Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender – A great little hand-blender!

I need to add more fiber and potassium to my diet. I used to make smoothies and have a vitamix which is the bomb. But it’s a pig to lug out when i just want one smoothie for myself. I think that’s why i stopped making smoothies. So i started looking into personal/mini blenders and saw this. The amount of positive reviews is impressive and here’s another one. This does exactly what i want. It allows me to quickly and easily puree some fruits and spinach with a little milk and some protein powder. It handles everything perfectly, but does trip over the spinach slightly. There are usually a few bits of spinach lives left in the holes in the housing around the blades.

I make smoothies with it, and it handles ice, frozen berries, etc. I’ve used the chopper attachment to make hummus, and it handles well. Haven’t run into any issues yet, but we’ll see over time. I’m curious to see how long the plastic gear that everyone has issues with will hold up.

Like anything else fragile, handle this one with care or else the gears will get stripped. This little hand-held blender is wonderful in both a hot pot of soup to be pureed and in a high tumbler to make smoothies with frozen fruit. We also bought the stainless steel cup which works well with the hand-held blender. Cuisinart was very helpful when our blade failed to turn, and sent out a new motor housing (with the original warranty continuing in effect). I would recommend this with the above caveat.

I really love this for making soups or anything that really needs to be smooth. It is a matter of seconds and the smoothness is complete. I also love the chopper for just doing little things, like chopping up an onion. It works great and does it quickly. What is really nice is that it is just a matter of running water over it and it is clean; no scrubbing.

So handy and stores and cleans so easily. Nice to have a very healthy smoothie in the morning that would cost well over 5 bucks if you bought it. I use whey powder, bee pollen, flax oil/ground seed, green algae powder, frozen fruit and almond milk and its a great way to start the day. The attachments are great and haven’t taken out my big clumsy food processor since i purchased.

It is well made and very sturdy. I’ve used it for all sorts of different foods (sauces, creams, refried beans, etc. The chopper cup is great for small amounts. I use this when i don’t want to dig out my large food processor.

  • The swiss army knife of kitchen utensils
  • 10 second butternut squash soup!
  • So far so good

Okay, so i bought this while it was on sale. It’s been a year and a half and i still use it at least 3 times a weekthis is crucial for adding veggies to foods my daughter would normally eat and helps with keeping the counter not so cluttered with blenders and such. I recommend for small families or small kitchens. Perfect size for me and mine.

I absolutely love this item. I have had it for a few years now, and it is still going. I probably need a new immersion part, as i have used it so much it is starting to make noises, and the blades are probably dull. And was using it for making breakfast smoothies nearly everyday for a year.

I have only used this several times, so i have yet to see how it holds up over the years. I used it for a soup recipe that i used to use a blender for. Although it is much more convenient than the blender, it didn’t seem to blend as evenly. I felt that i was over blending some of the vegetable whiles some were left in large chunks. This doesn’t seem to draw in the liquid like a blender does, so you really need to move it around the entire pot, and you are somewhat limited to what you can reach based on the distance between the tips of the blades and where the edge of the outer element hits the edge of the pot. In other words, you can’t blend all the way to the edge of the container. I received this as a gift and read the reviews that state that the chopper breaks the teeth easily, so i have decided to forgo using the extra attachments at all. It’s a shame they won’t be used, but it’s worth it to me to maintain the integrity of the blender. I feel the tool deserves a four because it does work well and i’m sure i will become more accustomed to using it and become better at evenly blending my soups. If you are considering buying it, perhaps shop around and look at other blenders’ reviews, but if you settle on this one, you’ll be happy with its ease of use and aesthetic appeal.

This doesn’t go near as fast as my old one so it doesn’t blend as well.

I never knew how much i needed this immersion blender until i owned it. Hot soups, cold smoothies, puree’s. This is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. My kids use it several times a week and it’s still going strong. Love the dish-washer-ability of the blade attachment. I would definitely buy this again. My daughter took it when she moved, so i got another.

Features of Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender with Whisk and Chopper Attachments

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  • 200-watt immersion hand blender housed in brushed stainless steel
  • Powerful chopper and whisk attachments provide added versatility
  • Lightweight design; easy-to-grip ergonomic handle; simple push-button control
  • 16-ounce mixing/measuring beaker and 2-cup mixing container included
  • Measures 2-1/8 by 2-3/5 by 14 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I would recommend this product for any serious home cook or even an amateur. It’s very easy to assemble and clean (dishwasher safe for the top rack), affordable, and the attachments do come in handy when preparing meals and such things as baby food or purees ins mall batches (try garlic cloves and cream cheese for a great dip). Simple instructions, very good value for a durable, no-nonsense and easy-to-use product without a lot of ‘bells and whistles.

This is the best kitchen gadget i’ve ever purchased. I used to be stuck with a ‘rustic’ consistency on any and all creamy soups. The first day i used it, i made about a gallon of amazing butternut squash soup. I pureed it hot and had no splatter; even with my caution about a new appliance, it was done in under a minute. I’ve done it since then in 10 seconds. It elevated my soup to a high-end restaurant quality and all my friends were impressed. One of the reasons i purchased the item was because i wanted to eat healthier and eliminate grains/gluten without feeling deprived. With this item, i don’t need to add any flour, cornstarch, or other thickeners to gravies. I can simply puree a portion of the food. For example, i can puree a potato into my turkey gravy or use some of the potatoes and carrots straight out of the pot roast to thicken the saucethe cup it comes with is also fantastic for making homemade salad dressing emulsions and aioli.

My husband and i got this for a wedding gift years ago. I don’t cook a lot so except for the chopper attachment, this pretty much stayed in the cabinet. I recently found it while trying to figure out how to mix oil into my special needs son’s formula. This works so much better than the countertop blender i was using. I have to make a new batch every day so being able to blend in the pitcher and only having one part to clean saves me a ton of time doing dishes. I don’t know why it sat in my cabinet for so long. I use it for everything now. The chopper attachment is really handy for when you only need to chop a small amount and don’t want to pull out the food processor. I found out that i like it so much, i bought another one to give to a friend last christmas.

Only had this appliance a short time but for thanksgiving, it did the trick with chopping celery and onions for dressing plus was wonderful for making bread crumbs had some problem getting the base opened after chopping deal but hope i’ll get the hang of that soon. It blends beautifully and can’t wait to make up some tomato basil creamy soup with it.

I’ve had this hand blender for several years now and it has just given out. I have to say that i have abused it making 3 smoothies a day, using frozen fruits and ice. It had always been a powerful unit and done the job i’ve asked it to do. Love that the handle is detachable for safety and cleaning. I’ve used the food processor with no issues, either in function or cleaning. I originally paid about $80 for the blender and attachments at a local retailer and am pleased to find the price today about $36 with free shipping for an entirely new package.

I am very pleased with this product. I use it for making soups (hand blender) and also as a baby food processor (chopper). After steaming veggies and meats for my baby i put everything in the chopper and it is as efficient as any baby blender. I had another one before that i had to sell as i moved to a different country with different electricity standards and i am happy with this new one as this is more powerful than the one i had before. I have never used the whisk and don’t think i will as i prefer to have one that is more sturdy already and that i love. However if i need to travel i could bring the full set with me as it would take less space than bringing all my other tools with me.

200-watt immersion hand blender housed in brushed stainless steel

I am very pleased with this purchase. The blender is outstanding and saves alot of time when processing cream soups. Before buying this product, i wouldprocess small amounts in a blender and return them to the pan i was using. This utensil does it all in one pan making cleaning a snap since all you cleanis the blender. The chopper works extremely well too giving you just the size you want in avery short time which is so important in our busy lives. My friend told me about this item and i’m delighted with it.

This is replacing a braun of equivalent specification, which lasted about two years (i had another identical braun before that which lasted about 1. I hope this one will last more than 2 years. I use it for light work, since i am very well equipped for heavy work, with food processor, blender and stand mixer. I have been using this cuisinart for less than a month, but i like it better than the braun model i have been using. I like how the parts separate, so you can place them in the dish washer. All the components work well and are easy to clean manually (so i typically don’t put them in the dishwasher). I will update this post when the thing dies, which hopefully will not happen before 2014.

I use this all of the time in my kitchen. I own a large cuisinart, but for small jobs, this comes in handy. My only complaint is, i wish that the lid was designed better. It is nearly impossible to take the lid off if my hands are wet and they usually are when i am cooking etc. I usually have to grab a towel to twist off the lid which is a hassle.

I have had this for almost two years. If you are reviewing other brands look close at the blending head. This one kind of holds a lot of food on the inner part (blade part) of the immersion head, but it is not a big deal. The chopper is small but works fantastic. Clean this immediately after using it. You should buy the stainless steel, 30 ounce cup to use with the immersion blender. If you do not buy the steel cup use a large, plastic drinking cup. Using a cup keeps the food from flying all over the room.

I have been using the hand blender every morning to make smoothies. It just takes me seconds to blend various fruits. Be careful with the push button though, you may press it without realizing it. I directly unplug the cord whenever i stop the blender. So far i only use the chopper once to chop onion, garlic and chilli and it worked well.

I got the stick blender because i make a lot of soup and i wanted to blend it in the pot, rather than transfer to my blender and then back to the pot. I got a cuisinart, because i trust the brand. I honestly put away the whisk attachment thinking i’d never use it, then decided to get it out when i was whipping egg whites for waffles. I had fluffy, firm egg whites within about a minute or so and cleanup was easy. We’ve made smoothies with the stick blender that took less time than in my regular blender. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Powerful chopper and whisk attachments provide added versatility

We received this immersion blender set as a wedding gift and i absolutely love it. We’ve had it for over 5 years and use it fairly frequently with no mechanical issues. In the past few months i started making baby food for our infant daughter, the immersion blender is a champ, with a very powerful motor, it completely purees everything from veggies, to chicken and beef. I’ve used the whisk attachment to make whipped cream or beat egg whites in about 1 minute. The chopper is great too, but gets a little bit less use. The immersion blender works great for our potato leak and butternut squash soups.

I bought this for my mom for christmas, so i’m using her as my guinea pig. We used it for making smoothies, whip cream and blending pumpkin pie filling. It worked great for these applications. I didn’t get to use the chopper attachment. I’m curious how well it holds up, the connection of the tools to the motor seems flimsy to me. Although my mom has a 20 year old cuisinart food processor that is still going strong. If they could improve two things i would make the connection between the tools and the motor more sturdy, and i would make the motor a variable speed drive, like an electric drill. It has one speed and that speed is throw whip cream all over the kitchen if you tilt the whisk to the side too far.

I use the stick blender all the time for soups, and it is great for smoothies for the kids or blended ice drinks in the summer for grown ups. (we have a crushed ice option on the fridge that we use. Always use some liquid with the ice. ) the mini chopper is not perfect, but useful instead of dragging out the large food processor. I have to scrape the sides down for making things like herb butter, and it doesn’t work well for spices. The whisk can be messy if my bowl is not deep enough, but i love the versatility and end up using this thing at least 4 times a week. Do not put the processor lid in the dishwasher as water gets in and it takes forever to get it out. I cook everyday for my family, and i’ve owned mine for about 2 years now. I’ve given several as housewarming gifts as i really like it.

Very quiet for what it does. I’m persnickety about noises of voluminous nature, and this stick blender did not offend my hearing. The chopper attachment is another story, and is loud. But if you’re buying this stick blender for blending, and not for its secondary function of chopping, this should not be of concern. Choppers seem to be generally loud anyway. The blender rinses clean in seconds. It’s brushed steel looks professional. The motor does not strain under load, and seems to not mind extended use (as opposed to pulsed use). The slits in the blade guard allow it to chop well.

This little machine is a great purchase for such little money. I use it for mixing my health drinks and food processing. Being single this machine is so much easier to deal with and cheaper than a full sized blender or food processor. It also has a whisk attachment as a bonus. It is sleek, light, powerful, and quiet for a stick blender.

I needed a mini-food processor. I saw this, and decided to give it a whirl. I use it to do almost everything i used to use my old mini-chopper for: quick minced veggies, garlic, fresh herbs, salsa and bean dip (i admit, it’s not great with nuts–for that you may want to look elsewhere). But i also use it to whisk eggs and hot cocoa, to mash potatoes, puree pasta sauces and make instant sorbet from frozen fruit and splenda. I use this baby almost every day, which makes it the second most indispensable gadget in my kitchen (as a caffeine addict, the 1st mig should be obvious). Cons: as other reviewers have noted, the whisk attachment is a bit spindly–it won’t replace your hand-mixer for cake or pancake batter. And it’s not idiot- or child-proof: being the former, i seriously sliced up a finger trying to dig gunk out of the blender blade. The (probably obvious) lesson/s: always remove said attachment from the electric base before mucking with it, do not let adolescents use this w/out supervision, & do not let young kids use this at all.

This thing chops carrots etc. So quickly you have trouble imagining how you lived without it. And the blender is perfect for blending gravies. I use it to mix bottled salad dressing – i put it in a tall container (if it’s too much for th eone that comes with it) and mix it – it’s emulsified, so there’s no oil separation and it stays that way for a couple of months~ perfect – my husband loves how his salad dressing is now all blended instead of getting mostly oil all the time. I’m getting one for my daughter. And i suspect the longer i have it the more things i’ll be using it for.

Lightweight design; easy-to-grip ergonomic handle; simple push-button control

I first used one of these tools at a job involving food preparation. I was so useful that i had to have one of my own. Since recieving it i have used it many times. Easy to assemble, use and clean. The chopping container is especially great. It takes the place of a food processor for small things, garlic, herb or nut chopping without the mess of the giant cuisinart. The mix function is quick and high powered. I love this little appliance.

I had this gadget, cuisinart csb-77 smart stick hand blender with whisk and chopper attachment for about a month and it meets my needs. It is perfect for chopping small quantity of vegetables in the just right prep bowl and ‘beats’ my thawed whole egg to a well beaten egg consistency using the mixing beaker and blender; i didn’t get this result from another brand gadget. Blender makes good conistency sauces. It is easy to use for anything less than 2 cups. I would recommend this product.

I loved mine but it stopped working after about 9 years. I used it for everything in the kitchen, and if you have small kids, amazing. Made all my baby food using this one.

When a friend suggested that i get an immersion blender (stick hand blender), i did some research and found that the cuisinart csb-77 was well rated and had an additional attachment for chopping. Now i make some terrific foods which i couldn’t have hoped to make before. Not too heavy and not so light that you feel it will fall apart or not work. The construction is sturdy as is the motor. I look forward to many years of enjoyable food blended up just perfect with this appliance.

One of the best purchases i have made in years. I have owned my cuisinart now for a couple of years and i still use it every week for something. I hardly ever bring out the regular blender except to make thicker things like cookie dough. From pancake mix and brownies to soups and sauces, this is the most efficient and fastest way to blend ingredients. I have loved it so much that i have given this exact model to my family members for birthdays and holidays.

I’ve had this since april 2013. It gets used 2-3+ times a week to make smoothies, mayo, and blend soups. I haven’t had any problems, but i also don’t really ever use the extra attachments very often. The cup it comes with is absolutely perfect for making mayonnaise in. It has never, ever failed to work.

16-ounce mixing/measuring beaker and 2-cup mixing container included

I bought my first cuisinart smart stick hand blender with the wisk and chopper attachments back in late 2005 or early 2006. I love love love this product. As with any device you purchase you should always read the manual to get the best results and use of your product. I’ve seen people write negative reviews about how their hand blender didn’t do what they wanted it to do. Well, i’m yelling at my computer screen saying ‘read the manual’ and know what you are buying before you purchase something that you think acts like a regular blender. That is why i bought another one. The wand for the smoothie part was stripped (my kid used it to make smoothies and got careless) and i bet it would have lasted longer had it been taken care of better. But considering it’s 2012, i figured instead of just getting a new blending attachment that i would get the whole shabang. I use my cuisinart smart stick for just about anything and everything.

I love this little thing for making soup. No more pouring hot stuff into the blender, just bring the blender to the pot. The chopper and whisk do a good job, too. This is a great all-in-one tool that doesn’t take up a lot of space. The only downside is also size. If you’re blending or chopping large quantities, you’ll have to do it in batches.

This is a wonderful little immersion blender. Very well-built, and reasonably powerful. I routinely use it for blending soups (think: bisques, etc. ) and it has held up very well. The food processor attachment seems almost like an afterthought, but is surprisingly good, and is just gravy added on top of an already great product.

I bought this during a huge cyber monday sale and am, thus far, quite happy with it. The only complaint i have so far is that the canister for the food processor is made out of fairly cheap plastic, since it already got scratched (full disclosure, i blended dried eggshell in it, for my garden, which i suppose most people won’t do). I haven’t had any problems with the blender, but i can see that one of the most important parts, the piece that connects the motor to the attachments, is made of plastic. This is unfortunate, and i have been extra careful when connecting and disconnecting attachments, since i read on other reviews that this part is the first to break. All in all, it works really well, even better than i expected, and i’m happy with it. Update:2 years into owning this thing, the chopper attachment (which i use all the time) broke. I was pretty upset about it, but i put my husband to work figuring out how to get a replacement. He actually found out that this part is the most common thing to wear of from use. However, we also discovered that this blender stick blender comes with a 3 year warranty.And since we were within the bounds of the warranty, i was able to get just the top potion of the chopper sent to me.

I bought this for my wife so she would not have to clean up her large cuisinart machine when doing small jobs. It works excellent as expected but i used it one day to mix up some frozen orange juice and wow it did it in about 2 seconds flat. It stirs so well it will suck itself against the bottom of the container with enough suction to almost pick up the container full of orange juice. If you are worried about whether this will have enough power for whatever you need it for, quit worrying and buy one.

This is one of the more versatile gadgets i have purchased that has become the indispensable kitchen workhorse. It plunges, mixes, blends, chops, purees, and when needed pulverizes. Purchased august 2007, it still works like a charm with no motor issues, no broke or dull blades (i did manage to nick a blade) and the finish looks as good as the day amazon delivered it over 10 years ago (knock on wood). My only gripe is i didn’t receive the whisk attachment so i don’t know how well that works. I have the csb-77 model which is a rather basic unit with the chopper attachment. It does not come with multiple speeds and whatever improvements the manufacturer decided to throw in later. It’s a simple unit, well constructed, comfortable weight, easy grip, great power and easy to use. Just plug it in and press the on off button to use. What i have found it works great at:protein shakes, yogurt, fruit smoothies – this is where i believe the stick excels. The shaft works well in the cup that came with and in deep bowls.

Gave this as a gift, and it’s been well received. We use it often to make milkshakes mostly, sometimes to whick eggs or blend smoothies and drinks. The motor is strong enough to mix thoroughly and we like all the attachments that it comes with. Easy to clean, nice stainless/brushed metal appearance, and easy to put away. Definitely a great product for our purposes and a good buy for the price on amazon.