rinse a bowl and the mixer (which is basically a round spatula). I love this machine and am soooo happy we got it. (and hey, it looks cool too) :).

I bought this for my mom’s birthday and we decided to experiment. I left it in the freezer overnight with a bag of ice in the pot. I also chilled the ice-cream mixture before putting it in the machine. It did a great job of churning the ice cream, however, i did not think it was firm enough to be eaten right away. I left it in the freezer overnight and the next day we had great, tasty ice cream. You may find that the recipes call for a bit more sugar and cream than necessary. The next time i am going to try it with less of both. I am also more interested in low-fat and low-sugar recipes for my parents.

Cuisinart ICE-20R 1-1/2-Quart Automatic Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet Maker, Red : We have had this ice cream maker for about a year and we use it a few times a week. It has made very many batches of delicious dairy-free ice cream. It only takes between 15 and 20 minutes to make a batch for two people, depending on the ingredients that i use. It is a little loud when it’s running, but not enough to bother me because it doesn’t need to run for a long time. The one problem that i have to mention is that a little bit of the ice cream does go to waste because it sticks to the sides of the bowl while it’s churning, so you end up with a 1/4 inch layer of rock-hard, wasted ice cream all around the bowl. A heads up for other people that don’t consume dairy products: mimiccreme cream substitute, sweetened, 32-ounce aseptic boxes (pack of 4) cream substitute (also for sale on amazon) makes the richest, most delicious ice-cream i have ever had. Coconut milk based ice cream is a close second.

It takes a little practice to get used to what works and what doesn’t with this ice cream maker. For the price though, it is really good. I messed up my first few recipes by over filling the thing. Eventually, i was making my own delicious ice creams and sorbets. So much fun during the summer.

I gave this to my boyfriend for christmas and he loves it. Once you put all the stuff in the bowl it only takes 15 minutes, though it should be noted that it then needs a few hours in the freezer to freeze up fully and that many recipes require a little prior prepping. I still think this is the easiest one you will find and it’s a big plus to not need ice or salt. Very easy to clean and there is an opening at the top so you can watch it work.

It really has a lot of power, is very durable and works great. Just make sure you realize that you are only going to be able to make enough for 4 or 5 decent size servings per batch. Then you have to wait until the bowl freezes again to make more. I would recommend buying an extra bowl if you have a large family. Overall, i am pleased with this item.

This product turned out to be what i expected based on other’s reviews,but it does what it says if you follow the directions carefully. The only thing is that it does not get the ice cream to a solid texture,like soft serve as other’s have said,so you can freeze it more within a few hours if preferred as i did. It is slightly noisy but it does not bother me,sound can be compared to a blow dryer on low perhaps but not exact,other than that minor issue it works pretty good and i intend to use it plenty,also i was glad to purchase it in my favorite color red.

I love, love, love my ice cream maker. My family and i have enjoyed trying different creations. To my surprise it also came with an extra freezer bowl so you can make two batches without having to weight for the freezer bowl to completely freeze (about 6 hours). We found that when making fruit flavors it is best to put the fruit on as a topping as opposed to mixing it in because the fruit freezes and they don’t have the same texture. It comes with several recipes and there are plenty available on line. I don’t think the motor is very loud but if you are trying to talk or watch tv then it may be so i just put it in another room or on the patio. I also put a small towel over the top to keep it clean and help freeze faster. Yummy hint: i use condensed milk instead of sugar. Try experimenting with different milk products and yogurts.

It really helps in making my purchases. On that note, i’d like to send along my comments for this ice cream machine. Some previous reviews commented on the noise they make. I don’t find it to be any louder than when i’m running my microwave. In the first week i had it, i made 4 different batches of ice cream. I also bought the extra bowl, a good investment, too, so i can make 2 kinds in one evening, if needed. I keep my bowls in my extra freezer (which is probably colder than the one over the fridge). The key is having your freezer cold enough. All in all, i recommend this ice cream maker. The ben & jerry recipe book is great, too. But follow the measurements exactly, otherwise you’ll end up with overflow.

I bought this machine for my husband following the recommendations here. Consequently i also bought him the extra freezing container and two books of recipes,one being the ben and jerry’s book. So far he has produced several excellent batches of ice cream. We are delighted and impressed.It’s so easy and so much fun.

When i first got my ice cream maker, 3 days ago, i cleaned and put it in the freezer. As sugguested i waited two days before trying it out. I mixed the ingredients for the basic vanilla (except a few changes: 1c heavy cr, 1c light cr, 1/2c soy milk, 1/2c half & half, 2tsp vanilla ex, whatever amount of sugar it asked for, and added some green tea powder), and placed it in the fridge for about an hr-hr & a half. After pouring the ingredients in the top i let it go for 25 min. (as suggested instead of 30)and whala the ice cream came out deliciously soft serve. I put it in the freezer after eating about a cup and this morning i took another sample. It was a hard icecream on the softer side of the spectrum. Still so goodi can’t wait to try another flavor, frozen yogurt, and eventually premium(hard, i’m guessing). If your after a nice automatic ice cream machine, this (so far) has seemed like a great deal for the money (even though it’s a little higher then i was hoping to spend).

It has been working great for us. Just pour in any kind of juice to make slushies in the summer.

I love ice cream and now i can make it and eat it in 20 minutes. I keep two bowls in the freezer so i always have one ready to use. I fix the ingredients first, then take the bowl out of the freezer, pour in the mix and 20 minutes later have ice cream. I have made many kinds of ice cream, all turning out well, using ben & jerry’s basic recipe. Every kitchen needs this appliance.

Easy to use and easy to clean.

I decided to get this ice cream maker just for fun, mostly to use with friends when it gets hot. It had great reviews already so i felt pretty good about this model. I’ll list the pros and cons below:===pros===*really easy to make good ice cream*recipe book included (and recipes taste great)*easy to clean/maintain*1. 5 quarts is perfect for 3-4 people===cons===*takes a long time to freeze the mixing bowl (20+ hours to be safe) – along with that, you can’t really make 2 batches (if you want different flavors) in a row unless you buy another bowl separately. While it would be nice to be able to make different flavor batches consecutively, i don’t have enough of a need to do that to take away any stars. This really is a great product and has been very reliable so far.

I bought this because my son was diagnosed with a dairy allergy. I wanted to be able to provide ice cream without breaking the bank. There are new coconut milk ice creams available but at $6 a pint i could pay for this unit in a hurry. I buy my thai brand coconut milk (not lite) from walmart at $1. You just freeze the cylander, add 2 cans of coconut milk, a little sugar, vanilla and whatever else you want to flavor and let it go. 1/2 hour later i had what looked like soft serve ice cream. My children were so thrilled.

I’ve had terrific results with this making ice cream, yogurt, & especially sorbets. The learning curve is quick enough to be fun & complex enough to keep you busy for a while. Freezing dulls the taste buds, so your base – whatever it is – should taste just a little too sweet, a little too strong (this is one of the reasons why melted ice cream is kinda. This also makes it important to concentrate flavors, which can be a challenge. Here’s a recipe template: slowly reduce 2 cups of wine by half – i use a slow cooker with the lid off – it takes hours, but you don’t have to do anything. If you want, infuse the wine with herbs, spices, citrus peel, small frogs, whatever, during this time (it may take more than you think to have the right presence). Stir in 2/3 – 1 cup sugar, till dissolved. Add this syrup to 2-3 cups fruit juice or puree.

I knew i might regret buying an ice cream maker, so i bought a red one to remind me that too much of a good (great) thing can be dangerous. I read other reviews for this and other ice cream makers, and settled on this one for my purchase. Some reviewers found it to be a little noisy, but it isn’t unbearable; electric mixers and food processors are considerably noisier. The great thing is the ice cream is so very good; my husband particularly likes the gelato. I love this new toy, but i’m glad i bought it in red. Otherwise, the ice cream could be very tempting every single day.

I got this ice cream maker for my husband, an avid ice cream lover, for christmas. However, neither of us had made ice cream before and weren’t sure that amateurs like us, or a relatively cheap machine such as this one, would make quality ice cream. Making delicious ice cream with this machine couldn’t be easier. The machine is easy to assemble and easy to use. You need to keep the bowl in the freezer for at least 8 hours before using the machine though, so you can’t make one batch right after another. There are many ice cream recipes floating over the internet, but we use a very simple and delicious ice cream base that never disappoints: one can of condensed milk, one can of evaporated milk, one can of regular milk and 2 eggs. We mix this up in the blender or with a beater, and jazz it up with vanilla, almond extract, or whatever liquor we have on hand and pour it into the machine. Twenty minutes later, depending on the type of ice cream we’re making, we add nuts, cookie dough, caramel, fudge, marzipan, etc. The possibilities are endless and the result is always delicious.