Cuisinart CPT-435FR Countdown 4 Slice Toaster : Nice toaster

Love the new toaster, but the plunger on the right side sticks and you have to slam it down kinda hard to get it to stay down. Other than that great buy and would still recommend this to others.

This is the best toaster we have ever had.

Cuisinart CPT-435FR Countdown 4 Slice Toaster, Silver (Renewed)

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    by entering your model number.
  • Stainless steel housing and blue backlit LCD countdown feature display
  • 7 Shade settings as well as Bagel, Defrost and Reheat options
  • Removable crumb tray
  • 1-1/2-Inch wide slots
  • Blue LED function buttons

Nice toaster and was rated in the top 5 toasters under $100. Toasts very well and fast which i like but the only thing i don’t like is the slots are short and made for regular white bread. If you want to toast any other type of bread you have to cut it in half.

I compared features and prices and this one was my choice after a long decision making process. I really like the beeper telling me toast is ready. I can hear it from the living room so do not come back to cold toast. I will post later if it does not last my complaint with last toaster. Electronic toasters have a tendency to die quicker than the toaster of my youth. I hope cuisinart lives up to its namesake. Have now owned for a couple of months.

Was looking for a modern looking stainless steel toaster, world all when received. Now its 2 months later and the one side won’t stay down to toast unless i stand that’s and hold it down. I had my last toaster for about 10 years and still works great, only updated to match kitchen remodel.

Cuisinart CPT-435FR Countdown 4 Slice Toaster, Silver (Renewed) : Though this was a refurbished item, it looked new when it arrived. We have used it at least once a day for five months now and it is still working just fine. The beeping sound when the toast is done is annoying, and i wish there was some way to turn it off, but it is not a deal-breaker. We don’t like the bagel mode because it does not toast the other side of the bagel at all (other toasters still toast both sides in bagel mode, just less on one side), so one side of your bagel stays chewy. The reheat function is nice and keeps you from burning toast when you just want to warm your toast up a little. The price on this has gone up by about 20 dollars since i bought it, so it’s not as good of a deal as it was, but i am happy with this purchase.

This is a high tech situationthat is super easy to use. The setting buttons give many options. I’ve used them all and they work perfectly. All the small kitchen appliances in our house are cuisinart.

My family loves this toaster. The digital display and countdown are great.

I am so glad i ordered this product. I have had it for months now with no problems and it makes perfect toast and bagels.

Toasts the bread fairly evenly, not as good as expected.

We bought a refurbished item and have been very pleased with it. I especially like being able to control the amount of toasting heat/time. It has a lot of options — far more than your typical toaster.

Nice upgrade to my kitchen counter.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect toaster. I had one of these at a vacation rental used sparingly and loved it. Bought another one and have used it 3-4 times a week. I like everything about this toaster except on the one i use frequently, it has the same issue as my previous 3 toaster and that is that it has a setting for darkness 1-6 and a countdown timer. Works great but i have to set the darkness level at 5 for toast. For a crispy english muffin, today i put it at max (6). Toasters should work for 5-10 years. Still looking for one that works to my satisfaction.

Doesn’t really toast even all over the toasts, but its good enough for me 🙂 i just love the fact that i can toast 4 toasts at the same time. We have three children and they all want their toast asap in the mornings haha. I really like the fact that i can choose bagel/frozen/heat up as well.

This is a great toaster for people with weak hearts or ptsd. It has a countdown bar that lets you know when your delicious perfectly crisped bread is about to jump in your face. It could potentially save lives.

Very glad i purchased this toaster. I felt like i got a ‘deal’ since it is refurbished. . And honestly, no one would ever be able to tell.

The toster looks great but doesn’t toast evenly. Looks like the element is wound to tight in some spots.

Great toaster, love the fact i can make both mine and the wife’s bagels’ at the same time.

I was so upset when my older toaster stopped working and though to try this one. It does a great job on english muffins and bagels.

Refurbished, and works great.

I love the digital screens and the buzzer to let you know when your toast etc.